Performing with the Enemy

When I walked through the classroom door, I saw all three Rand siblings around my desk. As I move toward them, the class watches me very closely. I put my bag down and sit, waiting for them to start talking to me when Eron and Syaoran come in. They come running over when I stop them from causing a fight.

Syaoran is furious with me as always when I try to talk to the enemy. "What are you doing Sakura? They are our enemies!" Syaoran yells and I try to keep from yelling.

Eron glares at them, mainly at Darien as I try to keep the peace. "Sakura, why are you doing this? They don't deserve to talk to you since they are doing horrible things." Eron says mainly to Darien, the one stalking Sakura. I fall head first at the way he said it.

I thought Eron-kun lost all his hatred and malice, guess I was wrong about that. "You two need let me handle this. It's not your problem; it's mine no matter how you think about it. If I need help I'll ask for it but don't need two 'knights in shining armor' protecting me for no reason." I almost shout. The entire class cowers and the five people near my desk look for places to hide from me. I turn to the three causing the disruption. "So may I ask why you're here, instead of in class?"

I look toward Darien since he seemed to be the only one I could trust. He blushes slightly and turns his head the other way. Serena finally lost her temper and grabbed my arm. All the guys started to move towards us and we said "Stay out of this" simultaneously. They stopped and were watching for any reason to jump in.

We stare at each other for a long time before Serena let's go. "Why are you acting so innocent, Card mistress? You need to get the hell out of here or you will be in trouble!" Serena hisses calmly.

Darien intervenes at that very moment, pulling Serena away from me. Kicking and fighting Darien off of her, Serena glares at him. "What are you doing Darien? We are supposed to be scaring her into leaving the school. Why in the world are you pulling me away from her?" She yelled as loud as she could.

Darien glances over my way and a shadow came over his eyes. Then he looks back at his sister, "We are supposed to be threatening them and wanting them to leave. We are not trying to get them killed right away. Just calm down and think things through before you let your anger get the better of you yet again." He drags her to her class and says goodbye to us. I watch him leave, captivated by his appearance, as do the rest of the girls. Getting my materials out on my desk, I start to feel the glares of everyone in the class.

Syaoran was the one who was upset with me the most. He wouldn't talk to me at all and he would just do his work quietly; it was irritating me to know he was angry but not do anything. When class ended, I turned around and stared at him. Then without any warning, I punched him in the face, surprising everyone.

Syaoran ran his hand over his face to see if he was imagining all of it and found he wasn't. Wincing from the pain, Syaoran finally loses his temper. "WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR! THAT WAS TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU!"

I sigh in relief, hearing his voice calms me down. "You're finally talking to me. I knew I would have to do something crazy, so you would yell at me and actually speak."

Everyone in the classroom sweat-drops while Syaoran sulks at his desk. I feel sorry for him but forget that feeling when I remember why I needed to talk to him. Turning around, I see Syaoran just sitting there, head on the table, slightly moaning. "Syaoran," I say sighing, "Today we have to rehearse the skit because we are going first tomorrow." Syaoran nods his head and looks away from me. I feel a sick, gut wrenching pain from seeing his expression and look towards the board again, crestfallen.

When the teacher comes in, I notice that my brother is in the hallway. I head towards the door to talk to my brother when he vanishes into thin air. I turn around when I see the class staring at me with confused looks, the only one who looked as confused as I did was Syaoran and that was because he heard me mutter 'onii-chan'. I reached my desk and class began like usual. I start to think I was going crazy when Syaoran bolts up with a horrific look on his face, scaring everyone. Eriol and Eron go over and restrain the vicious Syaoran. I try to get into Syaoran's mind and when I manage, I see him in a rage of fury beating Eron up. Then I see the image that made him furious, my bruised body caused from Eron's advances on me when he went crazy. Snapping back to reality, I reach over to try and calm Syaoran when he slams his fist into my stomach.

I stagger backwards, gasping for air when I realize that I feel a dark force nearby. As soon as he punched me, Eron snapped and started to fight with Syaoran. After everyone was panicking about how to stop the fight, Kai walks in to see us. Kai quickly takes control of the situation and pins Eron down on the ground. Then as he held Eron down with one arm, he snapped his fingers causing Syaoran to become paralyzed (a move he used on me when I was running from Ericka, after she told me Syaoran and Eron made a bet on me) and couldn't hurt anyone else.

