Edward? Mike? The shock is huge that I don't even notice as nurses and doctors roll in two beds and take my children away. I start to feel light headed this is all taking too much reaction from me, which can't be good. I feel myself hoist up and carry to my room. I try protesting wanting to go where Gabriel and Uriel are. Mike's harsh command shuts me up. He is angry at me I know it why I don't know. One thing I have learn over the years of knowing him is that when he is angry don't give him a reason to take it out on you, that means protesting and whining. Not that I whine just saying. Getting in the room he lays me on the bed. It only takes a few minutes for my body to calm down. As I try getting up Mike pushes me back on the bed. For the moment I obey him not wanting to end up in an argument like last time.

A massive silence passes between us and it's driving me crazy. I want to ask why he is here? Are the Higher Ups behind his arrival here? I want to know but the words are hard to form at the moment. Why is it hard to ask? Because right know I want to know why Edward Cullen, the father of my kids, is here. I ponder this for several minutes. "Why are you here?" I finally ask Mike.

He doesn't answer for a while just sits on the chair next to my bed and frowns. That's one of the things I don't like about him. That silence he creates before answering a question. It always buts me on edge. Makes me think that something bad is heading our way. "I was tracking a shapeshifter. Kill three people in Seattle then headed this way."

"A werewolf?"

"No. A demon shapeshifter."

"Oh. Did you find it?"


At least he got the damn thing. Mike being a witch was something that came to a shock when the twins had bitten him. "Edward's daughter is here at the hospital. Seems like Gabriel brought her in."

"Gabriel brought Stacy here?"

"So, Carlisle tells me."

I don't like this one bit. Although it does explain why Edward is here. "Did you know Edward brought the twins back from the dead."

What? He was near them. They were dead? Thousands of thoughts cross over my head. "How?" I force the word out.

"I'll tell you what I told Carlisle many kind of bonds or connections happen whether one knows it or not. You are going to have to decide what to do about this. Edward is here now and whether you like it or not he will eventually find out about Gabriel and Uriel. No, don't give me that look. This is too big to keep hidden forever and you know that."

I don't like where this is going. It sounds more like a warning than a fact. "Jacob" his sigh confirms it. "The Higher Ups have seen something that they don't like, and I'm willing to bet my magic that it has something to do with the twins. Whatever they may have thought seven years ago about them has now changed. They don't like it and are starting to view it as a threat to both magical beings and humans."

"Why?" I can't believe this.

"Because the twins are hybrids, but not like any other hybrids. Their passive powers are metamorphosing into active ones. Powerful active ones. They think the powers will manifest until there is nothing left. They may have to do something about it. "

Anger rises inside me that I start to shack trying to keep from changing. "Tell them," I put as much venom into the word as I can. "if they threaten the lives of my children they will find themselves in a war that is sure to break out all over the communities."

Mike didn't say anything else just got up and left.


That answer was expected. Messing with the children of a werewolf comes with some aggressive threats. This was not the way I had plan my returned to Forks. Chasing a demon, getting into a crash, with Gabriel no less, and confront Edward Cullen. Though I do have to admit this is a personal record of mishaps in just 18 hours. Ah, the joy of being a witch and watcher you just have to love it.

The twins are still being looked over by Carlisle so I'm waiting outside their room. Those two are my charges, and I have to make sure they are fine both for my sake and Jacobs.

The twins are strong minded, caring, and careful. I can not see what about them the Higher Ups find threatening. If their powers are growing into active ones then I could train them to control them. Not it ca not just be their powers something is going on with the Higher Ups that has turned their view of Gabriel and Uriel into a bad one. If that is the case I will not be able to protect the twins. Jacob has to tell Edward the truth and if he accepts the twins them maybe there is a chance to help them from the threaten Higher Ups.

The Higher Ups. They were the ones who send me to the reserve that day. They must have change the course of fate to get me there. Who would have thought this is how I would turn out. No really, who would have thought that I, Mike Newton, would be a witch. A witch unknown to the one of the few places that is inhabited by vampires and werewolves. Man was I pissed and scared when I found out. All it took was a bite from a each baby to get my powers to surface. If it hadn't been for my blood killing the venom the twins would have been killed.

Gabriel and Uriel have been on thin ice the moment they were born. Some of the pack members did not want them near their kind. The twins were not completely isolated from the others. Some people, like Sam and Emily, welcomed into their family. Leah as the most accepting of them. She did shock everyone with her kindness towards Gabriel and Uriel. She is also the most protective of them besides me. Thinking of them I wonder if anyone knows that they are here? My guess would be no. I leave to find a phone.

By the sound of his voice I can tell that he at least knows the Black family is missing from their home. I don't tell him much they should be here soon. I hope Edward has left the hospital by then.


