This story doesn't closely follow the books or the movies. It takes elements from both but then it goes off into my own spin on a Narnia tale that I hope you all enjoy. For the story to work with what I have in mind for plot as well for it to properly fit the rating the ages of the Pevensies and Caspian have been altered. (This effectively means their ages are altered for the LWW timeline for this story to work). Peter is seventeen turning eighteen, Susan is seventeen, Edmund recently turned sixteen, Lucy is now thirteen, and Caspian is eighteen as well.

Alternate summary: Two destinies intertwined. The meddling and lies of a King protected her. Another lie could destroy her. Can she find the love strong enough to conquer all before it is too late? It was always a war between them...Suspian, PeterxOC

Time period: Set four months after Prince Caspian.

Destinies Intertwined I:
One of the Guys

Chapter 1: The Dream, The Prophecy, and The Return

Lucy Pevensie was standing on the beach, her back was to the ocean. She was staring up at the building she called home, Cair Paravel. A smile was etched onto her face as she remembered the times her brothers and sister ruled Narnia as the Kings and Queens of Old. She never thought that she would come back so soon and she never thought that she would come back alone. She loved being in Narnia, she loved everything about the mysterious world, but now, more than ever, she wished she hadn't arrived alone. She didn't even understand why she was alone.

She turned around to face the ocean and she felt the light spray on her face as her hair blew in the gentle breeze. The ocean gently lapped at the shore, taking sand away but putting it back in it's place. The moon reflected the silvery light the moon was casting off. Shadows from the cliffs above surrounded her and made her feel more alone than before. She didn't know how she got there, especially since her brothers and sister weren't there with her.

"Something's coming," she muttered when the wind blew her hair across her features once more. As the wind whistled she could hear tortured screams in the background as well as evil laughter and the sound of choked cries. She slapped her hands over her ears as she tried to get the screams out of her head but they only got louder and louder.

"Calm down, young one."

She pulled her hands away from her ears and turned around. Standing a few paces away from her was Aslan. His mane blew in the breeze as he kept his golden eyes locked on her. She smiled before rushing over to him as he crouched down so he was lying down on the sand. She threw her arms around his neck and nuzzled her face into his warm fur. She giggled a little when she heard Aslan purring.

"Oh, I missed you so," Lucy whispered before stepping back and smiling at Aslan. The serious look on her face made it disappear instantly. "What's wrong?"

"It is time for you to regain your thrones," Aslan responded.

"The four of us?" Lucy repeated happily. Ever since she heard that Peter wouldn't return to Narnia, she was depressed, to say the least. Not having Peter in Narnia with her was like not having Peter in her life at all. She's always looked up to Peter and everyone knew that he was her favorite sibling. Even though it was revealed to her that he wouldn't return four months ago she lived that day in her nightmares every single night. SHe didn't say anything to her family because she didn't want them worrying about her. Aslan confirmed her question. "But I thought you said Peter and Susan couldn't return to Narnia."

"We are going to need Peter's guidance now more than ever if we want to save Narnia," Aslan responded. "New creatures are being revealed. A couple of guards and villagers that protect and thrive in the Kingdom of Rayuvial have been killed by them. These beasts are by far stronger than the ones we have fought before."

"They're even stronger than the White Witch?" Lucy gaspes. Aslan blinked. "What are they after?"

"That is still a mystery, young one." The sand around them started to lift into the air before the two were trapped in a sand cyclone. Lucy looked around before looking back at Aslan. He was being surrounded by the sand and it seemed like he was being turned into sand as it joined the spinning cyclone. "There is so much more that you need to learn..."

She gasped when he disappeared all together. She turned around and around, trying to find him, but he was gone. Tears started to slide down her face as she heard his voice:

Anger beats within her heart, when the new fall has its start

and the darkness seeps as the fallen weep.

When she rises up darkness shall meet the light

and only with a Mother's touch will the land be returned to such

Only one can live while the other one falls

Only eternal love can save us all

Lucy woke up with a gasp. She sat up in bed and looked around the room. She took in a couple of deep breaths to stop herself from trembling as she clutched her covers up to her chest. A cold sweat was slipping down her forehead as she tried to calm her racing heart and to get her breath back. She sighed as she pushed her hair out of her face.