Eriol, whom was silent the entire time, went to see how I was fairing. I was still unconscious and everyone was worried about me. Someone or something was causing me to burn up like a cigarette. I feel like a wild fire that can't be extinguished, and no one seems to be trying to cool it. I see through bleary eyes a figure with solemn hazel eyes turn away from me.

Third POV

Syaoran was by Sakura's side the entire time she was in the hospital. He had just snapped out of the rage when Kai had intervened. Eron had been too embarrassed to go near Sakura after his outburst; but when Syaoran leaves to take a nap, Eron takes over the watch and they switch off every seven hours.

Eron would pace up and down the hallway during his seven hour break just like Syaoran so they know when Sakura awakens immediately. Once night comes, they let Kai take over since he was nocturnal, even though they hate leaving Sakura's side.

Sakura's fever spiked during the night and they couldn't cool her body off no matter what they tried. They kept her in a frozen blanket to cool her body with bags of ice everywhere aournd her face. If her fever got any worse, then Sakura was in danger of dying and they had her on I.V's to keep her from getting dehydrated from her sweating every five seconds. Everyone got worried when she didn't awaken by the fourth day of her coma.

Syaoran and Eron stopped their shifts to stay in the room with Sakura, despite their animosity towards each other. She was fighting on the inside the entire time. Sakura's bed sheets had to be changed about twice a week because it would get soaked.

The CCS group often took different shifts in case she got worse. After two weeks, Darien got to Sakura's room to visit her. They were caught off guard when they saw him but they started to fight him off as soon as they realized his plans.

Once Darien finished getting Syaoran and Eron off of him; he started to apologize. "I'm sorry for what had happened to Sakura-san but I can't help my family for wanting to put her through such torment. I was only coming over here so I could apologize to her in person for what my sister did, I will break her fever so she will be able to finally awaken. My sister is a very evil person and shouldn't have been able to put a curse like that on her. Now, will you please let me pass?" Syaoran and Eron exchanged glances and nodded their heads reluctantly.

Entering the bedroom, Darien is shocked to see a pink aura surrounding Sakura, breaking her free from the fever. I thought that was impossible to do since Serena's spell allows her fever to come from and manipulate all of her fears. The only way possible is to face and conquer all of her fears head on. How in the world did Sakura manage to accomplish that on her own?

The one who was most surprised from the entire group was Sakura herself. Every moment she felt like she was getting punched in the stomach, with each and every breath she takes. Finally after struggling with her own fears for so long she awakes, just to find Darien in the room by himself.

Sitting up against the wall, Sakura purposefully made herself glare at Darien. Darien, noticing the shift in the blankets, looked up. Taken back from the glare, Darien sighed in disbelief; getting up he informed Syaoran and Eron that Sakura was up. Why is Darien in here alone? I was sure that he would be banned from even coming near the room because of Syaoran and Eron-kun.

Barging into the room, Syaoran looks so afraid that I didn't even notice Eron practically dying to murder Darien. Darien stood on the other side of my bed, avoiding eye contact with Syaoran. "I'm so glad you're okay Sakura. We haven't slept since you passed out three weeks ago." Syaoran says with relief at talking to Sakura. Sakura smiles weakly at Syaoran, then turned her attention to Darien.

"Why are you here, Darien; you should be as far away from me as possible. I don't even want to see you or your family." Sakura said coldly.

Darien sighs and nods his head. "Just came to see how you were Sakura and to see if I could help you out. Just tell me whenyou are ready to speak to me once more." Darien leaves and Sakura sighed in relief without looking at anyone.

Sakura's POV

At least that's over with. Now to find out the details of my dreams.

Syaoran starts to speak to me but I couldn't process anything because I was so worn out. I just kept thinking about the dreams I had and what they had meant. It was so disturbing and I barely noticed when Syaoran and Eron left.

That evening the gang decided to have a meeting and told me but I decided to stay instead of them including me in the festivities. When everyone gathered at Eriol's house there was a quiet hysteria going through each all because of what Darien told Syaoran and Eron before Sakura awoke.

Syaoran's POV

"Everyone I think we have a larger problem than we first thought" I start only to be glared at by everyone in the room. "But what do we do about it?" I finish so I can get answers without someone interrupts me.

