It was a spring day and I was at Penguin Park. I was waiting for Tomoyo and Kai to get here so we could go over to Syaoran's house together. We were going to have an important meeting about something, though I have no idea about what. I sat on the swing and started humming a song when someone gently pushed me to start swinging. "What are you doing, Syaoran? Aren't we supposed to meet up at your house?" I ask looking at the person who was pushing me a second ago.

"Yeah, but I just got a call from Tomoyo and apparently we are now meeting at her house, so I came to come pick you up. Also you have the Fly card and it would be easier for us to fly instead of walk." Syaoran says and I just look at him.

"If that were the case, why didn't Tomoyo send her bodyguards over? Also, where's Kai-kun? Shouldn't he be with you?"

"I was surprised that she said she wouldn't be sending over her bodyguards. As for Kai, he wasn't at his apartment when I went in and looked for him. He always disappears when someone is looking for him or when something's going on." Syaoran says and we head towards Tomoyo's house. 'I just hope Tomoyo is right about this.' Syaoran thought while they were walking.


When will everyone get here. I thought we were all meeting here to have an important meeting about something. I wonder if Sakura has something to say that she couldn't say at school. Ring Ring "Hello, Syaoran speaking."

"Li-kun good. Change of plans, we're all meeting at my house. I won't be sending anyone so you'll either have to walk or get Kai-kun to drive you. Sakura will be in Penguin Park so please don't leave her. Make sure you get closer with Sakura okay. It's very important that you make sure you and Sakura get close this year." Tomoyo says and I look I'm going to have a nervous break-down.

"Hold on Tomoyo. What do you mean that we are going to your house? And WHY do I have to get close to Sakura? We've been dating for almost two years and we are in our senior year. Why do I have to get close to her?" I ask extremely confused and I hear a long sigh on the other end.

"Because Li Syaoran," Why'd she use my full name? "If you ever want to marry Sakura, you have to get closer to her and propose to her sometime this year or else, you will never ask her. I don't care how you do it, just make sure she gets closer to you or else. See you later Li-kun." With that Tomoyo hung up and hoped he would do what she told him for once. She should have gotten Eriol to do it, then she was sure it would have happened.

"Great, now I have to get both Sakura and Kai. What the hell does Tomoyo mean by that last statement. Oh well, might as well fetch Kai so we can drive. I head over to Kai's apartment to find that it was completely deserted. "Of all times. He decides to escape NOW of all times. Figures, I guess I'll go and get Sakura so we can head over to Tomoyo's place."

"I head out of my apartment and go to the park that is down the street. Mad at both Tomoyo for making us try to trust Kai and Kai for making us walk all the way to Tomoyo's. I kick a rock that I find on the ground and it goes flying for miles.

I just sigh and decide to quit pacing myself and run over to wear Sakura is or I'll destroy something. Takes me one minute to get to the park and find Sakura on the swings. I quickly go over behind her and push her. 'This place was where she told me that Yukito rejected her.' He thought and smiled that he helped her then, and that he also became her boyfriend at the same spot.


We are walking by the ocean when the sun sets and there is the most sunset I have ever seen and I glance at Syaoran to see what he's doing. He's looking right at me and I blush a little at the expression he has. I trip over my feet and start to fall down when Syaoran caught me almost immediately and I lean against his chest for a few minutes while looking at the sunset. I try to move away but Syaoran was holding me tight so I couldn't move even if I wanted to.

"Syaoran" I say looking straight into his eyes.

"Hm, what is it Sakura?" Syaoran asks with a gentle smile on his face.

"Don't you think we should start walking again, so we don't make the others wait?" I say trying to keep myself from stammering.

"It that's what you want, Sakura, we can head over there. But I think that we should wait a little longer. Since Eriol lives right in this area, we can try to get a ride with him." Syaoran says never taking his eyes off of me.

"Okay. Then let's head over to Eriol's house to get a ride." I say and he finally let's me go. I look at him to see if he was mad to me but he was just smiling and I reach for his hand.

