Bella POV

'Fine, Bella, do whatever you want… have James, I knew you and I could never be anyways,'

Edward's words echoed through my mind as I ran through the lush greenery.

You can't be serious, Bella.

I am, I need to find out some things from James.

Bella, Carlisle and I have told you everything that you need to know.

That isn't enough, Edward. I need… I want more.

'Fine, Bella, do whatever you want… have James, I knew you and I could never be anyways,'

A snap of a few branches, broke me from my reverie. My head whipped around to see James, creeping up behind me.

"James?" I asked cautiously, my shoulders stiffening. He nodded.

"Sorry that I snuck up on you, I didn't mean to scare you, Bella."

I relaxed a bit and took a step towards him.

"I'm sorry about before, Edward's just…" he shook his head.

"There's no need to apologize, Bella, I kind of understand, actually."

I looked at him incredulously, "you do, how?" he stepped forward, his eyes burned into mine, his hand reaching out for mine. I should've pulled back, but I didn't - there was no need to.

His hand enveloped mine, and he motioned for us to sit down. I did so, crossing my legs, letting my hand free on his and set both of my palms into the dirty ground beneath us.

"Let me start from the beginning, okay?" I nodded, my golden eyes piercing his, my ears intensively listening.

I was finally going to know, everything.

James POV

This was finally my moment, I was going to tell her everything.

"I have never stopped lusting for human blood, Bella. But, one day, I met Tanya, and she completely took my breath away. She's gorgeous, of course, but, she's kind hearted and loving."

Bella seemed to raise her eyebrows in question at my last statement.

"Really? Tanya seems more… what's the word, assertive?" I laughed.

"You can say it Bella, I know she acts like a bitch most of the time, but that's just her being insecure about everything. Way below all that, she really does mean quite well." Bella just nodded and continued to look at the dirt.

A few moments of silence passed.

"Why did you attack me, James?" She asked, her voice small.

I continued, "I met the Denali clan because of Tanya and was introduced to their "vegetarian" diet. I was completely mortified by it and fucking disgusted. But, I fell in love with Tanya and I decided that I would change for her. But one day, I woke up and the monster inside me seemed to gnaw at me until I gave in - so, I left and that very same day, I smelled your precious blood and I couldn't resist."

Bella nodded in understandment and began to draw circles with her petite fingers in the dirt.

"I thought I had drained you completely until you were dead, but I guess I was wrong and that's when the doctor found you and took you in." I turned to her.

"Bella, you have to understand, I would never, ever condemn you to this life if I had a choice, but someone chose this life for you and for that, I'm sorry." Bella snorted and I looked at her with confusion. She looked up at me and seemed to notice my expression.

"Why does everyone assume I hate what I've become? If I had become a vampire, I would have never met Edward, James. Edward bought me back to life, he breathed love into me and for that, I'm ever thankful to you." I looked at her with playful curiosity.

"Your thanking me for turning you? For taking everything away from you?" Bella laughed at the ridiculousness of it.

"Yeah, I guess I am." She replied. A few moments of unspoken words passed.

"Bella, there was a man, when I attacked you." Her posture stiffened slightly.

"A man?" She asked. I nodded in return.

"You said you wanted to know everything, right?" She nodded, "yes, go on then."

"You were on the phone with someone before I approached you, you were talking to someone named… Jacob." Her eyebrows furrowed together.

"Jacob… I don't remember that name."

I looked at her in shame, "I had called him, this Jacob, and told him to say goodbye to you and told him what a beautiful waste you were."

"I'm truly sorry Bella, for everything - I don't, I don't what else to say." Her position switched and she was now laying down on her back, her chestnut waves fanned out behind her, her golden eyes closed.

"None of it matters anymore, James. I'm happy here with Edward and the Cullens; honestly, I'm thankful I don't remember most of my human past."

"Most?" I asked curiously. Her eyes opened slowly and she seemed to hesitate with her answer.

"I… I remember my father, Charlie." I looked down at her and ran the back of my cold hand down the softness of her cheek - she shivered from my unexpected touch.

"Tell me about him, Bella." I said softy, she just bit her lip and shook her head.

"No really, it's okay. It's not something I'd really like to talk about." I nodded, bending over her petite form, my face mere inches away from hers.

"Of course, I completely understand. Is there anything else you'd like to know, Bella?" She shook her head, her eyes opening, with a slight look of surprise upon them from my closeness.

