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"So…?" Emmett nudged my shoulder with a smirk in place. "How was your first day?"

I stumbled to the side at the amount of force Emmett put behind his casual gesture. My father was able to reach out and quickly grab my shoulders to hold me in place while I regained my balance. Once I was able to stand on my own, my father turned to Emmett and growled softly at him.

"Are you trying to embarrass her on her first day of school?" he hissed over my head.

Emmett rolled his eyes. "Relax, Edward – she's a tough girl!"

Automatically I turned, taking in Emmett's massive biceps. I silently shook my head. Sure, I was a bit more durable than most humans – but nowhere near as strong as Emmett.

My mother quickly stepped between Emmett and my father, breaking off their argument. "Edward is just trying to look out for Renesmee," she said in a soft voice, placing one hand on Emmett's shoulder. "He doesn't want her to make a bad impression on her first day."

Emmett rolled his eyes. "Like we'll ever see any of these people again…" he grumbled.

My mother sighed softly, appearing somewhat annoyed by Emmett's attitude, but I knew that the issue was resolved.

I shuffled outside into the drizzling rain, staring at my feet as I walked. My family hurried to the corner of the parking lot where we had parked our two, separate vehicles.

"Come on, honey," my mother called after me. I looked up and realized that I had been dragging my feet a bit more than usual, and then jogged over to the car where my parents were already standing, waiting for me.

The instant I climbed into the backseat, my father drove off just behind the rest of my family in the other car.

"Well, Renesmee?" my mother asked, turning in her seat to look at me. Normally I was a relatively silent person, but it was never because I was unhappy. Anything I needed to say could be easily passed along to anyone else if I simply touched their face.

That was probably why my mother looked so concerned when she saw that I had my arms crossed over my chest and my lips were pursed.

"Did you have fun at school?" she asked with a nervous expression.

I reached a hand forward and pressed a single finger to her temple. My thoughts of the day passed across my mind as a spark of electricity ran down my arm, through my fingers, and filled my mother's head.

She frowned.

"Renesmee, it couldn't have been that bad," she consoled, trying to make me feel better.

My father spoke up, having heard the thoughts in my head as I shared them with my mother. "You've never gone to a school before," he softly reminded me. "It's important that you start at the bottom before working your way to the top."

My mother nodded. "It's just for a few years," she said. "You have your entire life to do more."

I pulled my finger back and crossed my arms once more, refusing to converse with my parents in any way, shape, or form.

The car ride home was silent. My parents kept shooting nervous glances back and forth at each other. Maybe, I hoped, they were debating whether or not to send me back to that – hellhole.

My father cringed at my thoughts, but didn't say anything.

Sooner than it should have taken us, we were back home – but, I guess, when everyone in your family drives no less than sixty miles per hour, it's hard to get anywhere slowly. I took one glance up at the new home that we had moved into less than a week ago before jumping out of the car and storming inside.

The Cullen house was, if possible, even larger than the one we had back in Forks. It was still three stories, but it had nearly doubled in width. But, I reasoned, I guess it had to be a bit bigger than our previous house, considering there were a few more occupants than there had been before.

I was halfway to the door when I remembered that I had left my backpack in the car, but I was in no mood to turn back for it. Instead, I walked right into the house, past the soft chatter in the kitchen, and straight upstairs to the third floor.

The third floor was generally where I spent most of my time. My parents' room was just next door to mine and my best friend's room was directly across the hall.

Which was exactly where I went.

"Nessie, you're back!" Jake cried the minute I walked through his bedroom door. He was sprawled across his bed – all six and half feet of him – lying with one arm behind his head and the other holding up a remote. He quickly turned the television off and threw the remote to the foot of his bed. "It's been so boring without you here," he moaned, turning his head to grin lazily at me.

The minute he caught my expression, however, he leapt off of his bed and met me at the door before I could move any further into his room.

"Ness, what happened?" he asked in a low voice. His wide, brown eyes darted back and forth, examining every inch of my face. "What's wrong?"

I stood still for a minute, debating whether or not I wanted my thoughts to remain secret from the rest of the household – but quickly decided I could care less what the others heard.

"I hate school," I told him in a frantic whisper. "It's not fun." I dropped my gaze, staring straight ahead at Jake's bare chest. "Not even a little bit."

