I don't own Death Note, if I did, there would be a manga series coming out all about Matt, Mello, Near, and L

I don't own Death Note, if I did, there would be a manga series coming out all about Matt, Mello, Near, and L.

The feeling of sunshine on his face woke Matt up.

He stretched out his arms with a yawn. When the yawn faded it was replaced by a smile.

He sat up, "Morning Mello," he muttered.

There was no answer.

He looked to his right; Mello's bed was mad, and there was no sign of the blonde anywhere.

"He must've went downstairs for breakfast already." Matt thought.

He glanced at the clock; it was 9:30.

"No, Mello's never up this early on Saturday," he realized. "Maybe he fell asleep studying in the library all night, again?" he thought. "Yeah, that must be it."

Matt got out of bed then; he sleepily grabbed some clothes, and headed for the shower.

When he returned to their room, it was still Mello-less.

Matt jerked on his boots; he'd decided to go find Mello.

Matt stepped into the hall, and became smothered by silence.

The house had a subdued air to it. Matt shuddered; the sooner he found Mello the better.
Mello wouldn't let it stay silent for long. Matt held back another shudder; this place felt as eerily quiet as entering the home of the ReDeads on Ocarina Of Time did.

He peeked into the cafeteria first; it was totally empty. He didn't even see Near in there, eating his usual breakfast of a single banana. The white haired boy usually was here when no one else was.

Next, he searched the library. The only person he found there was the librarian. When he questioned her, all she said was: "No, I'm afraid that I haven't seen Mello since Thursday."

After that, Matt checked the grounds.

When he came inside, he slammed the door in frustration. Sighing angrily, he wiped raindrops off his goggles, and lit up a cigarette.

Roger walked into the room. He was frowning, his forehead creased with worry as he looked at Matt.

Matt figured that Roger was frowning, because he had slammed the door, and plus the old man hated smoking.

"Shoot; that's a double whammy." Matt thought, and then he smirked. "Whammy, Wammy's, haha, I'm a riot today."

"Roger," Matt said, smoke swirling out of his mouth. "Where's Mello?"

Roger shook his head, "Matt; there's something I must tell you…"

Matt was lying on his bed, glaring at the ceiling.

The once empty ashtray on his nightstand was now overflowing.

Matt continued to smoke; reaching with his right hand he slowly pulled off his goggles.

Tears spilled out from under them, and more silently leaked out of his gray eyes.

"Mello…" he whispered.

"L." he said in a choked sob.

He swallowed, trying to erase the lump in his throat.

"Why?!" he shouted. "You're my best friend!" Matt was standing up now, banging his fist against the wall, he yelled, "Why did you leave without telling me? And L…you," he choked. "You weren't supposed to die! You were supposed to catch Kira, not be…"

He felt so confused, and his head hurt from all the crying. Clenching his teeth, Matt realized that he also felt betrayed.

Glaring at Mello's side of the room, he screamed, "I hate you!"

Collapsing on his bed, Matt swore to never trust anyone again.

All that did was get you hurt in the end…

Now here's a dilemma, do I leave this a one-shot? Or continue it?