Sorry if I got all of you excited by this sudden post. First, a moment of silence. For all those in japan that have lost their lives to the tsunami and earthquake that has devastated the northeastern coast, and all those left to carry on in their stead and searh for survivors. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been affected by this terrible cataclysm. I know that words alone cannot express their grief, their pain, their loss, or all the families that are suffering there now, but may they find peace in the afterlife, for those of you who believe, and those that don't.

All those who have suffered...our hearts and thoughts go out to you.


Well, I suppose I should start writing, then

I'm afraid I also have a said bit of news for you all. Due to health issues on my part, My Purpose is hereby being adopted by KingKakashi. Do not fear! I am keeping the original, and he will continue where we (fellow and wonderful co-author that he is) have left off, and I may update the original version, which will be left on the site and with a new ending, even. Kingkakashi, its been great working with ya, my man! Hopefully we can do this again sometime when I'm not getting all these damnable surgies done on there you all have it, my official word of permission to him, and do not worry, the adopted My Purpose will not be a carbon copy of the original because, well, KK is one helluva writer, and much better than me. I MAY continue the original once (maybe even with a different ending) once I'm healthy again, but as I am now...I still want this fic to have an ending and KK has so generously offered to do that.


There's a solution to the updating that I have found recently with the help of a friend. If the error pops up when you try to go to the properties of a story to update, then swap the word "property" out with "content" That bypassess the property page where people are receiving the error. It only helps for updating, but I thought you might want to know that, as i am sending this to all those on my faves list =D

Thank you so very, very much you guys and gals have been wonderful.