Sparkly Toes aka Why Boys Should Never Fall Asleep Near Bored Girls

A/N: This story is actually based on what happened to a few male friends of mine when they fell asleep at their girlfriends' houses.

It was a slow day at Jungle Karma Pizza. So slow, in fact, that the male employees had fallen asleep in the loft upstairs during the break in between the 11:59 lunch rush and the 5:59 dinner rush. Falling asleep was their mistake.

The female emplyees of JKP, who happened to be dating three of the four male employees, were bored out of their minds. That is, until the oldest of the three women came up with an idea that would probably mean that the guys would never speak to her again.

This idea involved nail polish. And it wasn't just any ordinary nail polish; it was sparkly nail polish. The kind that took forever to come off. Now, these ladies weren't completely inhuman. They did realize that should anyone see sparkly nail polish on the guys of JKP, they'd probably make themselves sick from laughing.

Instead of painting the guys' fingernails, the ladies would paint their co-workers' toenails so that only they could enjoy the sparkliness of their friends' toenails.

Several hours later, everyone was crashed in the living room area of the loft and the guys were taking off their shoes and socks. That is, until they heard an anguished scream and saw Theo staring at his feet. His toes were a sparkly shade of blue. They all laughed, until, one by one, the other three guys discovered that they, too, had sparkly toenails.

RJ, Wolf Master and mentor/teacher to the others, had sparkly purple nails. This didn't bother him nearly as much as it did the others; he had, after all, grown up with Ena and knew of her mischevious side when she was bored. The others, however, were not as cool about it. Casey, the resident tiger and leader of the pask, had sparkly red toenails and Dominic, the thick-skinned member of the group, had silver toenails. Standing up, Dom chased after the three culprits, soon joined by Casey and Theo.

"This is not funny, Athena!" Dom yelled as he tried to jump up and catch the Owl Master.

"It's your own faults for falling asleep when we were bored, Dom! You should have known better!"

"RJ! Help us out!" Dom pleaded with his best friend.

RJ shrugged and went to the room Lily and Ena shared and fetched a bottle of nail polish remover and a bag of cue tips and cotton balls. He placed the items on the kitchen table, grabbed a banana, and, with snack in hand, sat watching the chaos.

He had missed this.