In the spirit of the Olympics, I just had to do this.


Sora jumped to his feet on the beach of his favorite islet. Kairi and Riku were beside him.


Kairi was watching him, wide eyed.




"We should totally have a race!"

Riku was on his feet in a second, but Sora was shaking his head.

"No, no, no. Not just us! We should have, like, a HUGE RACE!"

"Like a triathalon?" Riku raised an eyebrow mockingly. He knew Sora would never survive anything beyond a short sprint.

"No, no! Like, like... like the OLYMPICS!"

"What? No way!"

"Yes way! And we could invite, like... EVERYONE!"

"I bet you couldn't even get half the school involved. How are we supposed to get the word out?"

Sora scratched his chin.

"Oh... yeah..."

He flopped back down onto the sand next to Kairi.


He jumped up again.

"What if we made a huge rocket that would fly reeeeeallly high up." He made a massive rising gesture with his arms.

"And when it gets up there, it'll, like, BOOM!" He waved his arms apart to emulate an explosion.

"And it'll be made so it says, 'Olympics! Here, tomorrow. Be there!'"

Sora fell on his back with his arms spread.

"Then EVERYONE would know."

Riku and Kairi didn't seem convinced. "Why not just... send out invitations over the internet? Or put up flyers?"

Sora sat up and pointed at Kairi. "Hey! Thats a good idea! Come on! Let's do it!"

Riku held up his hands.

"Wait, wait, wait a second. What kind of race is it, and where would it be?"

Sora scratched his head for a while. "A... uh... foot race? And... uh... it would be... uh..."

He looked around himself at the island.

"Uh... from... um... well..."

Kairi spoke up. "From the dock, all the way around the island."

"Yeah! And there could be a swimming contest! And... and pole vaulting!"

Riku was incredulous. "What?! Where could you have pole vaulting on a beach?"

"I don't know... but I'm sure Kairi could think of something!"

"Me?! Why me?"

"I dunno'. You always think up the smart stuff."

Kairi blushed and giggled. "Well maybe I have to, to keep you two out of trouble!"

"Alright then! It's set!"

Riku stared, wide-eyed. "What?!"

"It's set!" Sora stuck a finger in the air triumphantly. "Kairi can make flyers, you can think up the events, and I can... uh... what am I good at?"


Sora's eyes lit up. "Yeah! I'll get a bunch of food together! Alright! Let's go!"

Sora dashed to the dock and hopped in a boat while Riku and Kairi watched him. They didn't even bother to move while Sora rowed to shore like a maniac.

"It's never going to happen."

Kairi punched Riku on the arm. "You don't know that, Riku. Don't be such a downer."

"I just doubt it's going to happen. That's all."

They were silent for a long moment as they watched Sora become a dot in the distance.

"Hypothetically though..."

Kairi turned to Riku, waiting for him to continue.

"It would be kinda' fun to Shot Put a paopu."