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Stacy is on the side lines with father and Bella by her side. Tears fall down her cheeks and I think if this was in another situation I would have cared. On the other side I see mom being held back by some members of the pack. Mom is shouting and pleading Sam to stop us. I can feel a trail of blood fall down the side of my face. Uriel is in wolf form I can hear his rapid heart beats right in my ears. Launch at each other I cannot help to think this all started with a painting.

Some months ago

Being the first one up I sat by my window painting the view of the dawn sky. In two hours mom is up and cooking breakfast. Quickly I take a shower, get dress, grab my iPod, and hurry down stairs. Normally on days like these we would all be smiling glade to have a little bit of sun. But with the news that hit us late night no one is in the best of moods. Eating in silence I finish quickly leaving the house and headed for the forest.

Later in the day I find Uriel in the clearing where we train. "What do you think he is like?" He ignores my question knowing very well who I mean.

After fail attempts to get him to talk about it we end up training hand-to-hand combat. We are at it for two strait hours and the talking I manage to get among the kicks and blocks doesn't seem to register in his brain. It did not matter what I tell him he will never listen to me in this matter. The Cullen returning to Forks is something Uriel and mom do not like at all. The only ones that know of Uriel and I are Esme and Carlisle, they were the ones that helped mom bring us into this world. After we were born Carlisle manage to move his family so our father's new wife wouldn not find out about us. I think her name was Bella, our mother use to be in love with her. Until he figure out that it wasn't love just the anger that his best friend was in love with a vampire. They were close until she and father married.

How we came to be is the result of a vampire with no self-control. The month before the wedding our father lost his self-control and mom was in the middle of it, at the wrong place at the wrong time. A day before the wedding mom found out that he was pregnant with twins, I am the oldest by four minutes. How? Well, it turns out that very few male werewolves can conceive its rare, but it can happen. Carlisle is a doctor that is how he knows and he is also the father of our father. So as you can see when mom's friends found out a war between the two threaten to break out. Mom was able to stop them, and a secret meeting was held among the leader of the pack, Sam, mom, and Carlisle. Things turned out fine and Sam agreed to allow Carlisle special access to the reserve to help mom with his pregnancy. At the time father and his new wife were gone on their honeymoon, so mom did not have to worry about father finding out us. Unfortunately Carlisle's wife, Esme found out.

You can imagine the shock and happiness she had when finding out that she was going to be a grandmother. She didn't agree with mom about keep us secret from father believing he had the right to know. Carlisle manage to get her to agreed about keeping quiet. Esme wanted to be there for mom with whatever he needed. Mom became concern with what would happen when we were born he didn't want father to know so another meeting was held. The day after we were born Carlisle agreed to move the family Esme was against it. But came to understand that mom wanted to raise us in peace without the worry of father finding out. Still she and Carlisle manage to visit on birthdays how they manage this is beyond me.

Our growing up was a good one it had its bad time. We are half werewolf and half vampire that was one thing that we had to live with. Mom still looks 16 do to the bite father gave him the night he lost control. The bite did more then stopping him form ageing it also has allowed him to go three days without sleep, his heart still beats a little faster then the rate of a human. Physical appearance mom stance at 6'2'', eyes are still dark but dilated, warm to the touch. Mom doesn't have to drink blood to survive to his relief. Its been hard to raise us becoming pregnant at a young age and having to worry about school and doctors. Fortunately we had help from family friends that did not have anything against us.

Things are going to get tough I can feel it. I'm afraid that this may cause problems in our family. Uriel hates our father if not hate then blames him for mom's sadness. He is okay with Carlisle and Esme, huh, go figure. As for me well I can't say that I hate him but still having to see your mom, male or female, late at night in the kitchen table completely exhausted you can't help but blame your father, if you were in my place at least. Thing is Uriel and I have no idea what our father looks like. We don't even know his name. Mom has made sure we have no knowlodge of father. But I think its father's side where me and Uriel get our love for music. It's a wonder I have my iPod on 24/7 mom says I will go deaf pretty soon if I don't let the damn thing rest for a while.

