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One night…………………...



He was trying so hard not to think about her. He couldn't sleep, just dream. Dream of her. How when she walks she looks like a goddess, how she has a shinning light radiating off of her. She can make sateen himself warm at the heart. He tried the hardest not to think about her gaze. Her eyes, her stare and even her glares were pure beauty. When she looked at him his heart shattered into a million pieces. They were so beautiful…like a truly god made artifact that only she was worthy of obtaining. Lord, it was killing him seeing her almost every day, wanting to have her, wanting to wrap his arms around her and inhale her scent. He hated it like hell having her so far away, yet right in front of him. He knew he couldn't have her. Maybe that was why he wanted her so. He could feel the burning fire in him for her grow. He couldn't tack it anymore. He got out of his bed and threw on some jeans and a t-shirt. He headed for his favorite place to think. The mountains in the woods that were a convent three blocks from his high-rise condo.


She tossed and turned in her queen sized bed. Her mind was whirling. It kept jumping from him to them together. She couldn't get him out of her head. She thought of his face, how when he smiled his eyes light up, how when he laughs you see his adorable dimples. His body and his lips were a work of art. Especially his lips, those were her weaknesses. Lips. He had big juicy looking ones. She thought they were worthy of only him…and gods. She felt overwhelmed by him. She hated how when ever she did see him, he automatically put a smile on her face. He mad her glow. And when she didn't see him, she just didn't have that special glow she usually had. She was getting frustrated just thinking about it. And she could feel the butterflies in her stomach begin to flutter. She decided she need to clear her head, and her favorite place to go and do that was on the mountains in th woods. That was only around the corner. She got out of her warm bed and put on a simple pair of Apple Bottoms and a Enyece short sleeve shirt. It was hot out. For the middle of February. She slipped on her sneakers and headed out the door of her two-bedroom co-do.

--After getting there he couldn't believe his eyes. There she was…Sitting on the ground watching the stars. She felt something behind her so she sat up. He walked over to her and sat down beside her. They both were at a lose of words. They looked at each other. Their eyes were like magnets to each other. Then it happened. They inched closer toward each other, Their lips brushed up against each other. That was all they need for flame called lust took over. It was a murderer yarning for blood shed, a vampire thirsting for the next victim. They couldn't control them selves. They were lying on the ground tonguing. He slipped a hand up her shirt and had it off within seconds. She pulled his shirt as well and was rubbing his abs. He had always wondered what she would taste like. Strawberries, peach perhaps. But she tasted better. Like chocolate, Sweet, sinful, lustful chocolate. A taste he would cherish forever. They were naked and he was inside her. She moaned his name and he called hers. Their voices clung together and floated high above then with the moon. The stars watched as it would mark this moment forever. The moment when he got to have her and she got have him. Their bodies were one in th one night of passione, one night of lust………One Night.


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