There was a moment of silence, and then Jake started to laugh.

I glared right back up at him, and he stopped chuckling.

"Nessie," he explained with a soft sigh, "school isn't supposed to be fun." That irritating smirk of his returned as he put his warm hands on my shoulders. "I dropped out before my junior year – do you think I would have quit if school had been fun?"

I blew out a puff of air from the corner of my mouth in irritation, glancing away from Jake and staring at the corner of his room. "But I'm a freshman," I growled, feeling angrier by the second. Jake was supposed to be calming me – not getting me more worked up than before! I took a step back and looked down at my fully developed body. "I mean – do I look like a freshman to you?"

Jake, too, stared down at me, his eyes trailing down my figure and slowly returning to my face. His cheeks turned pink as he lifted a hand to scratch his head. "Uh, no," he softly mumbled. "No, you don't look like a freshman…"

I nodded in satisfaction. "Thank you!" I shouted, throwing my hands up in the air. Then I marched over to his bed and dropped onto the edge. "But they enrolled me as a freshman!"

"Well…" Jake turned in the doorway, silently closing his bedroom door behind him. "The younger you start, the longer we can stay here," he pointed out. "If you started as a senior – there wouldn't be much of a point to stay here for longer than just a couple of years, right?"

"Right," I quickly agreed – but I wasn't even close to backing down from my argument. "But you'd think that at least they'd put me in a few advanced classes!"

This comment seemed to have puzzled Jake. "Why didn't they?" he asked with a frown. "I mean – you already know more foreign languages than I do…"

I sighed. "Mom says she wants me to learn all of the basics," I explained. "She said I should get the 'proper instruction' before I jump to the advanced classes."

Jake's eyebrows shot up, somewhat amused. "Ah, good old Mom," he muttered, smiling. Then he grabbed the wooden chair at his desk and dragged it over to where I was sitting. He sat in the chair, directly across from me. "You know that she's just looking out for you, Nessie," he told me. "We'll move again in a few years, and then you'll be more than ready for something a bit more challenging." He leaned forward, pressing his elbows on his knees as he tried to peer into my downcast expression. "Right?" he asked with a small smile.

I couldn't help but smile in response. "I guess," I muttered, looking back up. I sucked in a gasp of air, noticing just how close Jake had been to me. He seemed to realize it at the same time, because the minute I leaned back on the bed, supporting my weight on my hands, he lifted his elbows off of his knees and pressed himself as far back into the chair as was possible.

"No one is in any of my classes!" I complained again, trying to break the awkward moment that I had created between Jake and me. "Alice is the only one in my grade," I protested. "And half of her classes are more advanced than mine!"

Jake shrugged. "Maybe you'll make some friends?" he suggested.

I rolled my eyes. "Right," I said with a soft laugh. "Because I know there's going to be a ton of girls who would love to spend the night here when the only people that sleep in this house are you and me."

Jake smiled at the thought. I was sure he was also imagining what the people from my school would think if they knew what sort of diet I was on.

"Well, why don't you take a couple of books to school with you?" Jake asked. "You know, to keep you entertained during class if it gets too boring."

I shook my head. "I've read the entire library at home, already. There's nothing new."

"How about we go and buy some new ones?" He started to stand. "We could go right now, if you want."

Again, I refused, but smiled at his enthusiasm. "No, that's alright."

Jake slowly sat back down in his chair, running a hand through his hair as he let out a slow sigh. Then he smirked. "I could always challenge your dad to a fight so he'll put you in better classes," he said with a chuckle. "You know I used to hate Edward before you were born," he told me with a wistful sigh. "We never got to fight one-on-one like we always wanted to – your mother wouldn't let us…"

I grinned. "Well, as much as I'm sure that would be a ton of fun for you and everything – I don't think that'll work," I finished with a laugh.

Jake's eyes seemed to light up as I started to laugh.

"They probably won't do anything about it," I said, resigning to my fate. "I'm already registered in those classes, so I doubt they'll change them now. Besides," I added softly, "I think they want me to meet someone – you know?"

Jake blinked, staring down at his hands. He glanced back up. "What?" he asked in a soft voice.

I shrugged. "You know," I said, lowering my voice as if it were a secret. I held a hand up to his face, showing him thoughts of Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, Carlisle and Esme, and finally my parents. "Someone."

