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A/N: AU Goblet of Fire story. One slight change – When Snape overheard the prophecy, he heard it all the way to 'For he shall have the power the dark lord knows not.' Additionally, Snape believed that he heard the full prophecy, and Voldemort had no reason to believe otherwise. Up to this point, things are no different from cannon.

I'd like thank the denizens of Caer Azkaban for their help, and ubereng for their help with tidying up the story.

Harry thrashed in his sheets at Number Four Privet Drive, in the throes of a nightmare.

Harry found himself sitting in a chair, looking between Pettigrew and some man he didn't recognize. "Is everything proceeding as planned?" Harry found himself asking in a horrible sibilant whisper.

The man nodded. "It is my Lord."

"Have you found out 'the power the Dark Lord knows not?'" Harry heard himself asking.

"Dumbledore believes it to be love, my Lord." The man said with an expression of disbelief.

Harry internally shuddered as he erupted into hissing laughter. "Leave it to Dumbledore," he said in a horribly amused voice, "to turn love into a weapon."

Harry awoke screaming, his scar burning. Vernon bellowed for Harry to shut the bloody hell up. Harry bit off his screams, and fell back into fitful slumber.

"Now we shall learn who our champions are!" Dumbledore said theatrically as the Goblet of Fire flared with gouts of multi-colored flames. The students in attendance, Harry included, all cheered as the three students' names were called. Even Hermione seemed to be caught up in the excitement, as she only scowled a little when Ron fell all over himself applauding as Fleur Delacour strode gracefully towards the Champion's Room.

"Well, now that we have our champions, let the feast-" Dumbledore's proclamation was cut off by a great blast of flames from the Goblet. The hall fell silent as a fourth slip of paper floated neatly into the Headmaster's hand.

Albus' features grew stern as he read the slip of paper. "Ronald Bilius Weasley!"