Title: Reunion: Reassurance

Scene: Up to Bleach Manga 321, after Ulquiora vs. Ichigo Fight to save Orihime.

Pairings: Ichigo x Rukia

Warnings: Smut, OOC

Hueco Mundo - Las Noches

They were all waiting until either Urahara could open a portal back to Karakura or Nell to remember how to open a Garganta gate. Everyone was on edge not knowing what was happening with the war efforts since Aizen and his compatriots' departure from Hueco Mundo.

Ichigo, Rukia, and the rest of the Karakura gang were catching up and relating events. However, Rukia didn't elaborate much, simply saying she won against the 9th Espada at a high cost. She had a distant look in her eyes and was subconsciously touching the center of her chest lightly.

Seeing her, and remembering his desperation at her fading reiatsu, Ichigo's own uncontrollable reiatsu began to flare up in anger and agitation.

Everyone around him quieted immediately and eyed him askance in baffled confusion.

"What's you're problem now, Kurosaki?" Ishida snidely asked.

Ichigo simply replied darkly, "I need to speak to the midget…in private."

He immediately grabbed Rukia's thin wrist and began to drag her down the hallway into one of the endless Las Noches rooms.

"Baka, chotto matte kudasai!" Rukia protested, digging her heels in resistance, but she was no match for Ichigo's persistent will power and strength.

As soon as he pulled her into one empty room, he slammed the door, and pushed Rukia against it.

Beginning to get concerned about his silence and his dark aura, Rukia asked gently "What is it, Ichigo? Is this about your hollow…?"

He ignored her and started to immediately pluck and tug on her shihakusho.

Rukia was so surprised with his actions, that Ichigo had her gi spread open before she was able to react.

"Ichigo! What in the world are you doing?" she spat out indignantly trying to reclose her gi with one hand while slapping at his hands with the other. He was leaning in too close to her for any real leverage to use her fists and legs.

His response was only to growl in irritation, kick her legs open and lean his hips into quelling her lower body movement, and to yank the shoulders of her gi down trapping her elbows.

Seeing all the bindings across her flat chest and abs, Ichigo eyes darkened further with purpose and anger. He needed to see with his own eyes, to know she was ok. Finding the tail end of the binding, Ichigo began the arduous task of unraveling the multitude of bindings.

Meanwhile, Rukia began to struggle in earnest, screaming epithets at him the entire time. She couldn't believe this was the same boy she was always running rough shod over. Maybe he finally lost to his hollow….

By the time she was finally able to free her arms from the sleeves by just slipping them off completely, all her bindings were on the floor, and her breasts were completely unbound.

She quickly pulled her hand in formation, calling out "Bakudo number…."

But Ichigo quickly grasped her hand away and reached down to grab one of the bandages and tied both her wrists behind her back.

So many emotions were flooding Rukia that she didn't know where one started and the other began. Anger, uncertainty, and worry were all mixed together.

Deep down, she was also angry for another reason entirely. One small part of her felt apprehension. The apprehension she felt now, however, was wholly female in nature, in hoping he wouldn't be disappointed with what he saw. And he was very thorough in his examination, and very still as he looked her over. When his amber eyes finally met hers, they were blazing with intensity again.

He ran both hands every where on her body, mapping out the curves, the scars, the bruises, and the freshly healed wounds.

She should be stopping what he was doing, but with his hands on her, she couldn't. She hadn't an ounce of strength or will to even try. She leaned against the wall acquiescent, biting her lip and closing her eyes.

Rukia's eyes open in shock and she flinched back instinctively against the door behind her, when she felt Ichigo's tongue tracing the red lines and grooves left from the bindings. And his hands, they had each covered a breast and were gently massaging, soothing, as if he were sympathizing with them for their long imprisonment. She would have done the same thing had she removed the tight bindings herself in solitude.