He takes my hand and I am happy he isn't mad at me like he usually is when I mention Eriol or Eron. "Sakura, can I ask you something?" I look at him for a second and nod. "Did you ever trust- never mind it's nothing. Nothing at all." He says and I get curious.

"What were you about to Syaoran? I won't mind at all what question it is." I say a little nervous at what the question might be. It's unlike Syaoran to be so confusing, If only I could read his mind right now. That used to be so useful before he decided to block his mind from me last year. What did happen to make him go that far, to protect his secrets that much from me?

"Well, I was just wondering if you trusted Eriol or Eron more than me before?" Syaoran looks at me and I can tell that he is dead serious.

"At one point when you said were going back to Hong Kong did I trust those two more with helping me on the field. But you have always held the most trust in my heart. I knew that you would come back to Japan." I answer with a smile on my face and he is relieved.

"Sakura couldn't we use the Fly card or the Float card to get there faster?"Syaoran asks when we're both completely tired of walking after an hour.

"No, float would make us walk also, and fly isn't on my staff, so it wouldn't be able to carry – wait that might work!" I say getting my star key and releasing the fly card. One pair of wings pop out of my back and then on Syaoran's back.

Syaoran just stands there looking at the wings on his back thinking it must be a dream. He flies over towards me and looks confused. "Why are there wings on my back? I thought they only came on your back, when you released the fly card." As we flew towards Tomoyo's house.

"Well, I thought since before I could hold more than one person on my staff, I could possibly make it so two people could use the Fly. Since you were a card captor also, you can see how I came up with this plan." I say happy that the plan had worked after all.

Laughing, Syaoran went over towards Sakura and said that she was definitely more creative on how she used the cards than he could ever be. "Considering you never had much fun before you came to Tomoeda, that is perfectly understandable." I say also laughing when we touch down right in Tomoyo's front yard.

"Before I could ring the bell, Tomoyo opens the door with a gleam in her eye. "I can't believe I saw both of you flying. I only thought Sakura-chan could fly but I guess I was wrong. Well come in, everyone's been waiting for you two." Tomoyo says ushering us up to her room where we see the entire gang. Sitting down there are: Meilin, Eriol, Kaho Mizuki, Miho, Eron, Erika, Kai, Kero, Spinel, Yue, and Ruby Moon.

"M Meilin, why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be in Hong Kong with the rest of the family?" Syaoran asks while I see everyone who was ever a great help in our missions. The only one missing was my big brother.

"Oy, Tomoyo, why must I dress up?" Toya asks coming in with one of Tomoyo's costumes and we all laugh. He was dressed up as a gypsi complete with a turban on his head.

"Because, Toya, we are all going to get fitted for me to get new costumes ready, in case a new threat comes along. And the four guardians are here so no one may escape from this house." Tomoyo says as we are looking for escape routes.

"Well, why am I here then?" Kai asks and everyone is sighing knowing how Tomoyo is with her designs.

"Kai, don't worry, all your costumes will be in black. Now who is next? Eron, come on, it's your turn to get measured for costumes."

Groaning Eron gets pulled away and I glare at Kero and Yue.

"Why are you blocking me from leaving? Move aside or else, I'm your mistress after all." I say trying to get past Yue, who didn't budge.

"I'm sorry but I cannot allow that, mistress. I'm here of my own accord and will do my job until it's over." Yue says and the other guardians nod in agreement.

"Eriol, you're their creator. Please talk some sense into them. We don't want to be prey for Tomoyo." I ask and the other humans agree.

"Okay I'll try. Yue, Ruby Moon, Spinel Sun, Cerberus, move aside right now or you won't be able to move for a month. Do you want to risk it?" Eriol says and we all think 'What a sadistic person.'

"I'm sorry, Eriol, but we cannot do that. We are in service of Tomoyo for tonight. We only take commands from her and you cannot order us around tonight." Eriol casts a spell but all the guardians are able to move freely and we are all utterly confused.

