Potters Bones

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This fiction is an AU Harry Potter story taking place after Harry's 5th year. JKR's story is only occasionally background. Rating is Mature. This will wind up the story.

Chapter 25: Epilogue

The days and weeks passed in a blur, following Voldemort's defeat. Ceremonies were held, honouring Harry, Susan and Hermione.

Services were held for the dead and a separate service for Dumbledore. Despite their differences, Harry really missed the old Headmaster. Minerva was appointed the new Headmistress and promptly appointed Flitwick as her deputy.

Life at Hogwarts settled down to a routine. The two sets of twins continued to grow.


One morning Harry awoke as usual to find Susan in a panic. "Harry, I can't find Leyland and Amber! They aren't in their cribs." At this, she completely broke down, until Harry calmed her.

"Susan, you know we have a connection to the children! We'll just concentrate together and find them. They couldn't have gone anywhere, and nobody can get into the apartment."

Hermione came out shortly, after checking on Lily and James. "Susan, what are Leyland and Amber doing in Lily and James' cribs?"

"What? How did they get in there?" Susan and Harry exclaimed together.

A knock on their door interrupted them. Headmistress McGonagall entered and greeted them.

"Hello Harry, Susan, Hermione. I felt a shock in the wards a few minutes ago. Do you know anything about that?"

Err, I wonder…" Harry started. "Susan's twins seem to have apparated to Hermione's twin's cribs, I think."

Minerva scoffed. "That's not possible, Harry, You can't apparate inside Hogwarts."

"Well, they seemed to have done something, Professor. Susan, Hermione and I were asleep until a few minutes ago and the twins were put to bed separately last night. I think they may be showing early signs of powerful magic. I know the rings have increased their power and perhaps they felt lonely when they woke up. The four children seem to have developed a close bond to each other."

"We'll have to keep an eye on them then." Minerva cautioned. "All kinds of problems could arise. They may even be able to leave the school if this is true."


As the days went by, little things were noticed that confirmed that the four children were indeed much more powerful than suspected. All were able to walk after six weeks and were able to talk after three months. Apparation was only one of the feats they were able to do. Susan and Hermione were continually chasing them around the apartment as they apparated from room to room. If they didn't want to get caught, they could evade their parents for minutes at a time until they exhausted their magic and fell asleep to recover. Eventually, they could communicate silently with their siblings as well and were quite capable of getting into trouble and hiding.

The Grangers were delighted but a little afraid of their grandchildren. Lily would pop from room to room without warning when Jean and Dan visited.

Amelia was thrilled that Leyland and Amber were developing so fast. When she first saw Leyland apparate, she was shocked. "Good heavens! I don't believe it! When did he learn to do that, Susan?"

"All four of the children can do it Aunt Amelia. We noticed it months ago when they were still in their cribs," Susan replied.

"What? You mean they have control over that? It's not accidental?"

"No," Harry replied. "They have complete control over where they go now."

"And, they sleep in individual beds now, Auntie. They can walk and talk as well."

Amelia gasped. This was unheard of! "What else can they do, Susan?"

We're not sure, but they can at least communicate silently. We can hear conversations between the children in their heads. They don't have complete control over that yet, but I think they soon will," Susan replied. "It's a little scary, really."

Hermione interjected. "My parents are almost afraid of them now. They play tricks on them, but they're really loving children. I think they've inherited the pranking from Harry's father.


As the years passed, the children grew into their powers. Harry, Susan and Hermione learned to put up with the constant pranking and directed their children into a rigorous learning program. When they graduated finally from Hogwarts, the children were even more powerful than their parents.

Leyland went into curse breaking and joined Bill Weasley at Gringotts. Amber became a healer and eventually replaced Madam Pomfrey at Hogwarts. James became head of Aurors at the Ministry and Lily went on to develop new spells.

Harry, Susan and Hermione lived to be almost two-hundred and all three died within hours of one another. Their children continued the Potter-Black line


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