"Oh." Jake cleared his throat, returning to stare at his hands. "Meeting someone – as in having – feelings for them." He swallowed, unmoving. "Romantic feelings."

I nodded. "Well, they never said anything about it, but I've always wondered if they want me to find someone at school. I mean," I added, "they found each other in biology class, didn't they?"

Jake didn't respond. It was silent for several minutes and I started to panic, wondering if I had said something that I shouldn't have. Then Jake reached across the gap between us and picked up my hand, securing his strong grip around mine.

My heartbeat was already far above average, but I was sure it had picked up with this one gesture.

He slowly glanced up, smiling weakly. "You'll be fine," he assured me. "Don't worry about school or – or anything else," he said, squeezing my hand. "Don't worry about what you think your parents want or about how boring your classes are or – anything. I promise, everything will be better tomorrow," he assured me. "And by next year, you won't even remember how upset you were on your first day of school."

I took in his words, finding it hard to disagree with anything that Jake said. "You're probably right," I muttered, allowing a small smile to grace my lips.

Jake shrugged, appearing high-and-mighty. "As I always am," he said, unable to hide his chuckle. I giggled along with him.

My laughter died away as he lifted our hands so that they were pressed against each other, palm to palm, and he laced his fingers through mine. Then I looked back up into his caring expression.

"Thank you, Jake."

The following day at school was hardly any better than the first day. I had gone to class far earlier than I needed to, hoping that someone might show up just as early as I had and feel obligated to strike up a conversation with me. I was right in my assumption that someone else would show up just as early; a tiny girl with her arms full of heavy books stumbled into the classroom fifteen minutes before the bell rang.

I initiated the conversation, waving as I called, "Hello," to the small girl.

The girl was either surprised by my presence or by the fact that I was speaking to her in general. She whipped her head around so fast that her entire body followed suit. The books piled up in her arms, however, spilled forward, falling to the floor in a haphazard pile.

"Oh, let me help you," I offered, springing out of my chair. I was at her side within seconds, kneeling beside her as I helped lift the many books into her arms once again.

"Um… Thanks." She stared at me, watching me with wide, anxious eyes, but quickly tore her gaze away when I looked back.

Her anxiety seemed out of place – she looked incredibly nervous. I was just trying to be nice – did I do something that I shouldn't have?

My hand was halfway to her face, about to share my thoughts of her anxiety with her, but I quickly stopped myself, ashamed by my actions.

You can't do that, I scolded myself. She doesn't know about vampires and werewolves – and vampire hybrids, I thought, tagging the last species onto the end as I remembered myself.

I was incredibly frustrated with myself, watching with disappointment as the girl hurried across the classroom to sit as far away from me as she could. It was just such an automatic reaction to share my thoughts with others – I would have to be so much more careful than normal.

I returned to my seat, more upset with my actions than I probably should have been. This school thing just wasn't for me, I realized. I could learn so much faster on my own. I could just take these textbooks home with me and read them within weeks and be more prepared than half of the class.

I was focused on this idea. While I was in the process of forming an argument to suggest this idea to my parents after school today, a group of classmates walked into the room together, talking animatedly with each other.

They walked to the back of the room and I felt my mood lift as I realized I would get a second chance to make friends. I sat up in my chair and leaned forward on my desk, smiling at a muscular boy as he walked past. He nodded his head in greeting and turned back to the girl at his side, grinning at something she said. Then he sat in the desk beside me and proceeded to turn his back to me as he continued his conversation.

I slumped down in my seat, depressed yet again. I stared down at my arm with a glum look as I wondered just how hard I would have to thrust a pair of scissors into my wrist just to break the skin – anything to get me out of this class. But, I instantly realized, there was no way the scissors would come close to harming me. In fact, the only thing that would be ruined in that scenario would be the scissors.

I watched in silence as the rest of the class shuffled in and took their seats. I didn't even bother smiling at any of them anymore. It wasn't worth it. I would just have to suffer through my torture alone.

The bell rang, signaling the start of class, and the teacher walked through the door with a couple of students dragging behind him. The teacher, however, ignored their tardiness and quickly started into the lesson.

"Ah – good morning, class," he greeted us as if he hadn't seen us when he first walked into the room. He peered over his reading glasses, squinting at the room to count the number of bodies in chairs. He seemed to get the correct number of students in the room, because he didn't waste time calling the roll.

