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AUTHORS NOTE: hi peoples! Hichi-Lover77 here! Just the normal stuff, I don't own Bleach, or anything related to it.

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"R-Rukia!" Ichigo stuttered at his long seen friend as she hopped down from the window, "what're you doing here!" he was already shocked that Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Matsumoto and Toshiro had come, but now that Rukia was here, he was practically speechless.

"Rukia-" He was cutoff by a midget fist to the face and fell back into Renji's muscular arms.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" Ichigo hollered and was cut off again by more vicious punching from the chibi, "COME WITH ME!" Rukia ordered as she dragged his soul reaper soul from his injured body. "Psh." Renji scoffed, "He could use a good ass-whooping," he said with a frown on his face, "I mean did you see the look on his face?"

"Rukia, would you mind telling me where were going?" Ichigo said as he easily jumped from roof to roof in his shinigami form with Rukia on his back. "Shut up," she said impassively, looking at her cell phone, "Just keep going." He followed her directions for a few minutes until reaching a small park-like area between a few buildings.


The hollow below cried, "Ore, a hollow?" Ichigo managed, and then-"GO GET HIM!" Rukia boomed and kicked him into the clearing. "UUUAAHHH!" Ichigo screamed until he hit the ground rather ungracefully. Ichigo glared at Rukia for a split second before returning to reality and dodging the weak hollow just in time.

Ichigo continued to dodge and dive, refusing to touch Zangetsu, refusing to hand himself over. "What's wrong, Ichigo!" Rukia called from her high pedestal, "A weak hollow like this should be nothing for you!"

"Shut UP!" Ichigo hollered back, and continued to dodge.

"Why do you not attack?! Is it because you're afraid!? Are you scared you won't be able to protect anyone? That you're too weak?" Rukia said, superiority oozing from her voice, "Or is it that hollow inside of you?"

Ichigo froze for a second, and swung his head around to gawk at her. How could she know? "Yes, Ichigo," Rukia said, a little more quietly, "I know. But the Ichigo I know wouldn't give up that easily! The Ichigo I know would stick his chest out in defiance! So you've got an inner hollow? So WHAT! If it's strong, get stronger! That's what the Ichigo I know would do!"

Ichigo glared yet again and reached for Zangetsu, but when his fingers barely grazed it's hilt, black eyes with terrifying yellow irises came into mind along with a blood curling laugh. Ichigo instantly released the hilt, much to Rukia's dismay. Just as Rukia was about to give another lecture to her orange-haired companion, a zanpaktou burst through the bone-like hollow mask, causing the hollow itself to dissipate. The local shinigami, a weird dude with an afro, was responsible. Rukia wanted to be mad at him, but there was no reason, he was only doing his job. The afro-shinigami waked a friendly smile in their direction and hopped away via the rooftops.

"ICHIGO!" Rukia fumed, jumping down to where he was, her inferior height even more noticeable. She gave a violent jab to his chest, "What's WRONG with you! WHY did you hesitate?!" You could almost FEEL the fury radiating from her tiny body. Even more infuriated with his only response of glaring away, she continued to rant, "It's NOT THAT HARD, Ichigo!" Rukia practically spat in hiss face, "You just grab Zangetsu," she reached around Ichigo and grabbed said zanpaktou's hilt, "Rukia- STOP!!" Ichigo said, panic suddenly filling him, "and-" Rukia cut herself off as her eyes went blank and she tumbled into a dark deep tunnel.

"Ooooohh" Rukia groaned as she sat up rubbing her head, "What happened?" she thought aloud. She looked around casually, them frantically as she couldn't recognize where the hell she was. Even more frantic she realized she couldn't sense anyone's spirit energy. Except… was that Ichigo's? If it was, it would only make sense, if she had been sucked into this strange world, no doubt he would be too. She got up and dusted herself off, realizing she was in her shinigami outfit. So this must be a spiritual world, she thought to herself as she wandered in the direction of Ichigo's spirit energy. As she walked on, she noted her environment; blue. That was the best way to describe it; a sideways blue city. Could this possibly Ichigo's inner world? She thought, turning a corner, getting ever closer to his reiatsu. She stopped. Rukia's eyes narrowed as the source of "Ichigo's" reiatsu came into view. She walked very slowly and even more quietly towards the pale silver-haired boy slumped against a wall, his powdery hair concealing his face in shadows.

Rukia inched even closer, hand forwardly extended, almost touching the pale cheek. "I-Ichigo...?" she asked in a small voice, "Is that… you?" All of a sudden, the black nailed hand shot up and grabbed Rukia's hand, his face a breaths width from her own. His golden eyes narrowed and his dark grin widened as Rukia's gasp was caught in her throat, and he whispered, "Gotcha" Rukia's eyes widened and then closed as she tried desperately to pull away. "Aaw," The albino Ichigo look alike cooed as he stood up, "I know I'm not Ichigo, Rukia-chan" He said in a sing-song voice, "But I'm not THAT bad, ya know" he pulled Rukia's arm up, leaving her feet dangling and her eyes at his level, "In fact," He said, his grin pulling even wider, "I'm sure if you gave me a chance, ya'd like me even more…"he put her down, kissed er lightly on the hand, which he then released.

Despite the growing need to turn and shunpo so far away it's not even funny, Rukia adopted her "Kuchiki" face and said, "I can tell you aren't Ichigo, so I feel inclined to ask- who or what are you." The pale Ichigo's grin faltered a little, "I know enough about you to know when you're being difficult, Rukia-chan. Lighten up a bit, already." Rukia took the advice, … "I asked WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU! ANSWER THE QUESTION, DAMNIT!!" The pale boy blinked in surprise, "Well, now that I can see that ya've, er, 'lightened up', I guess I can let ya know who I am." All of a sudden he shunpo'd to the edge of the building, "but ya'll have teh catch me first!" and he jumped off the edge and began running on the building right below, his strange laugh echoing after him.

Rukia fell to her knees, What immense spiritual pressure!, she thought to herself, gasping for air. She looked at her hands; they were shaking. Whatever the boy was, he was a natural thing to fear, seeing as she did it unconsciously. Then she looked up, strait into those terrifying black and gold eyes. This time, Rukia did scream, and after doing so, fell back. The boy was bending over, to meet her eyes, his hands behind his back and his grin, replaced by a frown. "I thought ya wanted to know more about me, Rukia-chan" he said, completely normal now, if you call normal echoy and bone-chilling. The boy sighed then straightened up, "Fine, I'll tell ya anyways. I'm Ichigo's hollow, and ya may address me as Hichigo-sama." Hichigo said as he stared fiercly into Rukia's fearful eyes.