In case you wanted to see the lyrics outside of dialogue form, I decided to be nice and post them here!


I never wanted to ever do this

Not my intention

I was Carmichael, martini in hand

Lost my discretion

It's not the, way I do

Please, don't try me on

I wish I, didn't have the Interesect

Just for this reason

Casey kissed me and I hated it

He could really use some chapstick

I don't know why, but it scared me

I needed Sarah to come save me

It felt so wrong

I couldn't walk straight

Definitely doesn't mean I liked itt

Casey came on me, out of the blue

Can I go puke?


Now, you annoy the crap out of me

It didn't matter then

I had to do it to save you

Just what the spies do

It's not what, straight men do

But you do what you do for cover

My brain needs, some brain bleach

So, hard to erase

I had to kiss Chuck and it was i-ick

Something about Emmett and Sarah's phones out

I had to do it to satisfy Emmett

I hope the word never gets out

It was really wrong

And dispicable

I'm so sorry President Regan

I kissed Chuck, for our country

For. Our. Country.


Chuck's curls they are so magical

Mesmerizing me, lips so kissable

Chuck lips are mine, not Casey's

But I'll live, it was keeping him safe

Casey and Chuck (switching off and at the same time):

I kissed a nerd/man-agent and despised it

My stomach flops just thinking 'bout it

I didn't chose it, it just happened

Don't let Lester or Jeff hear 'bout it

I want to puke

I want to die

I'll need my space after tonight

We kissed each other and gaged during it