Hi everyone! I read the many (and very thankful) reviews you all wrote! I decided to actually listen to them. Cloverfish suggested I write the after effects of some. So... I decided to give it a try. and i didn't feel like doing paragraph form 0.0 too much writing -.-' Ya, sorry for any mispellings. I'm working off of 7th grade grammar/spelling XD

Disclaimer: I don't own anything...especially katekyo hitman rbeorn!

Result means what action Hibari would take

Outcome means the different outcomes of the Result Hibari made.

Wow...what a horrible way of doing this XP

If you attempted number 1

You die... or get severly injured.

If you attempted 3, 4

Result 1

(next fight with Hibari and Mukuro)

Mukuro: kufufu

Hibari: you pedo


Outcome 1

Hibari: I LOVE YOU TO!

Mukuro: uhhhh... I don't love you

outcome 2

Hibari: DIE!

Mukuro: How did you find out!?

Result 2

Hibari starts drawing pictures of 1869 to cover up the 6918 pictures.

If you attempted 6

Innocent bystanders would see this and your be put in a mental institute

If you attempted 10

Result 1

Hibari would go around doing his daily patrols, when all of a sudden Hibird starts singing "I feel Pretty" or something of the sort. Hibari would beat the crap out of anyone who laughed at hibird/him. He would then beat/kill everyone who was a suspect so he didn't have to go through all the trouble of finding who it really was.

If you attempted 11

Result 1

He would try to get the paint off

Result 2

he would just simply either erode it off with your blood or cover it with your blood.

If you attempted 16

Result 1

Tsuna would be late to school, again. Hibari would then want to beat Tsuna up. Tsuna would get hit in the face by Hibari's super glue covered tonfas. Tsuna would then be unable to come off.

Outcome 1

Hibari would just drag Tsuna eveywhere

Outcome 2

he would keep on hitting Tsuna with his other tonfa untill Tsuna would come off

If you attempted 17

Result 1

Beat you up

Result 2

Force you to clean Hibird untill Hibird was yellow again and then beat you up

Most likely, you'll get beat someway or another

That was fun to write! and it sucked even more! woohoo!

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