"Eriol, that won't work since this house is under a barrier that is as strong as the shield card." Spinel Sun said with almost a sadistic smile and we all shudder at the thougth of being at Tomoyo's mercy without being able to do anything.

Eron walks in with a prince costume and sword and goes, "Erika or Kai is up next. Then it's Sakura and Syaoran. Sakura, Eriol, please talk to the guardians. Tomoyo is going to make us her prisoners until school on Monday." Eron pleaded and we shake our heads.

"Tried Eron. We have no power over them. There's a barrier around the mansion so we can't even cast any spells. I already tried but they weren't affected at all." Eriol said with a look of pure sorrow.

"She also said that the measurements are also for her to make us Halloween costumes this year, so she's going to be sketching. We are her prisoners; we will most likely go insane by the time school begins on Monday." He screams.

"Okay, with a show of hands, whom has been measured already?" I say hoping not many raise their hands. Everyone except me, Syaoran, Kai, and Erika raised they're hands.

"Sakura, you won't be able to do anything. She even got Yukito and Nakuru's measurements before they returned to their true forms. There's no getting out of it, as soon as you get into Tomoyo's bedroom." Toya says suddenly from behind me making me fall over.

Kai tries to get away but Cerberus stops him cold in his tracks. "Hey if our masters can't leave, neither can you, magician boy." Kero growls.

"Technically, everyone here is a magician or has magic powers with the exception of Tomoyo. Also, if it wasn't for the barrier, we would be out of here, compliments of Sakura and Eriol, Mongrel." Kai says, making everyone sigh.

"Kai, it's your turn to be fitted. Do you have any preferences for your costume?" Tomoyo asks returning to the room.

"Yeah, if you could make my old Kaitou Magician costume, that'd be just great. Oh and if you would let us go would also be perfect." Kai replies hoping it would work.

"One Kaitou Magician costume it is. Oh but you mustn't leave just yet, we have so many things you must all try on before Monday. Monday is the day you all are free, so just leave me to do what I want to for now. Okay?" Tomoyo says with an angelic smile on her face.

Kai is gone for almost two hours and we think that he escaped Tomoyo's very sharp eyes when he comes in with Tomoyo right behind shoving him inside. Then dragging Erika out with almost enough force to bring a normal person 100 yards without pause.

"You tried to escape didn't you, Kai?" Syaoran asks with a look in his eyes. Kai nodded he head and said that he was at the front door when she caught him.

"If I can't get past her, no one can. She will have us trapped here for awhile." Kai says

"Will if we could get the barrier down, then Syaoran, Eriol, and I could break out of here by force but, it would take some time." I say looking at Syaoran.

"How did you read my mind after all this time, Sakura?" Syaoran asks a little freaked out.

"Syaoran, it's me after all. I can read your mind when it's connected to mine remember. We've been able to do telepathy since middle school after all." I say happily while he sighs. I look to Kai again and say, "Give me till midnight and I'll be able to break down the barrier and we can escape." They nod and we set up a meeting spot just before Tomoyo drags me into the fitting room for the millionth time.

"So, Sakura, this year I was thinking something like a princess. With a beautiful dress and a tiara, how does it sound?" Tomoyo asks and I nod.

She pulls out a measuring tape and starts taking measurements while I think 'How like Tomoyo to think so far ahead while keeping us prisoner.'

'Yeah well Tomoyo has been like that forever, right?' Syaoran asks and I chuckle.

'Yes. But when you left she wasn't as obsessed with dressing people up like she is now. It's probably because we are all friends now that she's doing it.'

'Most likely.'

"Sakura why are you laughing?" Tomoyo asks thinking she did something weird.

"Oh sorry. I can talk to Syaoran telepathically again. He said something hilarious. Sorry if I offended you, Tomoyo."

"It's okay Sakura. Tell Syaoran that it's his turn to be measured and everything." Tomoyo turns around and looks for cloth when I tell Syaoran.

'No Way. I am never going to let her take my measurements. I'd rather die than let her dress me up as a doll.'