She was beautiful, much more than he had supposed. The delicate features he had come to know so well were a perfect complement to her violet eyes, pale skin, and raven hair. And even in all his imaginings, he hadn't guessed how luscious her little body would be. There had been no indication that she even had breasts, her waist so narrow, and her cute ass so lush.

She didn't even wonder how or when he'd finished her disrobing. When he leaned back slightly to create some space in between them, her shihakusho and zanpakuto dropped to the floor in a noisy clatter and rustled clothing. Sorry, Sode no Shirayuki. She realized she was now naked, but she was feeling too many other things to care. He was leaning on her, pressing against her, surrounding her in a purely dominant way.

She didn't want any of this to stop, what he was doing, what she was feeling, and yet … shouldn't she stop it, at least make an effort to?

Ichigo's brain had completely shutdown, he was running off pure instinct. Desire and arousal were all he was capable of now. Rukia was his main focus now, and he needed to feel that she was truly alive and well.

She gasped as he spread her legs wider and dropped to his knees, opening her up for further exploration. One finger slipped into her wet folds and traveled in a burning line to her swollen nubbin of desire. She moaned as he caressed the side of the tender bundle of nerves gently but firmly.

He continued to stroke over her slippery center and caress her throbbing clit. She panted erratically as he rubbed rough calloused finger tips over her silky wet folds, building the sensations between her thighs.

Leaning in, he parted her slippery lips with his thumbs and pressed his hot mouth between her legs.

Rukia whimpered breathlessly as he sucked the hard knot of desire into his mouth and began circling the tender bump relentlessly with his tongue. Ichigo pressed his face closer against her, licking her sweet juices and plunging his tongue deeply into her.

She felt herself slipping closer and closer to an unknown precipice as he tasted her relentlessly. Suddenly she felt two long fingers enter her tight virginal passage and press deeply inside as his mouth continue to torment the small uncovered nub.

It was when he used the edge of teeth to scrape the edge on that hard mysterious knot she never knew about, and pressed his fingers against some hidden groove within her, that her muscles clenched spasmodically.

Ichigo continue to ride her orgasm out, holding steady despite her bucking and thrashing as he swallowed her sweet juices and lapped at her still pulsing center. When it was clear that she was done, he leaned back and released her wrists and clenched his hakama on his thighs hard while he tilted his head back clenching his jaw tight to reign in his desire to pull Rukia down to the floor and sheathe himself to the hilt in her.

Rukia's legs were shaking so badly that when Ichigo released her, she immediately collapsed in a puddle above her discarded clothes. When she was able to think some what beyond the shock; she scrambled to get all her clothes on and the bindings securely around her breasts again. Still speechless, her mind, body, and heart were in a complete meltdown.

The only sounds in the room were the rustle of Rukia redressing herself, and Ichigo's controlled harsh breathing. He had been eyeing her the entire time she was putting her clothes back on while facing away from him; still trying to bring his raging desire back down to a controllable level.

When Rukia finished dressing, she turned to face Ichigo, alternating between paling bloodless at what had occurred and blushing as red as tomato the next. "Ara … um … ahh.." she tried to get her vocal cords to work, but to no avail she had no clue what to say and what to do. So she turned away and ran one trembling hand through her hair and calmly walked out of the room trying to disguise the tempest in her erratic emotions.

As soon, as Rukia had left, Ichigo was able to think coherently enough to stand up again. His cock was so painfully hard, already wet with suppressed excitement. He followed her silently back out of the room not too long after she left, struck with disbelief at the thought of what had just occurred. Did he really just drag Rukia in a secluded room, strip her naked, tie her up and have his wicked way with her? It seemed so farfetched that his brain was having problems processing recent events.

Outside, as Rukia was walking away from her impromptu meeting with Ichigo. Byakuya and Renji eyed her suspiciously. Her reiatsu was fluctuating wildly like she had been shocked by an electrical current. Both of men immediately shunpoed to her, noticing her shocked pale face.

"What did that inconsiderate, baka strawberry do, Rukia? I'll go beat some sense into him." Renji growled.

