Allies, Chapter 6

After driving around seemingly aimlessly for close to an hour, House pulls up to a rather seedy looking bar in a rather seedy section of town. Really, they could have reached their destination in about half that time, but House was enjoying the feel of having Cameron snuggled up against his back. A partially lit neon sign announces that they have arrived at Bear's Sports Bar. If anything's going scare her off, Bear's will, House thinks. No fancy restaurants this time; she may as well see what she's really getting into.

They climb off his bike and pull off their helmets. "So…this is it," he says. "I hope you play pool."

"Good enough to kick your sorry ass," she replies, not looking scared off in the least. She wonders how he can play with the leg, but knows better than to ask.

They make their way through the door. "Not many people here," she observes.

"It's early yet, it'll pick up. Besides, I'm here…who else do you need?"

No one at all, she thinks but doesn't say.

As they approach the bar, the bartender looks up and spots House. He breaks into a huge grin. "House, you miserable old bastard! Where the hell have you been?" He does an exaggerated double take when he notices Cameron. "Whoa, that explains it. Who's the babe?"

"Bartender at Bear's, meet Allison Cameron. Cameron, this is Bartender at Bear's."

"Dave," the bartender says, rolling his eyes. "So, what's a good looking girl like you doing with a no-good SOB like House here?"

"Well, he used to pay me," she responds. "But he was so good that now I do…oops I mean see… him for free." She winks in House's direction.

The bartender shakes his head. "House, you dog! So what can I get you folks?"

"Give us a pitcher of whatever's on tap. We'll be over at the tables." House rests a hand on the small of Cameron's back and steers her toward a group of pool tables at the back of the bar. "Thanks for that," he says with a slight smile. "You just did wonders for my reputation."

She shrugs. "Well, it's true. You used to pay me; I just didn't say for what. Shall I rack 'em up?"

"Be my guest." He grabs a cue and moves to the end of the table, preparing to break. When the balls are ready, he hangs his cane on the side of the table, leans over and shoots. Despite his awkward stance he manages to sink several balls off the break. "I'm high," he announces.

"No shit, what else is new," she replies. "Oh wait, you mean high as in the striped balls…got it." She grins at her little joke.

"Ha-ha," he says. "Go ahead and joke if it keeps your spirits up while I kick your stunning little ass." As House moves to take his next shot, Cameron turns around to pour a glass of the beer Dave has deposited on a nearby ledge. The sight of her stunning little ass encased in low rise jeans causes him to scratch. "Damn it! Your shot." He limps over and accepts the glass of beer she has poured for him.

She takes her turn at the table and sinks three solid balls in quick succession. Feeling the heat, House decides to play dirty. He walks up behind her as she is lining up her next shot. Molding himself to her, he hears her sudden intake of breath. He adjusts her hold on the cue stick slightly. "Try it this way," he says smirking and stepping back out of the way.

She misses by a mile.

The game continues along the same vein, both House and Cameron doing their best to distract the other into missing shots. In the end it all comes down to the eight ball and it's Cameron's turn to shoot. House walks up to stand beside her. "Back off buddy, I'm onto your game," she says. "Go stand over there."

"Okay, okay. Don't forget to call it."

"Right there," she says indicating the side pocket. She leans over, draws back the cue and shoots. It's a perfect shot…until the white cue ball follows the black eight into the side pocket. "Sonofabitch!" she curses.

"Aw, poor Cameron," House says, walking over to her. He holds out his hand to shake. "Good game."

"Good game," she repeats, grasping his hand. Instead of shaking, he pulls her towards him, lowers his head and brushes her lips with his. Cameron brings her free hand up to tangle in his short hair and the kiss deepens.

"Hey! Get a room you two," Dave hollers from the bar. Reluctantly, they break apart.

"Rematch?" Cameron suggests.

"Rain check," House replies. "The leg can only take one game a night. Grab the pitcher; I need to sit for awhile." They make their way over to a booth, House snagging a blue binder from a ledge on their way.

"What's that?" Cameron asks.

"Karaoke song list," House replies. "Show starts soon."

"Karaoke! Are you going to sing?"

"Hardly, but I thought you looked like a karaoke kind of girl."

"Ha! Not without massive quantities of alcohol." House slides the half full pitcher her way. "No thanks," she demurs, "I think I want to remember tonight."

The karaoke singing begins and Cameron moves from her side of the booth over to sit closely beside House. "So we can converse without screaming," she explains. House doesn't believe her for a second, but that's okay because she doesn't really believe herself either. They spend the next couple of hours making fun of the singers, sipping beer and chatting like old friends. Which, House supposes, they sort of are. Who would've thought?


"So, I was out with Kutner and Thirteen last night before I saw you."

"Really? Please tell me you and Thirteen are dating and Kutner was just cover. She plays for both teams, you know."

"Ah, no I didn't know. But actually I think I was the one who was cover. Let's just say they didn't seem at all disappointed when I went home early.


"I know a secret."

"What? Tell me!"

"Can't, it's a secret. But I'll give you a hint. There may be another workplace romance on the horizon."

"What, you and me? That's not a secret."

"Ha-ha. No. Well probably, but that's not who I meant."

"Give me another hint."

"Okay, okay. Their initials are Cuddy and Wilson."


"You sure you don't want your job back?"

"I'm sure. Especially now."

"Why especially now?"

"Would we still be here if I was working for you?"

"No, but I could give this up if it meant I'd have my immunologist back."




"Good thing I'm not coming back. It would be awkward with Foreman not speaking to me."

"Foreman's not speaking to you? Why?"

"Chase. He thinks I used him and tossed him aside."

"He doesn't even like Chase."

"He likes him better than he likes me at the moment."

"I always knew he was a moron."


"Are you kidding me? How can you even think that!?"

"What? It's true!"

"God, I feel like I don't know you at all."

"Don't you think you're over-reacting just a tad?"

"No! Anyone who thinks plain M&M's are better than peanut ones must have been dropped on her head as a infant."


"Sooo, let's talk some more about that sex on my desk promise you made me this morning."

"I made no such promise."

"Really, cause it kind of sounded like…"

"No such promise, House. Just …hmm…an implied possibility?"

"That'll do."


Completely wrapped up in each other, they have lost track of time. As a result, they are startled to hear Dave announce that it's closing time. "You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

"I guess that means us," Cameron sighs, not at all ready for the night to be over.

"Yeah," House agrees, struggling to his feet. "Let's hit the road, Jack."

House once again takes the long way, but eventually they find themselves in the parking lot of Cameron's apartment building.

"Do you want to come up for…"

"Don't say for a nightcap. It's so clichéd."

"I wasn't going to. I was going to say do you want to come up for…" she rises up on her tiptoes and whispers in his ear.

A grin spreads quickly across his face. "Ah…hell yeah I do. Race you upstairs."


Some time later, House ponders the events of the last couple of days as he waits for sleep to overtake him. He decides that he's…happy...with how things have worked out. It's a foreign concept, albeit a pleasant one, and he hopes it lasts for awhile before he inevitably screws it up. Wrapping his arm around the waist of the woman asleep beside him, he pulls her closer to him and deeply inhales the scent of her hair. His last thought as he drifts off is that he definitely owes Cuddy one. Maybe he should put in some extra clinic hours next week. Or something.

The End.

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