Hello everybody! I finally answered your pleas (and prayers if you're that willing!) to deliver another lemony good story for you all.

It's not a sequel to "Comfort", but it isanother Bella/Carlisle lemon!

I'm actually making it about four chapters long so that it actually has a plot this time.

I hope you all will go read it and enjoy it! It's title is: "Skilled Hands of A Surgeon". I posted it two days ago and if you didn't find it yet, take a trip to my profile page and enjoy.

Also, in other news, I have a new poll up on my profile. I would greatly appreciate it if you all went ahead and voted. I'm excited to see which story will win, even though I think I already know the result. :P

Anyways, now that I've taken up a few minutes of your time, I wish you all good reading in the future. This will be the final update for this story and I have a shoutout for all those who stuck with me on this smutty and lemony delicious journey.

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