Breathe Bella. I had to tell myself. In and out, in and out. Oh, this is utterly useless!, I screamed to myself. I was afraid, alone, and pretty damn sure that I was being followed. I silently cursed the situation that got me here. Jacob was supposed to meet me in Port Angeles for a movie, however he called and cancelled last minute due to a complication with his dad's illness. Of course I understood, but still, it was at least ... irritating. I debated whether or not to see the flick alone, but then groaned inwardly knowing how lame I would of feel watching a movie alone. So here I was, clutching my car keys, walking towards my car, when I saw him. A man who was tall and dressed casually, leaning back against a light post. At first, I thought nothing of it until I noticed how swiftly he left his spot as soon as I walked by. For a second, I told myself that I was just being paranoid, and that I needed just focus on getting inside my car and getting home. However, when the man's footsteps picked up speed behind mine, I began to panic.

Call Jacob! My mind screamed. Call him now! Reaching for my back pocket, where I kept my phone, I suddenly felt a large hand being wrapped around my tiny wrist.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." The predators voice sung out. Frozen, I put the phone back into my pocket.

"Good girl," the voice sang, "Why don't we go for a walk, beautiful?" I gulped, closed my eyes and silently prayed to the Gods. Please, just let me escape this, please. His strong iron grip still hung onto my wrist as he yanked me into the unwelcoming forest. I winced at his force. After stumbling a few feet into the woods, I felt my back being slammed into one of the big oak trees. I groaned at the pain. He seemed to smile at this.

"You know, I don't understand why a beautiful girl like you is out by yourself all alone," he purred, his fingers running down the side of my face. I closed my eyes and turned my face away from his disgusting touch. Big mistake. The next thing I felt was a hand slap the side of my face.

"You will look at me!" He yelled as he grabbed my chin, forcing me to look into his golden eyes. I stared at him wide-eyed, with tears falling down my cheeks.

"That's better." He said, smiling again. "Now, let's start again. What is a beautiful girl like you, doing out by yourself, all alone?" I trembled.

"'" I managed to stumble out, between my sobs. He seemed amused by this.

"Ah, I see. Why don't we call him and let him know what he's missing out on, shall we?" He roughly grabbed my shoulders and turned me around, pressing my face into the tree. I sobbed even harder. He grabbed my cellphone out of my back pocket and started to thumb through it.

"Hmm, let's see here ... Mom, Charlie, Angela, Mike...Mike, is he the one who stood you up, beautiful girl?" He whispered into my ear, leaning into my body, pressing me even more so against the tree. I didn't say anything through my tears. He slammed me into the tree.

"Answer me!" I cried out in pain and swiftly shook my head no. He smiled. "Shall we continue, then?" A few seconds past, and he spoke once more. "Ah, it must be Jacob then. Well, why don't we give Jacob a call?" I let out a sob, shaking my head 'no'. The predator just laughed and proceeded to make the call.


I sighed as I started to gather some of Dad's meds. He wasn't doing well tonight, and I had promised him that I would stay home to take care of him tonight. I obliged, but I can't say I was happy about it. Tonight was mine and Bella's date night, the only night we really got to see each other in our two hectic lives. We had decided to go out to Port Angeles to catch a movie. I was supposed to meet her there, but close to the time that I was suppose to be leaving Dad took a turn for the worse, and asked me to stay with him tonight. I groaned inwardly. Calling and telling Bella that I couldn't make it, well that wasn't going to be easy. Sighing, I flipped open my phone and dialed the familiar number.

"Hey you." She answered sweetly.

"Hey yourself." I replied back. I paused for a moment. "Um, Bells? Your going to kill me ...but, I...I can't make it tonight. Dad's not doing well, and I have to look after him tonight." I heard her sigh loudly.

"I understand, of course. I'm just ... well, disappointed. We don't spend much time together as is. I miss you, Jacob."

I sighed, "I miss you too, Bells. But, I promise, I'll make it up to you." I could hear her silently nod.

"I know. Well, maybe I'll just catch the movie by myself. I drove here, I might as well make a night out of it." I smiled.

"Well, it won't be as good cause I'm not there." I said teasingly. She chuckled slightly.

"Call me later?" she asked.

"Of course. Enjoy the movie."

"I'll try, bye Jake." And with that, she hung up. Damn, how I hated not being near her. I set down my phone a little harder than necessary. I sighed and took the pills I had laid out on the counter to Dad.

Coming out of Dad's room, I saw my phone vibrating. I looked at the caller ID, and saw "Bella" flash across the screen. I flipped it open.

"Miss me already?" I grinned into the phone.

"" My heart dropped. Something was wrong. "Bella, what's going on, are you hurt?" Instead of answering, I just heard her sob. My heart started to pound in my ears and my mind started racing.

"Bella, answer me!" I finally heard breathing on the other line and a voice spoke out, but it wasn't my beloved Bella. It was an unknown voice, a man's voice.

"Bella just wanted to call and say goodbye, Jacob. You know, it's such a waste. She's such a beautiful girl." Rage, anger, and sadness was rising in me.

"Don't you dare touch her! You..." I yelled, but I was suddenly cut off by the soft sound of the other end going dead.