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Prologue: It's Easier To Love


The breath comes out in burning thrusts, his chest is aching, because he's running, he's running quicker than he's ever done before, his shoes are smacking against the floor beneath him.


He's running. He's running towards something that he doesn't even know where it is, he just knows that it's in here, in this hospital, Adam is in here even though he doesn't have to be, Lawrence could've stopped it, he could've kept that little moron healthy if he'd only let him!

He stops outside one of the doors. It takes his oxygen-lacking brain a while to register that the words on the little sign next to the door actually spell out Faulkner, Adam James, and even when it's succeeded with this, it takes him a moment to get the energy to lift his hand and grab the doorknob.

His head is spinning, the corridor is spinning, he tastes blood in the back of his throat.

And he's scared.

He's so damn scared of what he'll see when he opens the door.

But when actually makes himself open the door, he doesn't see nearly as terrible things as he's expected. Or maybe just believed, in a very paranoid part of his brain.

He sees Adam. Pale, and on a hospital bed, thin as a skeleton, and his face is coated with a thing layer of sweat. But he's there, he's alive, he has a lot of machines connected to his arms, but he's there. And Lawrence gets senselessly relieved and mind-numbingly angry in the same time.


He's at his bed in two big leaps. Adam wrinkles his forehead and startles, but there's a big chance that he only merely hears Lawrence in his clinical unconsciousness.

"Damn it, Adam!"

Lawrence doesn't know what else to say. There really is no another way to express everything he feels right now, his joy and his anxiety, his sorrow and his relief, his love and his fury.

So he just bends down, doesn't really hug him, just presses his forehead against Adam's shoulder, grabs his hospital gown, feels the bones under Adam's skin, his body doesn't have any warmth, no warmth at all.

"Damn it, Adam! Damn it, damn it, damn it!"

And Adam just grunts softly, lifts his slim arms and puts them around Lawrence's shoulders. He probably doesn't even know that he's doing it, he'd never allow himself to do it if he actually was aware of it, would never admit that he loves Lawrence, never.

And that's why he's in here right now.

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