That was Mike. Mike Newton from high school. What in the hell is he doing here? No never mind that where is he taking Jacob? I don't know if its the shock of Mike being here and taking Jacob or me just causing this whole mess. I automatically head down the hall towards Stacy's room.

She is awake when I enter. Her expression tells me she knows she is in big trouble. "Dad wait let me explain."

"It better be good."

She started from her escape from the house to blacking out at party. "I thought I told you to always tell me were you are going."

"I know dad, but I didn't think much of it. It was just a party. I didn't know it was going to turn out this way."

"You got drunk, Stacy."

"I didn't know the drinks were spiked."

Who doesn't know the drinks were spiked? They are always spiked at teen parties. "Do you have any idea how worry we all were about you? Especially your mother."

Okay that was a complete lie Bella went hunting and doesn't know about this. I just hope she was informed about it. I sure Alice took care of that. "I'm sorry dad."

"I know you are, but this has really affected my trust in you. Carlisle said you were brought in by Gabriel if believe was her name."

"Gabriel Stone?" She sounds shock.

"I'm not sure if thats her last name." Wow, I thought she and her brother hated me, I hear my daughter's thoughts.

Why would this Gabriel person hate her? Stacy was kind, respectful and well liked by others. Now that I think about it I should talk to her. "Stacy go home and get clean up I'll see you there." She nods and I head out to find out what room Gabriel Stone is in.

Gabriel Stone? That doesn't sound right to me for some reason. The nurse at the front is able to get me the room number and I head down the C-wing of the hospital looking for the door with number 333.


It should only be a few minutes until the twins regain consciousness. They live in constant danger. If it's not from others doing it's their own. I want to know how the got a hold of the wheel chairs in the first place. Oh good they are waking up. "Turn out the lights."

She must have on nasty headache to be whining. "Gabriel, look at me."

Her eyes seem to be good with focusing on me meaning no head trauma. I ask her to follow my finger she does so with excellent results. Moving on to Uriel he does the same results are good. The only bad thing is a burse on Uriel's forehead and some bruises on Gabriel's arms and side of her forehead. She had put her arm between Uriel and the wall. "What in the world were you two thinking?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." Here we go.

"What? Us?" Uriel seems shock.

"We weren't thinking anything."

"Yeah, That guy in the hall did something to cause us to go flying out of our chairs." Uriel added

"What were you two doing racing with the wheel chairs, and don't try to deny it I have already talk to the two nurses assigned to you." That actually sounds believable.


"Yes." I strain.

Gabriel's sigh means 'okay here is the truth'. "We were bore so nurses offer to take use out just to entertain us. We try walking but we couldn't so the nurses brought in the wheel chairs, and we--"


"Fine, I bolted out of the room wanting to have some fun."

Looking at Uriel I waited for his reason. "I was trying to catch up to her, but her and her manipulating ways go me to racing."

"Oh, whatever."

The two break out into an argument. I feel a headache coming one. "Alright! Enough!" They immediately stop their bickering.

"Both your hearts stop beating when you were brought in. I don't like lying to your mother but I think it time for him to know what is really going on with you two."

"What do you mean? You can't tell mom."

"Gabriel your mother was present when your and your brother's heart stopped. What am I suppose to tell him?"

"I don't know just don't tell him our vampire genes are no longer dormant."

"I don't think the excuse of strain on the heart is going to work."

"Why? It worked the other time." Uriel looked angered.

"It just can't."

They look stress out. I don't mean to get them stress, but Jacob has a right to know. It was their fear of Jacob's reaction that stopped me from tell him. I reassure them but they wouldn't hear of it. They by no means wanted their mother to know the vampire genes in their DNA has become active. With the new results of their blood test showed the vampire and werewolf gene are fighting for dominance. This is having some effect to their bodies. They can still live with no beating hearts. It like turning into vampires for just a few minutes. "Can we be the ones to tell mom?"

"At our own time." Uriel adds.

"As long as you tell him." I am sure to sound as serious as I can.

Both nod not looking at me. "Why didn't you tell us we head a sister?"

I am taken back by the question and the pain in Gabriel's voice. Uriel tries to act like he doesn't care but I can tell he does. I don't know what to tell them, and before I am able to say a word the door opens.

3rd person

What does one expect when he taunts fate with encounters between the two people that hold each other's hearts without them knowing? Fate makes their paths cross as often as she can. She will also, to make it more fun for her, put in the middle person that might want the love of one of them.

"Lets go." Jacob whispers to Mike.

Mike takes Jacob's hand and helps him down the hall towards Gabriel and Uriel's room. Edward doesn't know where to continue with his task of seeing Gabriel do to the fear that is Jacob's destination too. So like always, he head away from the problem and head toward the safety of his home.

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