Title: Reunion: Reassurance – Crowd Pleasers

Warnings: Smut, OOC


Everyone returned to Karakura, finding that Yamato's team in fake Karakura had held their own, and Aizen's group had retreated temporarily back to Hueco Mundo.

It had been a full week and no sign of Rukia. He was running ragged with frustration and desperation. And let's not forget the one thing was driving him insane. He had a cockstand that wouldn't quit.

Ichigo always scoffed at the term, "walking hard-on", but now he truly understood the predicament. He woke up with it, showered with it, dressed with it, ate with it, walked to school with it, attended classes with it, came back home with it, and ended up sleeping with it. Even taking a piss was becoming a chore.

No matter how many times he tried to relieve the ever present ache in his loins, he couldn't ejaculate. He was getting desperate enough that he was thinking about going to Urahara's shop to…um…borrow Rukia's unused gigai.

He couldn't concentrate anymore; it was like he was one big ball of unfulfilled desire. The only thing that consumed his mind was the memory of Rukia's soft pale skin, the taste of her essence, her surprised gasps and moans, her glistening lips, and trembling petite curvaceous body.

After the first day of school back from Hueco Mundo, he had been embarrassingly aware of his predicament and tried disguising the bulge in his slacks. But after several hours with no sign of the stiffness in his groin slackening, he was beyond caring what others thought.

As he walked down the halls and toward his classes, his scowl became unusually harsher the more he noticed that he was the center of everyone's attention. He paid no heed to the constant buzz of whispers, and the unblinking stares from the girls that eyed his face then eventually drifted downward at his telltale problem.

"… is he using some sort of cock ring …"

"… so big …"

"… I heard there was a girl …."

Were some of the words he picked up before he tuned out all their incessant chatter. Bypassing the cliques of giggling school girls, he walked into his class and sat down at his desk. Grimacing at the sharp pain he felt below, he promptly had to shift his groin around from the pinching tight slacks; only to hear the gasps and sighs from some of the girls when he adjusted himself.

Ishida, Chad, and Orihime all called out good morning to him. When he didn't respond, they left him alone, knowing that he had been particularly grouchy and standoffish the entire week. Needless to say, they now recognized and understood the type of reiatsu that was emitting from him in Hueco Mundo.

Ichigo stared out the window lost in his thoughts. His head snapped up however, when he heard Chizuru scream out, "Kuchiki-san, my honey! You've come back, my petite raven haired goddess!"

There in the doorway, was none other than the object of his obsession. Rukia stood in her school uniform, smiling in a fake way, "Ohayo gozaimasu, mina-san!"

Before Chizuru could leap on Rukia, Ichigo moved without thought. In a split second, he had a hold of Rukia's wrist and threw her bodily onto the teacher's desk with a brief surprised squeak from Rukia.

Everyone was shocked speechless, while Rukia lay momentarily stunned at the unexpected action when her head had smacked the top of the desk.

By the time, Rukia's brain cells had fired up their synapses again, Rukia's shirt buttons went flying every which way as Ichigo grasped the edges of her shirt and yanked open her shirt uncaring of his wide eyed gaping mouthed audience.

At once, Rukia began struggling against Ichigo, trying to both close her gaping shirt and push Ichigo away. This scenario was completely beyond her expectations. In no way, had Rukia thought Ichigo would greet her like this. He was like a possessed hollow intent only on subduing and claiming rights to every inch of Rukia.

He pinned both her wrists down above her head with one hand and the loud tear of her breasts bindings was the only sound in the room, leaving her aching breasts completely exposed to everyone watching.

As soon as Rukia's breasts were free, he kicked open Rukia's knees and dragged her hips towards the edge of the desk and leaned down to kiss her. She tried to turn her face away and avoid his lips while screaming for him to knock it off and let her go. Her efforts were to no avail, and he caught her jaw in one hand and thrust his tongue down her throat as she was ready to spout off another epithet. Muffled sounds of protests could be heard from her mouth as he continued to passionately force his tongue into her mouth exploring every nook and cranny.

Once he had successfully quashed Rukia's struggles, he flipped up her skirt, and reached underneath and ripped her black lace panties off. Ichigo stepped closer to the junction of her legs and rubbed his aching cock against her center.

Chad, Ishida, and the rest of the boys in the class were trying to hide their own immediate reactions. But the entire scene was incredibly arousing and hot. Kuchiki's entire body was exposed and laid out like a banquet table, they couldn't help ogling her beautiful body and fantasizing that they were in Ichigo's shoes.

Even some of the girls were a little hot and bothered, staring with heated eyes at Ichigo's daring and dominant methods. To throw a girl on a teacher's desk in a classroom, rip off her clothes, and ravish her before everyone's eyes appealed to the dark recesses of some of the girls' secret fantasies.

Orihime, on the other hand, was completely perturbed. Her heart was shattering in a million pieces, but at the same time she couldn't help fantasizing. Evil Lord Ichigo on his high steed swooping down and kidnapping Princess Orihime to ride off in the sunset only to rip off her corset to eat bean paste curry off her belly soon after. The images completely soaked her panties.

While the rest of the class watched in wide eyed gasps and silence, Chad, Ishida, and Orihime finally shook themselves out of their reverie and paralysis. They ran towards Ichigo, trying to yank Ichigo off of Rukia in a fruitless endeavor.