Byakuya remained silent, fingering Sebonzakura's hilt while waiting for her response.

Rukia stayed silent and unresponsive, still shell shocked.

Byakuya and Renji were pulled from their dire thoughts by the return of Ichigo.

Everyone's attention quickly snapped wide eyed to Ichigo's returning figure.

His reiatsu was practically blazing in intensity. All the shinigami knew its meaning. The Karakura's residents didn't know its significance, but watched in puzzled silence as Ichigo went to stand by himself facing a window.

Captain Unohana and Lieutenant Isane just smiled softly and turned discreetly away, while Hanataro blushed crimson and dropped his gaze down towards the stain on his right tabi.

Kenpatchi just smirked, and thought, now is a good time to fight Ichigo, he's got all that excess unspent wasted energy. It will probably hurt like a bitch but it would be fun. It's not like we're doing anything here but twiddling our damn thumbs here anyway.

The only one that didn't notice was Captain Kurotsuchi—who was still cackling over some Espada experiments, while Nemu assisted him.

Byakuya and Renji however were bristling with rage. They both turned around abruptly and eyed Rukia's disheveled appearance closely for anything that seemed out of place.

"Rukia, tell me what has occurred between you and that insolent orange headed boy." Byakuya snapped quietly to her.

Rukia immediately snapped to attention at her brother's commanding voice. "Nii-sama, I…uh." She started to fumble at words, until a stray thought entered her head. Immediately, her reiatsu stabilized and her features were set in anger. She turned abruptly away, "I'm sorry nii-sama, please excuse me, there's something I need to ask Ichigo."

She stomped towards Ichigo.

Ichigo was still lost in his thoughts, remembering Rukia's taste, texture, and breathy pants.

He was oblivious to the raging Chappy loving rhino that was headed towards him, until he felt a yank on his ear pulled down to Rukia's eye level. "Ow ow ow, Rukia! What's gotten into you. Let go!" he growled at her distracted by the new pain.

"I need to know something…." She asked hesitantly; chewing her lower lip in uncertainty, anger lighting up her eyes.

Despite the pain in his ear which she was still holding, the glow in her eyes and the lip biting just wanted to make him erupt. God, any second I'm going to tackle her and put that mouth to better use.

But what she asked next completely took him by surprise and stifled his arousal for a moment. "Nani?..." he asked, closing his gaping mouth after blinking stupidly at her for long moments in consternation.

"Am I still a virgin, you idiot?!" she gritted quietly through her teeth, careful to not let anyone overhear her.

God save him from 150+ year old virgins! He couldn't help himself, he chortled out loud, gasping out, "Of course you still are, you naïve midget!"

In hindsight, he shouldn't have reacted that way, because he was laid out on the floor before he realized it, cradling his family jewels.

From a distance away, Kenpatchi commented, "Well that's one way to get rid of the blue balls, but now they're probably blue in a different way."

Byakuya and Renji smirked and turned away, thinking the current situation had been resolved satisfactorily. But inwardly Byakuya would make sure the Kuchiki clan physician checked Rukia as soon as they got back to Sereitei. The last thing he wanted was an insolent orange headed heir with Kurosaki as the father. The hair on the back of his neck stood up at that thought. Perhaps, I should speak to Mayuri about a reiatsu chastity belt.

Rukia's only thought was that her bundle of nerves could at least relax on the virginity question. The entire Hueco Mundo expedition had been one long emotional roller coaster for her. Outwardly, she presented her calm self while she cataloged one more thing in a compartment in her head to contemplate later in private. The sadness of Kaien couldn't be completely dispelled by recent events, but she wouldn't let the past drag her down anymore. On the heels of that thought, she remembered something else.

Stupid Strawberry Substitute Shinigami, always doing things ass backwards. He never even tried to kiss me.


The wait for the Reunion between Ichigo and Rukia has been extremely long, so this was written to fill in the gap at what would happen when Ichigo met up again w/ Rukia again after sensing her reiatsu diminishing during her fight.

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