Being the children of a vampire means that we inherit his abilities, but since we are also half werewolf that means that the abilities from our vampire father will change. Father can read minds, a psychic ability, we can also do this, but unlike father we can choose to read peoples minds. We did some research on half breeds, some people use this as a nickname for us, and found out that the abilities the children gain from the vampire parent can develop into other abilities. Without someone to teach us we have had to learn how to control mind reading, and let me tell you it can give you some pretty nasty headaches. Uriel tried to ignore his inherit ability but soon found out that you can't ignore it. You have it so get use to it. There are times when we want to use our abilities but can't.

I hear mom approaching the clearing we are at. Uriel doesn't to lost in the fight we are having right now. "Gabriel! Uriel!" Mom appears between us throwing us to the ground. "Both of you stop right now. Get to the house."

We hurry to the house leaving mom alone in the clearing. We know he is stress and worry and there is nothing we can do to help him but to at least follow his orders.

Jacob's point of view

I watch my children head for the house and can't help but worry over them. Carlisle informed me of their returning to Forks. I knew it was only a matter of time before they did. Heading to the house the last 16 years replay in my head. Life hasn't been easy for me but at least I had loyal friend by my side to help me out. My greatest fear is that they will end up hurt by Edward. Gabriel has always wanted to know him and see how his is like. Uriel is curious but tries to hide it. I know he also wants to know more about Edward. Both of them have a little something of Edward in them. Gabriel's love for music, being able to play very instrument she touches, and is a great painter. But she looks more like me tan skin, long black hair, and a temper to match. Uriel has Edwards bronze hair and I think his once emerald green eyes. Uriel to has a temper but Gabriel is the one that can keep it in check. She must have gotten it for Edward's side.

The Cullen returning will surely cause problems among the kids. Kids meaning mine and Edward's. He had a daughter with Bella. I haven't told the kids they have a half sister. I should tell them but I don't want them to get involve with the Cullen family. I'm pretty sure they will find out on their own since the three of them will be going to the same school. I had to transfer Gabriel and Uriel to Forks High after they were getting in too many fights at La Push High with some of the kids from the pack.

Their return is going to cause a lot of tension. I just hope it doesn't split our family apart.

Uriel's point of view

I don't see why they have to return here. Forks isn't the only place that rarely get sun. Gabriel tries to make me understand that it might be a good thing they are returning. What good is there in their return? The news of fathers returning has me on edge. Why, I don't know. All my life I have tried to hate him, but for some reason I can't bring myself to. I think Gabriel's words are starting to get to me. Damn her. Why would she think I would want to get to know him. He raped mom. He wasn't here to see us grow up, or to go through the struggles mom went to. Agh! Why is life so complicated?

A knock on the door brings me out of my angry mind. "Uriel can I come in?" Its Gabriel what does she want know?

I unlock the door and she a seat on the chair I have next to the window. For a while I just stare at the ceiling not knowing what to do or what to think about all this. "Come one." Gabriel says stepping out the window.

Times like these I just do what she says. Don't really know why I just do. Before long we're at the diving cliff. "Why are we here?" I'm not sure if I want to know.

"To talk."

Isn't she ever going to quite? "We're not going to talk about father." I nod taking a seat next to her at the cliffs edge.

"Do you remember when we first found out about the pack?" I remembered it was when we found out by some of moms friends didn't like us.

"Remember the promise we made that day here on this very cliff?"

"I remember. We promised no one was going to tear us apart. We would always have each other's back."

"Yeah. That was a stupid promise, huh." It was. I stop the memory from coming not wanting to remember.

3rd point of view

The two half breeds sat in silence letting the moon be witness to the start of the tear that she knew was so close to splitting them apart. Inside the forest a creature stared at them praying for their bond as brother and sister to keep them close.

The two softly talked the night away.