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Emotions Unleashed

by Miranda Panda-chan


And in that instant she debated on whether or not to let Anger have its way.

She considered herself to be a fairly reasonable person. For the most part, she kept a completely unbiased and objective perspective of things.

She controlled her emotions expertly, never letting them shine though completely, knowing the destruction it would cause. Never letting them have any control over her or her actions.

She was getting better at showing small amounts of merely platonic affection to her fellow Titans, even the honorary ones had little reason anymore to fear her.

So now she is sitting on her couch, because really, this is where she always sits, trying to read her book. Trying, because currently the person she hates most and the boy who has gained her tolerance and probably a little bit more—but she'll never admit that—are together on the rocks outside the tower watching the sunset. She can see them through the glass wall surrounding the entirety of the front of the tower, and she knows that they are not merely friends, and she knows that they are holding hands and not really watching the sunset at all, but staring into each others' eyes with that gooey look of affection that made any onlookers want to vomit—specifically her.

But in that instant all that goes to pieces. All her control shatters. In that instant she is debating on whether or not she should let Anger take its fury out on the source of her sudden emotional flare. In that instant, she really wants half of the tower's roof to suddenly collapse and fall off the main structure to obliterate that pipsqueak that dares to intrude into her circle of friends, her home, and her--! Well, she won't finish it, even if it is the truth, she'll deny it as a long as possible.

But in that instant—

She is watching Terra and Beast Boy kiss.

And it only can go downhill from here, she thinks.

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