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Twitch. Sigh. Glare.



Twitch. Twitch. Sigh. Sigh. Glare. Glare.



Glare. Explode. Kaboom.

"Hyuuga fucking Neji!"


Twitch. Glare. Explode. Blast off.

"Oh, yeah! Well, well, my hair's shiner than yours!"

Neji looked up. "Tenten," he sighed, looking up at her with - was that sorrow - eyes?

"Yes," she answered, her left eye twitching every now and then.

"You could only wish." he smirked slightly, going back to his book, ignoring the brunette girl.

Tenten scowled, tapping her foot on the ground with her arms crossed over her chest, "Please, Neji. My hair is waaaaaaaay shiner than yours! Just ask anyone!"

The pale eyed boy looked up with a smirk, "Whatever keeps you asleep at night."

Tenten fumed. "UGH." she stomped her foot on the ground childishly.

Neji blinked, and shrugged. Tenten was always a bit weird.

"I'll have you know--"

"Know what? That your hair is in no competition with mine?"

Tenten left eye started twitching again. Why the little cocky bastard--

"Tenten," Neji said with a smirk, putting his book down onto his left, "Get over it."


"You're scaring away bystanders."

"I DON'T CARE! Let me tell you Neji, my hair is WAY shiner than yours! I mean you can just tell!"

Neji rolled his eyes by now, used to Tenten's outbursts, "Tch. Tenten. There is no comparison; my hair is WAY shiner than yours could ever hope to be."

Neji smirked once more. Yup. Hyuuga's were better than everybody.

Tenten twitched, before thinking the thought over, "Neji…are you sure you're not gay?" a Neji-like smirked graced her features.

Neji deadpanned.

Tenten grinned, "Thought so."

Neji rolled his eyes once more, before picking up his book. "Leave," he commanded to Tenten, who in returned reached for a kunai strapped to her waist.

"You don't tell me what to do, Hyuuga!"

Neji looked up with a raised eyebrow, "Oh yeah?"


"Tch." he rolled his eyes, "Fine. Stay." and with that the pale eyed boy went back to his book, leaving an aggravated Tenten to stay there looking like an idiot.

Tenten pursed her lips, "Yeah. Well I bet I'm a better kisser than you!"

Neji snorted behind his book.

"I AM."

He snorted again.

"FINE. I'll prove it!" and with that, the brunette girl grabbed the Hyuuga around his collar, and planted him one right then and there.

…Neji made no move to leave.