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Aaron's POV

Aaron had to admit that there was nothing more amusing than the sight of a red faced Flint muttering under his breath and acting like a child. Especially when said child was currently kicking Bertha lightly with his legs and sticking his tongue out at her.

He bit back a chuckle, knowing it would merely enrage Flint, and stretched out his arms a bit...and brushed against something warm and definitely not the same texture as the sofa. He yanked his hand back almost instantly and saw to his dismay, that Lucian's hand was also resting there.

'Great...now Lucian can't even stand to look at me anymore.' Aaron thought to himself. He continued to gaze at Lucian for some sign that he was in the clear, but the purple haired man was too busy staring at Flint.

A resounding slap broke Aaron's reverie. The small argument was enough to make him forget what happened just seconds before and allow him a chance to voice his thoughts on Flint.

"C'mon, Cynthia. You have to admit that Flint and Volkner provide the best entertainment sometimes. We haven't had anything good since Roark knocked himself out trying to ask out Gardenia!" he said laughing.

A warm feeling filled his chest as he heard Lucian laugh lightly too.

"Fair enough, but I'm tired out from all this. You guys finish the movie - I'll be in my room." Cynthia responded.

Aaron met Lucian's eyes and shrugged as Cynthia left. The awkwardness from before the argument returned, and Aaron found himself at a loss for words.

"Shall we?" Lucian asked.

It took Aaron a few seconds to realize Lucian was referring to the movie. He flushed and fumbled around with the remote. It was much harder to handle now that his hands were so damp and sweaty. He hoped Lucian wouldn't notice and thanked the lord when he managed to hit the play button.

"Is everything alright?"

Aaron looked over and saw concern written all over Lucian's face. He tried to smile but had too many knots in his stomach, and consequently, the look he gave Lucian was more of a grimace than anything. He cleared his throat and coughed a little.

"F-Fine. Everything's fine." He managed to say.

The concern remained on Lucian's face, but he thankfully, dropped the subject. Aaron sighed in relief, at least until he felt a small pressure on his knee. He nearly jumped out his skin when he saw Lucian's hand resting on his kneecap. Lucian smiled innocently at him and starting rubbing circles with his fingers. It took all of Aaron's self control not to jump him right there and then.

Suddenly feeling brave, Aaron reached out and intertwined his fingers with Lucian's. Lucian gave him a smile in return, and Aaron decided to take things a step further and rested his head on the psyhic master's shoulder. He felt his face heat up as a pair of warm arms wrapped around him and pulled him closer. The last thing he remembered was feeling Lucian kiss him on the forehead before he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning...

Aaron woke up feeling very warm and comfortable. He smiled in content, shifted his arms a little, and made to go back to sleep. He was dimly aware of a voice whispering to him as he snuggled further into the warmth.

Then a pair of lips brushed across his, and he felt as if he would die of a heat stroke.

Aaron's eyes snapped open, and before he realized what he was doing, he was kissing back. He continued to stare, even as Lucian pulled away and rubbed his head affectionately.

"Come on, sleepy head. It's already 9." Lucian said laughing.

"But..but...Lucian, what does this mean?" Aaron suddenly felt insecure.

"What would you like it to mean?"

"I...I...really like you, but..."

"But...?" Lucian prompted.

"But do you really want to date someone 8 years younger than you? I mean, I'm sure there's some nice-"

Lucian cut off Aaron with a kiss.

"No, Aaron. I want you. There's no one else I could want more."

Aaron began to feel giddy.

"You mean it? Does this mean we're...you know...dating?"

"Trust me, Aaron. I would never lie about this, and I would be honored to be your boyfriend."

Aaron could no longer hold himself back and lept into the air screaming "YES!" Lucian laughed and stood up with him, wrapping his arms around the younger man once more.

Nothing mattered anymore, so long as they had each other.