"Movies and Drama"

Summary: An argument during Elite movie night leads to a cute moment for 2 of the elites.

Pairings: Eliteundershipping (LucianxAaron), hints of Ignitionshipping (VolknerxFlint), and a tiny amount of Mossshipping (RoarkxGardenia)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this story.

A/N: This is my first fic. Not sure how good it came out, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyway. I haven't decided whether or not to continue this or leave it as a one-shot.

Enjoy! :)

POV: This is Cynthia's POV (3rd person)

"You know, Bertha, remotes have been in existence for years now." Flint said, while rolling his eyes.

"How is it my fault that none of these buttons work?" Bertha snapped.

"Well, let's see...maybe because - I don't know - the battery is dead?" Flint replied angrily.

"Now, now...there's no need to fight-," but Lucian was cut off by glares from both parties involved.

Cynthia just shook her head and grabbed the remote from Bertha. It really was amazing how a simple movie night could turn into a fiasco.

"I just changed the battery, wise guy!" Bertha yelled.

"Well then obviously, you don't the right end of a battery from your own-"

"That's enough!" Cynthia cut him off. "How about both of you just stay quiet, and let me figure out what's wrong with this thing!"

Flint opened his mouth to perhaps make another sarcastic remark but was cut off by a vicious glare from Cynthia. He wisely chose to remain silent.

Cynthia gave them both one last look for good measure and then opened the battery slot on the remote. Sure enough, Bertha had put the batteries opposite to how they should be.

"There, see - now it works fine."

"Well, we could have already been - " once again, Flint was cut off by a look from Cynthia.

With that, Cynthia started the movie and placed a few pillows behind her head and back. Usually, the weekly movie nights were pleasant. The elites used them as a chance to relax and socialize with each other, and they never had any problems before. Today, however, had been a rather difficult day - at least for Flint. Earlier in the afternoon, Flint and Volkner had a huge argument and were not on speaking terms at the moment. Though he had refused to go into detail about it to the rest of the elites, Cynthia had gathered it was about Volkner's desire to challenge the league to look for a good battle. How it escalated to this point, she had no idea, but he had been sulking about it ever since, and it wasn't doing any wonders for her mood.

A quick glance in his direction showed that he was laying down on the couch, muttering angrily to himself and occasionally glaring at both her and Bertha. Cynthia found herself wishing that she had never put "Gladiator" on. Flint certainly didn't need more ideas at the moment.

'Oh well. At least Lucian and Aaron have been quiet today.' Cynthia thought. She looked over and saw them sitting next to each other on the 2 seater. Despite the mood Flint put her in, she smiled when she saw Aaron fidget and accidentally touch Lucian's hand. He immediately pulled back, but she noticed that his face was rather red, and Lucian was refusing to look in his direction.

'Hmmmm...I wonder...' her thoughts were cut off as Bertha suddenly jumped up and slapped Flint across the face.

Cynthia paused the movie and angrily banged her fist against the table. "Just what is going on here?"

"He started it! He keeps kicking my legs!"

"That was an accident, and I only did it once!"

Cynthia by this point was tired of these petty arguments. She may have felt sorry for Flint, but her patience (and her stash of painkillers) was slowly wearing thin.

"That's it! I don't care who started it! Both of you just leave! Flint, how about you do us all a favor, and just call Volkner! I'm sure you'll be kissing and making up in no time!"

"But what if he breaks up with me?"

"If he hasn't already, I'm sure he won't. Just talk it out, and get everything settled."

Flint merely sighed and walked out of the room with Bertha closely following. Cynthia barely made out an apology on her part and Flint mumbling something in return. She looked back at the remaining two elites and saw something close to amusement on Aaron's face. Well, it was nice to know that at least one person found this funny.

"C'mon, Cynthia. You have to admit that Flint and Volkner provide the best entertainment sometimes. We haven't had anything good since Roark knocked himself out trying to ask out Gardenia!"

Cynthia chucked, remembering that incident. About 2 months ago, Roark had showed up at Gardenia's gym and decided to climb on top of Onix and serenade her. It would have worked out just fine, if her Turtwig hadn't shown up and attacked the onix with magical leaf. Why the pokemon attacked, Cynthia had no idea, but onix had tried to dodge and subsequently knocked poor Roark to the ground. Luckily, it all worked out because the two had been seeing each other since.

"Fair enough, but I'm tired out from all this. You guys finish the movie - I'll be in my room."

Lucian and Aaron glanced at each other and shrugged. Cynthia gave a tentative smile back and left the room.

When she returned 4 hours later to make sure everything was clean and functional, she was met with a most unusual sight. Lucian was in an upright position on the sofa with both his arms around Aaron. Aaron in turn was sleeping with his head on Lucian's shoulder, and Lucian's head was being supported by Aaron's. The pair looked so content that Cynthia had not the heart to wake them. She just smiled and went back to her own room for some sleep.