'Come on, Syaoran. She won't do horrible thing, just some normal costume fittings. Please, she'll get mad if you don't and Tomoyo isn't that kind when she gets mad.' I reply

'Normal for you because you've been doing it since we were in fourth grade. No one else thinks it's normal.' He yells at me.

"Be right back Tomoyo. He's being stubborn once again."

When I return to the room, I see Yue and Ruby Moon holding on to Syaoran as much as they can. I can't resist laughing at the sight of Yue pinning Syaoran on the ground while Ruby Moon is sitting on top of Syaoran.

"Eron, Kai, can you help me get Syaoran to Tomoyo so we can get over this ordeal?" I plead with a puppy dog look on my face.

"Sure," Eron says exacting his revenge on Syaoran.

"It would be my pleasure, Sakura." Kai says getting up from his chair.

Each of them take one of Syaoran's arms and make him get up. They drag him out of the room while everyone laughs. "I'm going to get all of you back for this you hear me!" we hear as Syaoran screams down the hall.

"Sakura, can you calm him down? This is for all of our sakes. Once we get out of this barrier, we're all doomed to be his victims. I really don't want to die, Sakura." Miho pleads and I look towards Meilin. She nods meaning it will be true and I'm the only one who can calm him down.

'Syaoran how are you holding up, Tomoyo isn't torturing you is she?'

'Sakura, sicking Kai and Eron on me is just awful. You could have spared me. So why did you force me to take measurements?' Syaoran yells and I sigh while sweating.

'Syaoran, if you didn't then Tomoyo would know something was going on and she would keep us on tighter security.' I respond while looking at the others.

'She's talking about making me a prince costume to match a princess costume.' I sigh and head over there in person. I come into the room where Syaoran, Kai, Eron, and Tomoyo are supposed to be and I see Syaoran battling Kai and Eron while Tomoyo is trying to get Syaoran into an outfit.

"Everyone cool it and give me a minute alone with Syaoran please." I say and everyone look at me. Eron and Kai leave with no effort dragging Tomoyo along, leaving Syaoran to straighten up.

"Thanks. She was saying that I would make a wonderful prince for her ideal princess a. k .a you. I didn't think she would have such accurate measurements from just looking at me. She was trying to put the costume on me for final adjustments." Syaoran says and looks in the closet marked C.C.

"Those are my Clow Card costumes. She made me outfits since then and they always get better. I hated getting fitted, still do, but I don't put up a fight or else she starts to pout." I say.

"You tried on all of those costumes?"

"No, I wore all the costumes in this room." I say and he sees that they are all marked differently. "Tomoyo made this her main costume room since all of my old costumes are in here."

"Well I guess I can put up with it if you could. I mean there must be over two hundred costumes in this room. One or two costumes aren't as bad as what you were up against while catching and changing the Clow Cards." Syaoran says and I call Tomoyo back in without a doubt in my mind that he won't put up a fight.

"Well Syaoran will you please try the costume on now?" Tomoyo asks and I hear him groan.

'This better be worth it.' Syaoran tells me and he says "Yeah."

'It will. She'll make you into a nice prince. Thank you, Syaoran.' Outside of the room I hear Tomoyo scream with delight and I go back to the room with Kai and Eron.

"I hear that you can talk to Syaoran telepathically again. So will the plan get out quicker then?" Eron asks.

"According to the room assignments, I'm sharing with Tomoyo, Syaoran is staying with you two, Toya is staying with Yukito and Nakuru, and Erika is probably bunking with us also. So if I can tell Syaoran, he can tell you two, and the six of us can break out of here. So yeah, it will make things so much easier for us to escape." I say when I hear Syaoran saying 'I'm coming back in my absurd costume.' 'Okay, is Tomoyo with you?' 'No.' Just then everyone tuned around to see Syaoran and all of them are gaping at him.

"What is with everyone? It is just Syaoran." I say turning around when I see him in a gorgeous suit with gold trimmings and red tassels along with a splendid white jacket and marvelous black shoes.

"W What is everyone looking at? Does it look that bad?" Syaoran asks and everyone shakes their heads.