Even Keigo jumped in trying to offer his assistance. However, his offer of help was completely different in nature. "Here Ichigo, let me help hold her wrists down for you. That's what buddies are for…."

As soon as he got within range of her hands, Rukia was able to pull briefly way from Ichigo's demanding kiss long enough to point her hand in Keigo's direction, "Bakudo #1 Sai!"

Keigo's arms were suddenly drawn behind him as he knees buckled, collapsing in a undignified heap on the floor.

When Ichigo opted out of trying to reclaim her lips; he directed his lips to kiss, suckle, and nibble on Rukia's exposed nipples instead. Involuntarily, Rukia gasped and arched her back closer to Ichigo.

Chad and Ishida were finally able to get enough leverage to wrest Ichigo's arms away when Orihime created a brief shield to reject Ichigo away from Rukia. All three flushed crimson when they realized where one hand had been lodged as it came out with sopping wet fingers.

Now that Rukia was free, she sat up and flipped her skirt back down, unsuccessfully trying to hold her shirt closed with one hand.

She pointed her free hand at Ichigo and yelled. "Bakudo #61, Six Staves of Binding Light." Ichigo immediately froze.

Knowing that her shirt was completely ruined, she asked "Ishida-san, can I borrow your undershirt?"

Ishida blushed, sneaking covert glances at Rukia. Because of her now presently unbound breasts, she couldn't close her tight form fitting shirt at all. He quickly unbuttoned his school uniform shirt and slipped his under shirt over his head to hand to Rukia. Multiple sighs echoed across the class room from some of the girls who noticed for the first time how the extreme lines of muscles were on Ishida's exposed chest, abdomen, and pectorals. Who would have guessed such a lanky build would be hiding all those defined muscles.

Without delay, she pulled off what was left of her ravaged shirt and threw it at Ishida to fix later, and slipped his white shirt over her head. The entire time she was briefly blinded by the shirt over her face; Chad, Ishida, Chizuru, a growling Ichigo, and the rest of the boys in the class eyed her exposed breasts hungrily without blinking.

Rukia pulled the shirt down the rest of the way, not noticing that the white shirt was slightly sheer and that the aureoles of her nipples could be clearly seen. She hopped off the desk silently and bent down to retrieve the scraps of her discarded panties; however, when she bent over, some of the boys subconsciously leaned over slightly to sneak another peak under her skirt.

Soon after, the teacher walked in demanding to know what was going on when she noticed the high strung emotions emanating from all the students, in particular from all the boys.

Unnoticed by anyone, Rukia pulled out her kikanshiki memory substitute.

As she walked out the door in huff of smoke cloud, walking with her thighs tightly pressed together to prevent the extra moisture from dripping down her inner thighs, she pocketed her kikanshiki deluxe in a concealed skirt pocket. Exiting the school, she kept one hand on the back of her skirt making sure she didn't flash anyone her panty-less state. Her body was going into overdrive with all new physical feelings that Ichigo kept forcing on her.

Rukia was a complete nervous wreck. At least this time, I know I'm still a virgin… At least, I think I still am. The truth of the matter was that she had been so distracted by Ichigo's hot passionate lips that she wasn't quite aware of exactly what Ichigo had been doing down there.

There was one immediate concern that was of top priority in her mind however. Ishida had seen everything, and if he saw everything, it was recorded at the 12th division squad. Stupid Strawberry had to completely ruin everything. Couldn't he just have started with holding my hand? Or verbally declare his intentions? She had to hurry before nii-sama found out, and then find some way to covertly remove the footage.

Rukia had only been in the human world for a grand total of 45 minutes. Most of which was spent at Urahara's getting her gigai and then walking towards school. She knew she would get a lot of flack by returning so soon. She sent Chappie in her gigai to return back to Urahara's shop, not realizing that this would cause a chain reaction of a different sort.

When Chappie arrived at Urahara's, the gigai's state of dishabille caused the perverted shop merchant to raise his eyebrows in smirking suspicion. His suspicions were confirmed when he used his cane to knock out the Gikongan out of the gigai, and the school uniform's skirt flipped up when the body collapsed in a heap on the floor. "Yare, yare, yare…" he murmured. I'd better call Isshin to increase Ichigo's hidden dosage. At least, he'll be happy to know that Ichigo was definitely not gay.

While Rukia waited for permission to open an unscheduled Senkaimon gate back to Soul Society, she thought to herself….

Not what I ever imagined, but I got my first kiss at least.

A/N: This isn't quite what I planned for a follow up. Well, I actually wasn't intending the original story to be any more than a one shot at all. Especially w/ the lack of feedback. Oh well, this will probably be the last one. Hope it's hot enough for the few who requested a follow-up out there.

FYI: It was brought to my attention that this was too much like rape. I just wanted let everyone know that Ichigo would never rape Rukia. This was supposed to be a humorous dig at Ichigo's unrestrained hormones, innocent clueless Rukia, and tap into everyone's latent interest in voyeurism. At no point in both the first 2 chapters did Ichigo try to release himself on Rukia. Let's just say, he was more into the heavy groping. Hope everyone wasn't offended.