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Insert Pet Name Here

"Hey Sora, I suppose congratulations are in order."

Sora expended the energy to raise one eyelid just enough to look at Riku, who had better have a very good reason for interrupting Sora's mid-afternoon nap. "Congratulations for what?"

Riku took a seat beside Sora on the sand. "Congrats because tomorrow you will have been willingly bound as a slave to another human being for three months."

Sora raised an eyebrow. "What?"

Riku smirked. "Tomorrow you'll have been dating Kairi three months. You know, three month anniversary?"

Sora sat up. "Really?"

Riku rolled his eyes. "I'm not even in this relationship and I know that. How don't you?"

Sora shrugged and laid back down. "Because it's three months. Why does three months matter?"

Riku was silent for so long that by the time he finally regained his speech, Sora had quite forgotten he was there. "You honestly don't know, do you?" Sora opened his eyes to look quizzically at Riku. His friend laughed in a disbelieving way. "Three month anniversary? You honestly didn't know that you celebrate the three month anniversary?" Riku laughed again. "Kairi's gonna kill you."

Sora sat up as the color drained from his face. He'd wondered why Kairi had seemed a little upset when his reply to her question of if he'd planned something for tomorrow night had been something along the lines of, "Oh, well, not really."

He frowned. "Why three months?"

Riku shrugged. "I don't know. Most couples don't last that long?"

Sora's frown grew. "How come you know about this stuff? You've never been out with the same girl more twice!"

Riku glared. "One, I've been out with the same girl more than twice. Two, everybody, with the exception of you, at least, knows about this stuff." Sora didn't answer. Riku shook his head at him. "I honestly don't know why Kairi puts up with you sometimes. Don't know why I put up with you sometimes either. Seriously, though, how're you going to go to Kairi tomorrow and say, 'Honey, forgive me, I'm an enormous moron who forgot our three-month anniversary.'"

Sora rolled his eyes. "Well, I'd start by leaving off the 'honey' part."

Riku sighed. "Well, insert whatever pet name you have for her there. What do you call her, by the way? I want to get my impression right."

Sora shrugged. "Kairi."

Riku rolled his eyes. "Obviously. I mean by way of pet names. C'mon, I'm trying to impersonate you here. Gimme something to work with."

Sora shrugged, staring at the sand. He suddenly felt very uncomfortable, but without a clue as to why. "Well, just Kairi."

Riku went silent again. Finally, "First you tell me that you've never heard of a three-month anniversary, and now you're telling me that you don't have a pet name whatsoever for your girlfriend of three months?"

Sora shrugged sheepishly. Riku face became very well acquainted with his palm. "You're hopeless, you know that?" He looked up. "It's times like this where it amazes me most that she picked you."

Sora raised an eyebrow. "What does it matter, anyway?"

Riku blew his bangs out his eyes. "You're supposed to have some kind of a pet name for her or something. Honestly, as big of a sap as you are, I thought you'd have some sort of gooey, cheese romantic name for her."

"Like what, exactly?" Sora asked, a little harsher than he'd intended, still smarting from the sap comment.

Riku shrugged, rolling his eyes at the hopelessness of the situation. "I don't know! What does your dad call your mom? Haven't you ever heard them say stuff like that to each other?"

"Well, considering Dad's been dead for eight years…"

Riku paled in embarrassment. "…Right…"

Sora smirked. "Some friend you are." He quipped jokingly, watching Riku trying to regain his composure.

The older wielder was silent for a few moments before standing and announcing, "Well, you need to figure out a pet name for Kairi and some way of not ruining your relationship before tomorrow." He began to walk away, but Sora's reply stopped him momentarily.

"Once again," Sora reiterated his previous question, "How is it you know about this stuff?"

Riku chuckled. "I actually make an effort to understand women." He took a step. "And I have sisters."

Sora frowned, before his frown was quickly replaced by a mischievous smile. "Do they like to play with your hair?"

Riku merely pretended he hadn't heard, but Sora derived great satisfaction from knowing he had.

The brunette flopped back on the sand and blew his bangs out of his eyes. A pet name for Kairi, huh?

Easier said than done. What sort of things did other guys called their significant others? Babe, princess, sweetie? He and Riku had been jokingly calling Kairi all of those things for years. Honey, sugar, baby? All those things his mother called him? No, no. They just didn't fit. They weren't Kairi.

Kairi was…Kairi. A regular old pet name just didn't fit. There was 'Kai', he supposed; but everyone called her Kai. It wasn't special if that was what everyone called her.

Kairi was special; and if he was supposed to give her a pet name, then it had to be something special. It had to be something that fit her. Sora took a deep breath and let it out slowly, thinking. What was Kairi, then? Kairi was…unpredictable. There was no telling what was going through her head at any given time. She wasn't wild, exactly, not in the way most people thought of wild, at least. She was wild in a good way. She was strong, resolute. But then she was sweet, and pure, and kind, and the very quintessence of light incarnated. Every day he was reminded of how unbelievably lucky he was just to be holding her hand. Somehow "Honey" just didn't seem to sum that up.

The kind of name that fit was more like 'Darling', or 'Love', or 'Pet', or something else that wasn't used as often and sounded British. She deserved some sort of pet name that was as unique and different as she was. Kairi was Kairi; simple as that.

And maybe, Sora decided, that was enough. So maybe he didn't call Kairi 'baby' or 'sweetie'; those weren't her name and she'd yet to imply that she cared anyway. So he wasn't the perfect boyfriend; not the perfect prince for the princess. He never claimed he was good at this and he sure as heck never claimed he knew what he was doing. He loved her, and isn't that what really mattered? Maybe he didn't show it by calling her by some sappy pet name, but she knew and that was all he really cared about.

What did it matter really, that he didn't have a conventional pet name for her? He wasn't a conventional boyfriend. They'd never really had a conventional relationship, and when it got right down to it, it had been a good long time since anything in their lives had been conventional.

After all, it wasn't about pet names. It was about love.

However, he doubted that "It's not about anniversaries, it's about love," would get him out of trouble. He had to think of some way to celebrate before tomorrow. Kairi may not care about pet names, but she would care about this. Exactly how he was going to do it, Sora hadn't the slightest idea. Maybe he could ask his mother…she was a girl. She would know what a girl would expect from a three-month anniversary. And she would know much better than Riku would.

But then, Sora supposed, it wasn't really so much about what a girl would expect so much as it was about what Kairi would expect.

That's what it came down to, he thought. It wasn't about what he was supposed to do with a girl, it was what he was supposed to do with Kairi. be continued...

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