"Syaoran, it looks absolutely wonderful! You must wear that for Halloween!" Miho says and everyone giggles.

'Sakura, Tomoyo wants you back in the dressing room.'

"What? But I thought I was finished?" I shout and everyone looks at me confused. Syaoran smiles at the reaction and I glare at him.

"You should go back. I saw Tomoyo working on something for you so hurry." Syaoran says.

'I hate you, Li Syaoran!' I yell as I'm leaving and hear Miho ask "What's wrong Syaoran? You seem sad."

"I take it she yelled at you right." Kai says and Syaoran nods his head.

"There you are Sakura. Hurry up, your gown is finished, I need to see how everyone likes it on you. Syaoran's suit was easy since it was to copy this design." She goes in the back to bring out a beautiful white gown with red and gold trimmings and on the sides along with crystal shoes and a small tiara. "Put this on and come out okay." She pushes me into the dressing room and I sigh.

'Just like Tomoyo to make me something like this. I wonder if there is another purpose behind taking our measurements. Why is she trying so hard to make all these costumes in the first place?' I put on the dress on and slipped into the crystal shoes that Tomoyo had given me and left.

"Good, good, terrific. It looks absolutely wonderful on you, Sakura-chan! I can't believe it came out so good. Here is your tiara and there, now the outfit is complete." The tiara was white gold with jade stones imbedded within the tiara. "Go back to the others now; I have more work to do." Tomoyo shoves me out of the room and I just stand there until someone patted my head.

"Aren't you going to return to the room? Everyone thinks you ran away and left them." Syaoran says lifting me from the ground.

"How did you know I was out here? How were you so sure that I didn't escape?" I ask as we walk to the room.

"Because you promised we would break out together. You don't break promises. That much I know for sure, Sakura." Syaoran said opening the door for me. Then he says to everyone, "Now presenting her royal highness, Princess Sakura." With that I enter the room and everyone is looking at me in awe.

"Eron, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Kai asks.

"Yeah. Completely." Eron responds and I look over to Syaoran.

Just then Tomoyo burst into the room and everyone froze on the spot. Taking her video-camera out she made me stand next to Syaoran and Eron saying the princess should be in between the two princes.

"Well all the preparations are finished really early. How about we just say we're done and just have a sleepover. Then you can go home in the morning. Oh Yue, Ruby, Kero, Suppi, you are all free now. Thank you for your participation." Tomoyo says and we all cheer.

There was a party and everyone was so jolly that we stayed up the whole night. I slipped outside to get some fresh air when someone comes behind me.

"You're going to become a stalker if you don't stop that habit, Syaoran." I say laughing as we watch the sunrise.

"Well that would be a matter of opinion. But you should be able to pick me out of anyone with a blindfold on, with your powers."

"Sure, but that's only when I want to focus." I say and I lean against his arms. 'Then focus more often. Oh and your brother is headed straight for us.' Syaoran says as I move away.

"I hate focusing on magic though." I say as my brother steps outside.

"Here you are Sakura. We need to go home now so say goodbye to everyone. Dad is going to be worried if we don't come home soon anyway." Toya says and I say my goodbyes.

'We need to get the group together later today at your place Syaoran.'

'Why, Sakura? What happened?' Syaoran asks looking worried.

'A new danger approaches. I can't name it but I can tell that there's a new danger to us all. Just make sure we have a meeting at your place later Syaoran.' I say trying to seem as if everything is normal so Toya doesn't worry.

'Okay. I'll get it done. Just don't get in trouble okay, Sakura. Then that would be awful.'

'Deal. See you later.' I get in the car and we go home when I run up to my room to get my cards ready.

As soon as I say that another is on us, everyone will be worried. But before that happens I'll take a nap to refresh myself. I haven't had any sleep in two days.

Most of the ideas and characters came from Wish-chan and her series The New Trials of Cardcaptor Sakura. I don't own the characters Eron, Erika, Miho, or Kai. Nor any of the cards ideas from her series. I don't own CCS either.