Summary: Temari kisses Shikamaru

Summary: Temari kisses Shikamaru. He pushes her away. She tries to tell herself it's only a crush.

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Only a Crush

Chapter One- It begins

It was only a crush.

Temari sobbed into her pillow as she tried to convince herself. Only a crush. It was only a crush.

Her hair had been torn from its usual four pony tails when she threw herself onto her bed. Sobbing. Her breath came in short ragged gasps as she tried to convince herself. Only a crush. It was only a crush.

Tears rolled shamelessly down her blotched cheeks and she tried to convince herself. Only a crush. It was only a crush.

Her hair fell softly around her shoulders, irritating her tear filled eyes. She sobbed loudly not caring who heard, her face thrust deep into the pillow. Trying to block out the memories, trying to forget the past. She tried to convince herself. Only a crush. It was only a crush.


Shikamaru sat at the crest of the hill idly watching as the clouds rolled past. Sensing a presence behind him he turned. Looking straight at the blonde kunoishi behind him.

"Hn" he turned back to the clouds. The wind played with his hair, tossing it backwards and forwards in their game of catch. Teasing. He didn't seem to notice.

"No hello? You really know how to treat a girl Shika-kun." Temari said, looking down at the grass. A blush filled her cheeks. Shika-kun? Where had that come from? She didn't notice the faint blush that rested on Shikamaru's cheeks.

"Troublesome." Shikamaru murmed. Temari felt her breath catch in her chest. She grew bold. moving her face closer to his.

"What are you doing women?" He asked his voice slightly panicky. It sounded weird coming from the lazy nin. Temari paused, drinking in the sound. She took a breath and pressed her mouth to his. Kissing Him.

It wasn't long. A split-second at most, but fire ran through their bodies. Their blood was molten magma flying through their veins. It set them alight. It made them burn. Time seemed to stand still, stretching out into infinity in that short, brief second.

Shikamaru pushed her away. He looked at her startled face. Pain shock and disappointment registered on her features. He felt bad, but before he could say anything she had stood up, an emotionless mask covering her face.

"Nothing Happened Lazy" she yelled before setting off down the hill at a run and disappearing from sight.

Shikamaru sat still on the top of the hill, pressing his fingers to his lips." Your Troublesome" he muttered before returning to gaze at the clouds a faint blush tingling his cheeks.

End Flashback

Temari had drifted into a light sleep. She still sobbed at intervals, her tears still sticky on her face. A shadow fell onto her face, waking her. She sat up, startled, and turned to look at the person in her room.

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