"I, um, no?" I chuckled at her obviously uncomfortable demeanor.

"Bella? Can I ask you a question?"

"Yes…" She breathed out softly, her eyes closing.

"Do you think, that if I didn't have Tanya and if you didn't have Edward, that we could be, together?" I asked, my voice barely a whisper; I was letting my emotions getting the best of me.

To be honest with myself, I felt like I should've had a chance with her first - I was the one who changed her, the one who made her like me, not Edward or the fucking Cullens.

But what about Tanya?

Tanya, of course, was my mate, I knew that - hell, I felt that. But for some reason, I felt a strange pull towards Bella - I was her creator, didn't that mean that I got to keep her as well?

"James… don't." I wanted to press the subject a bit further, my mind was completely unwilling to let go of the matter.

"Tell me, Bella…" I purred into her ear, "tell me what you need that Edward hasn't given you."

"Edward gives me everything I need, James." She responded hotly, her vampire speed letting her move across the meadow - away from me.

"I think you should leave, James." My body went rigid, my own creation was denying me. I shook my head, laughing softly.

"Fine Bella, I'll leave. But, you'll always be welcome, I can't say that much for your other love." She growled lowly and I took off, leaving her to own misery; I wanted to go find Tanya and take my unresolved lust for Bella out on her.

Tanya POV

I tapped my foot impatiently on the wooden floor. beneath me. While James had explained to me why he wanted to go after her, I still couldn't help but feel… unwanted, unloved by him.

Yes, he had told me that I am the sole reason for his return, but something had just seemed… amiss. I turned around and my eyes burned into the door that they both had walked out of just a few minutes ago.

Should I go after them?

Of course, I was curious - what did they need to discuss, exactly? Unanswered questions… hadn't Edward and Carlisle tell the little wench everything she needed to know? My emotions begin to boil. What was so special about Bella anyways? She looked plain to me - nothing out of the ordinary, nothing like me or Rose.

Then why was everyone so damn obsessed with her? And, if it wasn't for her, Edward would be mine and my heart would've never been broken in the first place.


Edward had always been hard for me to let go of.

But, you have James, now.

I snorted. Yeah, but now he's with her - the one who took my first love away from me; I won't let that happen again.

I knew what I had to do.


I found them in a small, open, grassy area. Bella was lying on her back, and James - my James, was sitting next to her, his face inches from hers. I curled my long fingers around the bark of the tree, the wood broke easily at my touch.

"Bella? Can I ask you a question?"


"Do you think, that if I didn't have Tanya and if you didn't have Edward, that we could be, together?"

Jealousy. Hurt. Rage.


She had entranced him, just like she had entranced Edward. I knew that I was going to lose my love for the second time. My jealously caused me to fly through the forest, my adrenaline rushing. I slowed down to a normal place, by body stopping at a grassy opening - I couldn't hold in the sobs anymore, they forced their way out of my throat.

"Do you think, that if I didn't have Tanya and if you didn't have Edward, that we could be, together?"

That phrase that James had spoken to her, played over and over in my mind. Through my sobs, my small hands curled into fists and a loud growl came out of my lips.

I just had to do something - I had to -

"Tanya?" I turned towards the feminine voice that spoke.



Kate - yes, yes!! That's it, Kate.

I turned to Kate, a smile perched on my lips, "I need your help with something." I asked, straightening my posture, trying to recompose myself. She looked at me wearily.

"Tanya…" She warned, but I just hushed her.

"We're sisters, remember?" She nodded silently.

"Is this about Bella?" She asked, her voice small; I snorted at the sound of her name.

"She has ruined everything for me Kate. With Edward, now with James. I must have my revenge. I want to see her, suffer."

"Tanya, what happened?" I shook my head, feverishly. "It doesn't matter, sister. She has hurt me in the past and now it's happened again. She must pay." I looked up, towards Kate, her eyes we wide and pleading.

"Please, this doesn't have to happen, Tanya. We can just talk to her about it, I'm sure…" My anger got the best of me, and I moved closer to her, my hands wrapping around her throat, threateningly.

"She will pay! And, I will do it with or without your help! Do you understand?!" Kate nodded wearily and I let go of her, disgusted at her attempt to reason with me.

"I…I will… h…help you." I snorted, like she had a fucking choice.

"Good girl," I purred, running my hand through her silken locks and kissing her cheek softly.

"Now, let's go find Edward, shall we?" She nodded and walked beside me as I filled her in on my plan.


