Thanks to those of you that have reviewed my first four stories, Dino and H are both interesting characters to work with in very different ways.

I am sorry to have kept you all waiting for my next story, I have had many distractions of late, but finally I am able to post.

As I have mentioned earlier, I am a BIG David Caruso fan and have been for a long time. At last I am ready to give you a story based around the character that introduced me to this red-headed, diverse talent.

Det. John Kelly will always be my favourite of DC's characters, though he will probably now be best remembered as Horatio Caine, though that is certainly not a bad thing. H ranks #2 on my list with Dino a close third.

So… On with the story… As always, I have no rights over the regular characters, and no link with any of the studio's or channels which bring us these great programmes. Other additional characters are created by me and live in that part of my brain given over to dreams.

Welcome to my dreams…..



Frances looked over her shoulder one last time. She had just passed through the security check in at Heathrow airport and could now breathe slightly. However, she could not afford to be complacent. She had been running for over eight years, changing identities many times. So many that she could barely remember who she really was.

Would she finally be able to start a new life - different country, different rules? She knew she could no longer stay in the UK. Hearing the final call for her flight, she turned and left, giving a discreet nod to the man who had brought her to the airport.

Walking to a public phone, the man made a call, "She's gone..."

Putting down the phone, he walked quickly towards his car, but at the last moment something distracted him and he turned slightly, stepping off the curb at the same time.

He did not notice the black saloon car that came towards him until it was too late. The last thing that went through his mind as he took his last breath was relief. If they had come after him - they could not know where Frances was. She would be safe... At least for now...


Frances stared out of the aircraft window, looking at the scenery changing beneath her. As the adrenaline in her body started to die away, she began to breathe more slowly. This was the first time she had been forced to leave the country, she sighed maybe her grandmother had been right after all. That the old rhyme did have a bearing on ones life...

Monday's child is fair of face
Tuesday's child is full of grace
Wednesday's child is full of woe
Thursday's child has far to go
Friday's child is loving and giving
Saturday's child works hard for a living
& the child born on the seventh day is bonnie and bright good and gay.

It certainly seemed she had not reached the end of her journey...


Back at Heathrow, a woman screamed in hysterics. The man had stepped out in front of her, she told the airport police. The sergeant in charge took her quietly to one side and began to calm her down, gently asking questions.

A by-stander heard her explanations and sighed with relief, it had just been a terrible accident, nothing more sinister, but he could not afford to take any chances. There was still a possibility that his assistant had been hit on purpose and the lady was a very good actress...

Father Scanlon turned and walked slowly to his car. His assistant had no close family - an only child, born late to parents that had now passed on. Though it hurt him to walk away, he had to sever any links to the man now being taken away by ambulance...

He could not risk Frances being discovered...