So, this is my first Katekyo Hitman Reborn fic! I hope you like it! I made it from going absolutely crazy, so don't expect it to be sane. sorry for any mis spellings!

Disclaimer: i do not own katekyo hitman reborn, any characters in it, or any products i use to torture hibari, basically, i own nothing.

20 ways to annoy Hibari Kyoya

I am not responsible for any deaths or serious injuries

1. Stand next to him for at least 2 minutes

2. Whenever he walks by scream 'STALKER' in a really high voice

3. In a serious voice tell him that Mukuro Rokudo loves him

4. when he doesn't believe you show him 6918 pictures (make sure Mukuro is on the top) and say that Mukuro drew them.

5. Call his phone and leave 50 voicemails of the phrase 'kufufu'

6. Throw a rock at his head. Start Screaming and Running around and say "THE SKY IS FALLING!"

7. Lock many rabid fangirls in his closet

8. When Hibari opens his closet, videotape it and post it all over the web

9. Give Hibari some fish, when he asks you why you gave him it, throw a cat on him.

10. Teach Hibird a new song (perferably something like "I feel pretty")

11. Make Hibari go on blind dates

12. When Hibari is taking a shower take his clothes and replace them with a tutu, make sure there's no towel.

13. Take his tonfas and paint cute designs of flowers and bunnies on them.

14. When Hibari finds out his tonfas have bunnies and flowers on them, blame Tsuna

15. Host a school play and make him play the leading female part.

16. Put super/crazy glue all over his tonfas, so the next time he tries to kill someone, the person will stick to the tonfa

17. Paint Hibird Pink

18. Keep on telling him corny jokes until he tries to kill you

19. run away and scream "HE JUST TOLD ME HE'S GAY!!"

20. whenever you go somewhere send him endless amounts of post cards

I hope you enjoyed! Omg it was so suckish! . O well.

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