"I understand it's only the second day of classes, but I figured it would be a bit more useful if we just start right in on the fundamentals of algebra instead of wasting our time on ridiculous get-to-know-you games…" His voice trailed off as he stuffed his nose into our math textbook, studying the first chapter. He turned to the chalkboard, snatching up a piece of chalk, and lifted it to the black surface. Just as he was about to scratch a problem onto the board, there was a soft knock on the door.

"Oh, um – yes? Come in!" the teacher stammered, surprised by the interruption. Judging by his startled expression, I was sure this sort of thing didn't happen very often in his class.

The teacher stepped forward, opening the classroom door. Then he froze in his place.

"Yeah, hi – uh, it's my first day here," the man on the other side of the door explained.

I recognized the voice – I couldn't have missed it! I sat straight up in my desk, inches from toppling off of my chair in anticipation of seeing the visitor. I knew who it was – who it had to be…

I stared in disbelief as Jacob Black – my best friend – ducked his head beneath the door frame and entered the room with a too-small backpack over his shoulder.

He silently handed our surprised teacher a small sheet of paper. Jake smiled as the short man jumped out of his stunned silence. He quickly reached out to snatch the slip of paper from Jake's hand, staring at it in disbelief. Then he craned his neck back, squinting up at Jake.

"Freshman?" he verified, studying Jake's abnormal height and muscular build. "You're a freshman?"

Jake nodded in confirmation. Then he leaned in, lowering his voice, but the entire class could still hear his words. "I was held back a few years."

The teacher's mouth formed an "o" shape as he slowly lowered the paper in his hand down to his side. Then he nodded and pointed to the back of the room. "Go ahead and grab a seat, then," he said. "Anywhere is fine."

I watched silently as Jake made his way down one of the aisles, not meeting my eyes. And then I realized, with a jolt of excitement, that he was headed for the empty desk beside me.

I stared – along with half of the class – as Jake squeezed into the desk. I heard a slight cracking as he tried to force his knees beneath the small space, but he quickly gave up and stretched his legs straight out in front of him.

By now, the teacher had started to talk, easily falling back into his normal routine, but I was unable to pay attention. I was too busy watching Jake as he dug around in the backpack at his feet. He seemed to find what it was that he was looking for. He sat back up in his desk, setting a spiral notebook and a pen on his desk.

Then he turned to me with a surprised expression, as if spotting me for the first time.

"Hey," he softly greeted me with a grin and a wink. "I'm Jake – I'm new here." He extended his hand across the aisle between us.

I bit deep into my lower lip, trying to keep my smile from covering my entire face. But I quickly reached out my hand, playing along with the charade. "I'm Renesmee," I whispered. "But you can call me Nessie."

"Nessie," he repeated. "Sounds like a great nickname."

I giggled. A few of people in my class spun around at the noise, noticing that Jake and I were on good terms. I quickly ignored their inquisitive stares, turning back to my best friend.

When I returned, Jake was staring straight ahead at the front of the classroom and holding out a piece of paper to me.

I grabbed it and eagerly read the words that he had scrawled.

You'll get in trouble if you keep laughing all the time, it said. And I don't want you getting in trouble on the second day of school.

I smiled. I quickly dug around in my bag and found a pencil. I scribbled back a quick note just beneath his.

You'd probably feel pretty guilty getting me in trouble, huh?

It didn't take long for his response.

I wouldn't feel guilty about getting you in trouble – just worried that your dad might rip my head off when he finds out it was my fault.

I laughed aloud once more, but the teacher never diverted from his lesson plan. The direction of the other students' gazes, however, was a different story.

After writing a few more notes, playing a couple of tic-tac-toe games, and trying to avoid classmates' stares, the bell rang for the end of class.

"Oh, uh…" The teacher pulled his gaze away from the board, looking as if he had been rudely woken up from a good dream. He squinted up at the clock on the wall to verify the time, probably surprised that it had flown by so quickly while he had been droning on about different equations. "Well, your homework is on the board," he mumbled, pointing to the corner of the chalkboard as he gathered up his belongings. "I'll see you all tomorrow morning."

The class started to put their things back into their backpacks. I followed suit, but was unable to get rid of the ridiculous grin covering my face.