Eron was the one to respond because he was the only one to actually care about what Sakura had to do since it's similar to how the Phantom was to be truly defeated. "Maybe we have just been thinking it wasn't such a big deal because Sakura hasn't been truly honest with us. She tends to downplay how bad or menacing someone really is if she knows how we would react. Think about it, when has she ever been one-hundred percent honest with any of us?" That made everyone actually think about how Sakura acts and how much she actually shares with everyone.

"So Saku-chan bravely fights against all of her fears to awaken. We realize that the enemy has the abilities to torment us more than ever but is only targeting Sakura. Oh and that she hasn't mentioned any of this because we tend to overreact whenever she tells us that there is a new enemy." Kai lazily closes his eyes after telling this to everyone while the rest of us roll our eyes at his simplification at this whole ordeal.

Touya was getting pissed off at how easily everyone can just discuss these issues calmly. Standing up Touya storms out of the room to keep himself from killing any of his little sister's friends. Yue was worried about what Touya would do when he is in a mood like this so he followed silently apologizing to everyone in the room.

Tomoyo and Eriol were probably the only people in the room who weren't terrified because they were used to Sakura acting like this. Turning towards Eriol, Tomoyo shows him the designs for the skit they are going to perform when Sakura is released from the hospital. Eriol flips through the designs in fascination and when he sees the looks on everyone else was giving him and Tomoyo and gives Tomoyo her sketchbook back.

"What are you two doing" I ask incrediously and they shrug their shoulders.

"We are going over the designs for our class performance so we can be prepared for it. Sakura does what she wants and we must let her do so. If she tells us we need to be open minded, not try to yell at her for doing what she feels is right. Like when she befriended all of you even when she shouldn't have. So if you want to yell fine but don't say I didn't warn you." Tomoyo says closing her notebook and looking at Eriol she asks "Which do you think is better for Sakura? The blue halter mini or the Grecian tunic ruffle?"

"That's hard because both would look great on Sakura. But if I had to choose go with the tunic ruffle. She is the evil one so she should be cute and evil." Eriol comments making everyone really confused. Noticing this he continues, "In our skit, Lee and Sakura are evil and we must stop her from successfully turning me evil. The teacher said it would be cute but that's because it's Akamichi-sensei overseeing the project."

Everyone sweat-drops and I throw my hands up in frustration. Eriol notices this and smirks. "Why don't you relax after all this is your girlfriend. She will do what she wants even if its life threatening." I nod my head utterly defeated by his true remarks. "Now that we have been reminded as to why it is so important to stay by her side and keep Sakura safe within reason. I believe that this meeting is finished and I believe Sakura will be released tomorrow evening and return to school the following day. I am quite exhausted from the past weeks events." Eriol removed himself from the group and everyone followed suit. I was halfway home when what Eriol said finally caught up with me. Smiling I sprinted home because Sakura would be with me again in two days.

Eriol's prediction came true as it always does and Sakura was surrounded completely by her closest friends and Tomoyo just smiled at her best friend. I wasn't granted any rights and wasn't capable of giving Sakura a proper greeting. But that was ended by Akamichi-sensei when he called order to everyone.

"Hello everyone I'm glad to say we can finally watch the last skit of the class now that Sakura is here." Everyone cheered while Sakura, Eriol, Eron, Erika, Lee, Syaoran, Tomoyo, and whoever else there was to help. Kai snuck in to watch the skit since he helped with the rehearsing. "Begin" was all that was said when they got up in front of the class.

Sakura and Lee pull out fake swords and point them at Tomoyo and Eriol. Syaoran was being restrained by Erika and was struggling against to protect his advisors. Smiling evilly, and everyone gulps.

"You're too late my little knight." Lee says joyfully.

"We have turned everyone against you and your ways. Now everyone has succumbed to the dark side including your king and queen. Since you cannot be swayed, you must die." Sakura says maliciously.

Lee points his sword towards Syaoran and makes it seem as though he stabbed through Syaoran's heart. As Syaoran laid on the floor he gasps as Sakura sheds a tear for an old friend.

"End Scene" Tomoyo says and the class applauds at the great performance. Sakura helps Syaoran up and they all head back to their seats.

"Now we shall begin where we left off yesterday." Akamichi says while no one listens to his lecture.