"That dream…" she muttered to herself.

Her head whipped to the side when she heard a door open. She glanced over at her clock and let out a sigh of frustration. It took her a while to fall asleep and when she did she got scared awake. She and her siblings also had to go back to their respective boarding schools that day, which was what Lucy was dreading. She enjoyed spending time at her home, not doing homework, and playing cricket in the yard with her siblings. A knock on the door grabbed her attention before the door was pushed open. Her oldest brother, Peter, stuck his head into the room. He smiled when he saw that Lucy was awake and pushed the door open a little bit more before stepping into the room fully.

"Good morning Lu," he said with a smile before placing a light kiss on her forehead. "Did you sleep well?"

"How can I sleep knowing that we have to go back to school today?" Lucy grumbled as he laughed a little.

"Good point. Which is why I should go and wake Ed now."

"I suggest you prod him with the cricket bat," Lucy told him. "You know how he is in the morning, especially when we have to go back to school. You're going to want to stay away from him."

"Good idea." Peter lightly ruffled her hair before smiling at her.

"What?" She asked, laughing a little at the smile on his face.

"I'm just admiring how much you've grown. You've changed but you haven't at the same time," he explained.

"Is that even possible?" She asked with raised eyebrows.

"I didn't think it was, but you make anything possible, Lu," Peter told her. "I'll see you downstairs."

Lucy stayed where she was until he closed the door all the way and she sighed. She knew she should have told him about the dream she has been having. It wasn't the first time she has had it. She's had it two weeks after they returned from Narnia, and that was four months ago.

"Stop hitting me!" Peter's suddenly shouted in the silence. Lucy giggled to herself, picturing Edmund attacking Peter for waking him up to make him get ready for school.

"Honestly, do we have to go through this every time?" Lucy could hear Susan scolding Peter and Edmund easily.

Lucy felt sorry for Susan. She knew that Susan missed Narnia a lot and she knew that the main reason she missed Narnia was because of Caspian. She didn't understand what she saw in the Telmarine or how she had fallen for him so quickly when just before she was a no-nonsense type of person who didn't let boys cross her mind.

Lucy didn't like the change that her siblings were going through.

Susan seemed to be more interested in boys than before ever since they returned, Lucy noticed. She always over heard Susan talking to her friend, Alicia, about some boys at their brother school, Henden House. Whenever Lucy asked her about it she dismissed it quickly and told her that Lucy misunderstood what she had heard.

Edmund became a little more open ever since they came back from Narnia, which Lucy enjoyed a lot because she finally had someone to talk to. Sure, she did have Peter, but Edmund was there and he didn't scold her about having too much of an imagination, not like Peter or Susan. They claimed that her games were too silly and she needed to focus on more serious things sometimes. Ever since Lucy was right about Narnia Edmund had Lucy's back in any argument she would have with Susan or, rarely, Peter. Even though Edmund was more open, he still reverted back to his harsh ways whenever he felt threatened.

Peter was convinced that they wouldn't return to Narnia after they tried many times in the past to return, with no luck. He had told his siblings to focus on school and not let Narnia affect their school work. Many times Lucy tried to convince Peter that they would go back to Narnia one day but he wouldn't hear it, he was too stubborn, and that's what Lucy hated about him.

"I shouldn't tell them about my dreams then," Lucy told herself as she went to her dresser, looking for her school uniform. "None of them will listen to me anyway."

Susan sighed as she looked around the crowded train station. Every time a train passed a cool breeze blew her hair across her face. She closed her eyes and tried to think of her times in Narnia. Right about now she would be sitting in the garden of Cair Paravel, reading a book from the library and enjoying the beautiful weather and the songs of the birds. In the distant Lucy's giggling would be heard along with the clangs from Peter's and Edmund's swords as they sparred. Oh, how she missed the sounds of Narnia. They couldn't compare to the sounds of the gossiping girls in her boarding school. A loud whistle grabbed her attention and she, sadly, had to return to the world of reality.

