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Rukia futilely pulled against her ties as tears started forming at the corner of her eye. This hollow was emotionally wrecking Ichigo while Renji was physically destroying him from the outside. Why wasn't he putting up a fight?

"come on, aibou, switch already," Hichigo purred maliciously into Ichigo's ear, "this is the same stubbornness that killed her in the first place!" tears began to form at Ichigo eyes which caused the hollow's ever-growing grin to stretch even wider.

"why!?" Rukia thought to herself as Ichigo started becoming paler, and his shinigami robes started to turn white, "why is it Ichigo can hear that evil monster?! Isn't Ichigo out there getting the crap beat out of him by Renji? Or is it that this is merely the spiritual representation of the real Ichigo who was portrayed outside?" then a thought hit her and her heart stopped for a beat, "what happens if that spiritual representation turns into the hollow?" Her panicked eyes looked around for something, ANY thing, to cut the rope with, when they were caught by the reflection of one of the windows, and gasped at the outside world. Renji was staring wide eyed at Ichigo, whose face had… had a portion of a hollow mask on it. "You MONSTER! Is this what killed Rukia?! You should have controlled it! DAMN IT ALL! HOWL!" Rukia was shocked by the mask on his face and looked over to the representation, and already half of the face looked like the albino monster.

Wait a second, Rukia thought, if Ichigo can hear him, why cant he hear me? Then, because it couldn't hurt her chances, she thought, she took a huge breath and shouted, "ICHIGOOOOOOO! YOU BAKAAAAAAA! I'M ALIVE! FIGHT THAT LOSER OFF! ONLY YOU CAN DO IT!" Ichigo's spiritual representation's eyes shot open and the whole inner world shook.



Swords clash and a wide eyed Renji tried to the very best of his ability to dodge the spastic attacks thrown by the half-masked, madly cackling Ichigo. "THAT'S RIGHT!" the monster in Ichigo's clothing yowled, "I KILLED HER! AND SOON THE POWERS OF THIS WEAK-MINDED MORON WILL BE MINE AND THE FIRST THING I'LL DO IS KILL EVERYSINGLE ONE OF ICHIGOS FRIENDS! HAHAHAHAHAHA~!" and with that he threw Zangetsu by the hilt-wrap, missing Renji's head by a hair's breadth. Again and again the sword barely missed Renji who was frantically, and barely dodging each one until, with a sickening crunch, and a rather loud shriek from the redhead, his shoulder was pinned to a building by the ridiculously huge sword. The not-Ichigo walked nonchalantly towards the pinned shinigami with what could only be described as evil deviousness and grabbed zangetsu's handle and slowly twisted, its cruel grin widening even further when Renji's pained cry hit his ears. Its golden eyes looked strait into the redheads with the full intent to pull the blade through his heart, but suddenly the saffron eyes widened and he let out an ear-slitting screech and fell over, and the mask deteriorated. When he fell, the blade was pulled roughly, and painfully, very, very, painfully from the shinigami's shoulder and he fell to his knees with a scream. Renji tore the end of his sleeve and tied it tight above his wound, hoping to stop the blood spill. After treating his own wound, he went over to his wounded friend, whom he was no longer mad at, for the inner hollow had confessed to the murder and flipped him over to treat any wound he may have.


Rukia watched Hichigo and Ichigo fight fist to fist helplessly as she struggled against the ropes. Finally her right hand slipped out and she fumbled with the knot holding her left hand there. "yer weak, king, and yah always will be! Just give me control! I, at least can enjoy slaughtering the people!" Hichigo yelled gleefully at the fuming carrot-top. "YOU BASTARD! GIVE HER BACK!" Ichigo yelled, red in the face.

"Ichigo! Over here!" Rukia took the opportunity to take the REAL Ichigo's attention. She wasn't exactly sure what was happening, but did she care? HELL NO!

"RUKIA!" Ichigo shouted, tears of joy forming at the corner of his eyes, then back to normal in a second as he barely dodged a lethal punch from the hollow. Ichigo did a run and roll over to where the pure white zanpaktou was and threw it towards Rukia, who promptly cut the chafing ropes.

"psh," the hollow frowned and shunpo'd a couple steps back "fine king, you win. You get the girl, you get the body, and I remain the horse, but don't forget, I can still at any moment turn around and buck ya off, don't yeh ever forget!" and in a explosion of white reiatsu, he vanished.

"Rukia, are you okay?" Ichigo asked, as he shunpo'd up next to her.

"yeah, I think I'm fine… A little confused, but okay." She replied. "I only want to know how to get out of here, now." She looked up at him, a grateful, but somewhat tired smile on her lips.

Ichigo smiled back and took her hand, "all you have to do is jump." He said and he jumped, still hand in hand with her.


"Ugh…" Rukia groaned and sat up, glad to be bak in her real body. Dizzy, but glad. "RUKIA!" Rukia tensed and closed one eye; Renji had yelled right into her ear. "Renji," she said calmly, "I'm very grateful for your concern, but PLEASE! Do NOT yell in my ear!" silent tears started to flow down his cheeks, "I-I thought you were dead…" Rukia's eyes softened and she said, "Well, I'm not, so… you can stop worrying…okay?" Renji engulfed the midget in a huge hug, which was soon torn apart by a now-conscious Ichigo. "Ichigo!" Renji stood up, "How did- what did- why did-! Oh, never mind. So long as Rukia is safe and- wait. Will that thing come back? Is there even the slightest iota of a chance that it could come back and hurt her?" they both looked at him, "No." Ichigo said in a completely unconvincing voice, "Not for long, at least. Tomorrow, I'll go see the vaizard, and demand their help." Renji frowned, but nonetheless said, "Fine. If it's one day, I can deal with it. I'm not happy about it, but I can deal with it."


"Aw, I was hoping I could sleep in your closet like I used to. I even brought some things to make it a little more comfy…" Rukia said a little sadly when Ichigo told her she would share the room with his sisters.

"Don't be stupid, Rukia, I can't let you sleep in my closet! I'd never hear the end of it from my dad if he found out."

"Alright, alright, I guess I can get to know your sisters."


"G'night, Rukia!" Yuzu and Karin said together.

"Good night." Rukia replied. As soon as she heard the light snoring of Mr. Kurosaki in the next room over, Rukia got up and climbed to the roof. How could she sleep? She had nearly been killed by Ichigo's alter hollow ego. Could YOU sleep? She shivered, the memory of the monster was so vivid in her mind, she could swear that she felt his reiatsu still. Wait… it wasn't an illusion… Rukia turned shot her head around just in time to see the pure white zanpaktou swing down and hear the bone-chilling cackle.

Hollow Rukia opened her eyes and grinned, it was about time Hichi set her free.

The END! Sorry it took so long to update, guys, I had a lot of stuff going on! Anyway, I hope you like the ending of the unexpected occupant, (I kinda made it up as I went along…) anyways! Happy holidays!