"Remember, he can read minds, so, recite something."

"Like, Shakespeare's, 'Romeo and Juliet'?" She asked meekly. I rolled my eyes at my sister's love for romance literature.

"Whatever. Look, there he is." I pointed to a slumped over figure that laid against an old oak tree.

"Now, you remember the plan, yes?" She nodded, her hands fiddling with her blouse.

"Good, stick to it. I'm going to need your powers to seduce him. Come, let's go, it's time."

Edward POV

I took another dead branch from the ground and crumpled it into a million pieces, letting the dust flow into the blowing wind.

I'm such a goddamn idiot. I let Bella go, once again and with James for the fact of the matter.

What the fuck was wrong with me? Was I really that incapable of loving someone fully and trusting them?

I sighed, throwing my head into my hands. After the whole debacle in the main house, I decided to come to the meadow - our meadow and calm down. That was over two hours ago, and I was still here - not mad anymore of course, but just sitting here, wallowing in my own fucking pity.


My head snapped up. "Tanya, what do you want?" She sat down beside me.

"Need a friend?" She asked; I snorted.

"Not really, but, thanks."

Worried about her, aren't you?

"That's none of your concern, actually." I replied, my voice harsh. Tanya never meant well.

Well, it is, if you found her and my James in a compromising position, like I did.

I looked at her, completely astonished.

"What? What the fuck do you mean, Tanya?" She replayed the scene in her head for me. Bella was laying down on her back, her eyes opened and wide; James was sitting cross-legged next to her, his face a few inches from her. I growled, that was my Bella - she was mine and James was about to cross the line with her. I stood up, fury taking over my body.

"Where are they?" I growled at Tanya. Tanya just smiled and stepped closer to me.

"Relax, Edward." She said, motioning over to the right of her. My eyes followed her path and my eyes went wide at the figure that stood in the distance.

"Tanya, don't." She ignored me, running her petite finger down my chest as she turned towards Kate and nodded.

"Now." She stated. I felt the effect of Kate's power almost immediately.

"Please…" I choked out, my voice barely recognizable.

"Please what, Edward?" I opened my mouth to say something, but I felt heavily drugged and I couldn't find the words to say.

"Please…" I begged again. I felt Tanya's body move behind me, pressing her lush body into me from behind.

"Mm, Edward. You're the one I've always wanted, not him." She purred into my ear. I moaned, her words feeling like a drug to me. She quickly moved in front of me, her strawberry blonde hair framing her petite face, beautifully. She looked like an angel, from the heavens themselves. I couldn't help myself - I ran my fingers through the silkiness of her golden hair.

"You're beautiful." I said, breathlessly.

She smiled at my words. "Touch me Edward, touch me like I'm yours." I couldn't deny the beautiful creature in front of me. I bent my head down, wanting our lips to finally touch. I heard her breath hitched as I pressed my lips softly to hers, my tongue snaking out to taste her sweet lips.

"Mm…" I moaned into her mouth; my hands were placed at both sides of her neck.

"Touch me, Edward." She asked again, her words becoming more pleading, more desperate. I did as she asked - my hands traveled downward, my palms taking in the fullness of her breasts. I groaned at the sensation, my mouth more eager on hers. She responded accordingly, arching her back for me, pressing herself into me.

"Edward…" She breathed unsteadily. I moved to kiss the soft curve of her neck, when I felt the lust-filled high suddenly give away. Suddenly, I was aware of who I was and what I was doing. I pulled back, my eyes frantic, my mind panicked.

"Wh…what just happened?" I shook my head to clear out the rest of the remaining fog. I looked up and the surprised face of the woman I loved was visible past Tanya's shoulder.

"Bella?" I pushed past Tanya, walking towards her. She backed up, her breath unsteady.

"No…" She whispered.

"Bella, it's not what you think, let me…"

"No!" She screamed at me. I was taken aback by her tone.

"Stay away from me Edward! Stay away from me!" She screamed, her body becoming a blur as she took off into the lush forest.

"Fuck!" I growled. I turned back to Tanya, "You're going to fucking pay for this, I swear!" Tanya just shrugged nonchalantly and a smile came to her lips.

I wanted to fucking rip her head off and tear her little pretty body limb from limb and set them on fire. She had just ruined everything - everything for me.

I frantically looked back towards the spot where Bella had been. I had to go after her, I had to find her and make amends. I had waited eighty years for her, I'd be damn if I gave up now.