"Are you all right, Su?" Lucy asked as she looked up at her older sister. She was sitting next to Susan on the train bench, kicking her legs back and forth as she waited with the rest of the Pevensie siblings for their train to arrive to take them to their respective boarding schools.

"Yes. I was just thinking about Cair Paravel," Susan admitted.

"It's only been four months," Lucy sighed. "How much of Narnia has changed now? Oh, how I wish we could return there." Without another word she got up and walked away. None of them went after her, knowing that she was only going to be walking around and would return in time when the train arrived.

A pang of sadness hit Susan like it always did whenever Lucy thought about returning to Narnia. She and Peter were told by Aslan himself that they were too old to return to Narnia. She was sure that Peter felt the same way every time he thought about not being able to go back himself. But, like usual, Peter kept his emotions to himself so he wouldn't let his siblings know how much it hurt him to lose a part of his life. She also knew that the time difference between Narnia took a toll on the way he grew over the year. The first time they went they didn't know how to get home so they spent years in Narnia, growing up there and getting used to their customs. When they found their way back home they were shocked to know that they were reverted back to the ages they were when they first got to Narnia. When they went back the second time, which was four months ago. Susan was shocked to see that their home of Cair Paravel was destroyed. Since then Susan didn't know where her actual home was, there in Narnia, or here in Finchley. She knew that if she told anyone about that they would claim that she needed to grow up and focus on her school work.

Susan turned her attention to the crowd that was starting to form near the stairs. Susan recognized some of the boys from Henden House. Everyone knew them, they were known for causing a lot of trouble and for tormenting the younger students. When the crowd got thicker she turned to see if Peter and Edmund had noticed.

"Let's see what's going on," Edmund told Peter without taking his dark eyes off of the circle, who was now yelling. "You can bet that nothing good is going to come out of this."

"I was thinking the same thing," Peter said before the two went over to the crowd, Susan followed close behind. Peter and Edmund pushed their way through the crowd to the front to see a flash of red before a boy was taken down to the ground.

"Take it back!" A feminine voice growled as I girl held the boy's tie in her tight grip, as if in the motion of strangling him. "Take. It. Back!"

"Get offa me, you psycho!" The boy snapped as he pushed her off of him. She got to her feet but kept her crystal blue eyes locked on him in a death stare.

"What're you fighting about now, Crystal?" Edmund spoke up.

"He called me a strumpet," she responded through clenched teeth. Her hands were also balled into fists by her side.

"I was merely telling the truth," the boy said with a shrug. "With the way she walks, what else are we supposed to assume?" His eyes widened as he was tackled to the ground once more, this time by Edmund. Crystal was pushed backwards when the other boy's friend went to get Edmund away. Peter got him in a head lock and tried to take him down to the ground as the cheering got louder.

"Peter! Edmund! Stop it!" Susan screamed from the sideline, even though her brothers showed no sign in letting up. The crowd got broken up by the Station security. Susan got a firm grasp on Edmund's arm and dragged him back over to the bench. "Again!" She cried out.

"We couldn't just stand by and let her be called that awful name," Edmund defended himself.

"I could have taken care of it myself!" Crystal snapped as she hit him on the arm. "You know I could!"

"You shouldn't be fighting in the first place," Peter said as he rubbed his cheek where a red mark had formed. His siblings sat down on the bench while they listened in curiosity.

"Ok, the next time someone calls me a name I'll just pick a bunch of flowers and give it to him as a gift," she said with an eye roll, her voice dripping sarcasm.

"That's not what I meant!" Peter said as he glared at her. "Girls shouldn't fight."

"You know that philosophy means nothing to me."

"Just sit down; I'm not in the mood for this."

Lucy wanted to say something to defend her friends but she knew by the look on Peter's face that she shouldn't say anything. She let out a breath and gave Crystal a look which she responded to with a small shrug.

"Would you like to take my seat?" Peter asked in a calm voice after he calmed down. Many balls and banquets in Narnia have taught him that, no matter what, he should always be chivalrous towards women. Edmund kept that lesson in mind because he, too, was standing to offer her a seat.