"Ah, well," Jake muttered as he managed to climb out of his cramped desk. "This whole school thing was about as painful as I remembered."

I laughed. "But it's fifty times better, since you got here," he told him.

He winked. "Everything's better when I'm here," he pointed out with a cocky grin.

"Oh, sure," I said in a sarcastic tone, shaking my head. We were the last ones left in the classroom – even the teacher had slipped out before Jake and I had a chance to leave. I turned towards the exit, but Jake's voice stopped me in my steps.

"You don't by chance happen to know where room one-fifty-two is, do you?" he asked, holding up his list of scheduled classes. "Because it says, here, that my next class is French."

I froze, unable to believe my luck. I ran back to Jake's desk and – literally – ripped the schedule from his hands. It tore in two, straight down the middle, but I could have cared less.

I analyzed my half of his schedule. Yes – I was right! He was going to the same class as me! In fact, every class was with me! Every single one!

I stared up at Jake with a dropped jaw, but he merely smiled back at me.

"I heard," he started in a whisper, stepping closer, "that there's this girl in a few of my classes – maybe you know her," he said. His smile widened. "She's got curly, red hair, she's incredibly smart – and I'm pretty sure her skin sparkles in the sun."

I was speechless – there were no words to explain just how happy I was. Jake had, yet again, surprised me more than I could have ever dreamed possible.

And then, before I could think clearly, I dropped the ripped schedule onto the floor, letting it float to the ground, and pressed myself into Jake's chest. I lifted one hand to his shoulder and the other to his neck. He seemed to be waiting for me to send him one of my thoughts through my fingers.

And that was probably why he looked so surprised when, instead, I pulled him towards me and kissed him.

It was nothing I had ever experienced before. It was absolutely nothing like kissing a family member – and I knew, from the moment that my lips touched his, that he was no longer considered a family member in my mind. He wasn't just a best friend anymore. I was in love with Jacob Black.

It took a few minutes for Jake to realize what I had done. He seemed frozen in place, startled by my surprising action. His arms were locked at his side and he didn't make any sudden movements, but it didn't take too long for him to react.

Soon, I felt two warm hands slowly reach out and touch my waist. At first, all I could feel was the tips of his fingers, pressing lightly against my hips. It was a gentle, cautious touch, something I could just barely feel through the fabric of my shirt, and then the grip seemed to tighten. I was worried for one instant that when he put his warm hands on my waist, he was going to try to push me away. I quickly looped my arms even tighter around his neck, hoping it might be more of a struggle for him to pull me off. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that his hands weren't trying to push me away but were, in fact, pulling me closer.

Shivers ran down my spine at his touch. His hands on my hips, my body pressed up against his – nothing could have been more perfect. It was simply pure bliss.

Jake had to break off the kiss. I was sure I never would have stopped if he hadn't have pulled away first. But, I noticed with a hint of excitement bubbling up in my chest, he never removed his hands from my waist.

"Well," he whispered, taking in short, shallow breaths of air. Then he chuckled nervously. "I never expected that sort of a thank you."

I felt suddenly embarrassed all of a sudden, dropping my chin to my chest. He wasn't expecting "that sort of a thank you." Did that mean he hadn't wanted me to kiss him? Did he not feel the same way about me? Had I just ruined our friendship?

My worries were cut short when Jake shuffled even closer than he had been before, his chest pressing firmly against mine. He kissed my forehead and touched a hand to my chin, gently tilting my head up to lock gazes with his. There were no more than a few inches between our faces.

My breathing was staggered as I found it hard to do such a simple task. There was so much I wanted to say to him, but I couldn't find the words. And even if I did find the words, there was no way I would have been able to say them without my voice cracking.

I lifted my hand, gently cupping his cheek. He seemed to lean into my touch, closing his eyes, and then I opened my mind to send him a message.

It was a replay of what had just happened – me kissing Jake. But that wasn't what I wanted him to see. It was the emotions in the memory – I wanted him to know what I had felt.

Once my thoughts had finished, he gasped and his eyes flashed open. They were wide and searching, as if begging to hear more.

Then he placed his own hand over the one that I had put on his cheek, and whispered.

"I love you, too."

My heart swelled, expanding exponentially. It was unbelievable what those simple words could do to a girl when they came from the right person.

I leaned in to kiss him again.

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