A/N: Hullo! Just a short little drabble I came up with one afternoon… this afternoon to be exact. Takes place after the Midwinter before Emperor Mage.

Daine and Numair stood in the great hall before the ball room, waiting behind several other people to enter the next room. It was during Midwinter on the longest day of the year, they were at one of the many banquets held during the week. When they got up to the large open doors and were about to step over the threshold and into the ball room, someone stopped them. "Hang on! Let's have a kiss from the couple!" Said a servant sitting on a tall stand so that he might hold a sprig of mistletoe above the heads of people entering the ball room.

"Kiss??" Numair said, so flustered that both Daine and the servant stared at him, puzzled.

"Yessir," the sevant, recovering from the outburst, "Something their majesties thought would be fun. Have the couples have a Midwinter kiss before their dance."

"But we're not… that is, we don't… we aren't… er…" Numair seemed to grow more flustered as he attempted to explain.

Daine, meanwhile, recovered from her surprise at Numair's outburst and rolled her eyes. "We're not a couple." Daine said, speaking over Numair.

"Midwinter luck then, eh?" The servant said with an evil grin.

Numair had no answer, he only grew redder and more flustered. Daine shook her head and glared at the servant. She then stood up on her tip toes and pulled Numair down by his cloak to meet her half-way. She pecked him gently on the cheek and released him. "There, may we go now?" She asked the servant.

"Be my guest." He said with a chuckle.

Daine continued into the ballroom, leaving behind a very sunned and red mage. "Move it along, there, Lover-Boy." The servant said, placing a hand on Numair's shoulder to rouse him.

Numair walked on rather dazed, he appeared to be thinking. He found Daine sitting at a table, waiting for him. "What was that for?" he asked her, sitting down.

"He wouldn't let us by, so I did as he asked." Daine said simply.

"I could have handled him."

"You were far too busy tripping over yourself to say anything."

"People will talk."

"Let them. You shouldn't fear words. That's all they are."


"Don't worry about it." Daine said firmly.

Numair settled back into his chair with a bit of a huff and they sat in silence for a few minutes. Finally Numair sat forward and looked at Daine. "Would you like to dance?" He asked, offering his hand.

"What happened to people talking?" Daine asked, looking from Numair's hand to Numair himself.

"What happened to 'let them'?"

Daine laughed slightly and took his hand, swirling off into the midst of the other dancers.