Crystal shook her head, causing her jet black hair to lightly hit her pale skin as her icy blue eyes sparkled in suspicion. "That's all right, Pete. You were there first, I can stand. It's fine." Peter nodded before he sat back down. Crystal dropped her messenger bag down on the ground before bringing her foot up onto the arm rest by Lucy and started tying her shoe. A gold sparkle caught Edmund's eye so he looked over and noticed a gold necklace around her neck. It was of a silver pendant and it had an ocean blue jewel embedded in the middle. "Are you boys up for some football before school resumes?" She asked as she lifted her head, tilting it slightly so her bangs wouldn't slope into her eyes.

"Where'd you get that? I've never seen it before," Edmund suddenly asked as he pointed at her necklace. Peter shot him a look and he instantly lowered his arm. He forgot that it was rude to point. Sometimes he liked having Peter around but when it comes to times when Peter is on his back about rules of etiquette he could care less.

"My step-dad found it in a drawer. It used to be my mums," Crystal responded as she put her foot down and grasped the pendant. A tingling sensation spread through her fingertips as it suddenly became ice cold. That always happened to Crystal when she held it so she didn't flinch anymore when she grasped it. It still puzzled her but she had no answers to her own questions.

"It looks really familiar," Susan spoke up as she also looked at it.

"May we see it? I think it's beautiful," Lucy added with a grin. Crystal nodded as she reached behind her neck to unclasp the neck. She made a face before turning the chain around and looked down at it as she frowned.

"May I?" Peter asked as he stood. Crystal gave him a questioning look but nodded. Ever since she met the years earlier she's had to deal with Peter's constant offers to help her. She didn't know whether it was because she was a girl or because he thought she was weak. Either way, she usually wouldn't accept his help and did things her own way. She would rather play football and cricket with him and Edmund then sit around and play with dolls and have make-believe tea parties. Peter leaned closer and gently grasped the chain. His fingers brushed arcoss her neck and she tried not to flinch at the light touch. He unhooked it and pulled it away from his neck. He laid it on his palm and held it out for his siblings to see.

"What's wrong?" Crystal asked when she noticed all of the looks on their faces. As Crystal went to grab her necklace Edmund, Lucy, Susan, and Peter touched the stone. The tingling sensation filled shot up Crystal's fingers once more but this time it spread through her. She looked up and saw smiles on Lucy's and Susan's faces while Peter and Edmund exchanged a look. Crystal opened her mouth to say something but found that she could not talk. A loud whistling sound filled her ear and it only grew louder instead of getting softer. She looked around as the people, trains, and bricks started to blend together in color. She watched in shock as everything melted away and, finally, they were standing on a beach, high cliffs were behind them and a vast beach was in front of them. A large shadow loomed over head as the sound of the ocean lapping against he beach reached her ears and seagulls screeching filled the air. "What just happened?" Crystal demanded as she took her necklace out of Peter's grip and put it back around her neck.

"I knew it!" Lucy cheered as they all turned to look at her. "I knew Aslan would bring us back! It was just like in my dream!"

"Dream?" Peter questioned. "Lu, what dream?"

"I've had this dream every night since we came back," Lucy explained. "I would be here, alone. And then Aslan would show up, telling us that we needed to come back because some of the Talking Beasts are being killed by a new enemy, a strong one."

"A new enemy?" Susan asked. "Stronger than the White Witch?"

"I think so," Lucy responded.

"What're they after?" Edmund asked. "Did Aslan tell you that?"

"No. He doesn't even know himself. We're here to protect Cair Paravel and Narnia. They're attacking Cair Paravel. I think something is hidden there. I also have the feeling that the attackers are holding off on attacking until we least expect it."

"Wait a second," Crystal spoke up, causing them all to look at her as if they had never met her before. "What are you talking about? And where are we?" Before anyone could answer an arrow landed at Peter's feet. He looked up at the cliffs, everyone else followed his lead. A smile broke onto Susan's face when she saw a man standing on the edge of the cliff.

"There's no time to explain," Peter said suddenly as he turned to her. "But we are in Narnia."