Icy Vengeance

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I can remember the day so clearly; the dreary weather outside Rock Porium helps. What day you ask? It was the day I lost my mother. No, my mother isn't dead. She's under a spell if you're willing to believe that. A spell that makes her hostage to Castalia, Queen of Zerthos, land of ice. Ironically enough, she is the daughter of the Mystic Sprite. While this may not make sense right now, I promise it will later. Now, how did my mother get placed under that spell? Well, as I said earlier, it was a dark; stormy day like today….

Eight-year-old Madison Rocca watched her twin sister Vida play with their best friend Chip Thorn through the Barbie hand-held camcorder she received for Christmas that year. The two were playing hide and go seek. Vida was doing everything in her power to keep from giggling as she watched Chip's search for her become desperate for he knew she was the Queen or princess rather, of these games.

"Vida?" Chip asked hopefully as he stuck his head into the Rocca's shed. There was no sign of the typically rambunctious and audacious girl.

Maddie shook her head as she followed the ever-vigilant red head's every move with the camera. "You're never going to find her," she muttered under her breath in a sing-song voice. While Chip didn't know the whereabouts of her sister, Maddie herself knew. She had recorded Vida as the girl effortlessly climbed up their family's large oak and hid herself amongst the shadows of the leaves and branches.

Chip let out a roar of frustration, ready to pull his bright hair out and shout his capitulation. Feeling a twinge of sympathy for her friend Madison called out, "Come on Chip! You have to think like Vida!" Noticing the interest in his eyes she continued, "If you were Vida, where would you hide?" Chip looked thoughtful for a moment before realization dawned on him. He raced toward the tree and began to climb. As Maddie looked through the camcorder's eyepiece, she caught Vida glaring murderously down at her. Used to her sister's temper, Maddie merely shrugged and shot her twin her best innocent look.

Vida rolled her eyes at Maddie before climbing higher up the tree to evade defeat. While Maddie recorded this; the color through the lens looked much duller. Lifting her gaze and focusing it on her surroundings; the young Rocca noticed that the sky had gone from a beautiful blue with a blazing sun to dark gray quickly becoming black. "Is there going to be a storm?" Chip questioned as he scanned the heavens above, his cape rippling in the strengthening winds. 

Maddie wondered the same thing. Storms never bothered her, in fact she loved them. The beating of the cold rush of rain mixed with the majestic rumble of thunder always gave the typically shy Maddie a sense of comfort and empowerment. When the lightning split the sky, it was in various shades of violet and silver causing Maddie's senses to go on alert. That's not normal lightning, she thought.

As Vida and Chip scrambled down the great oak, Madison was quickly pulled into the spell of the lightning, completely mesmerized by its dance. She was snapped out of it by the sound of her front door opening and slamming shut. Helena Rocca, mother to the two girls stepped out onto the porch, quickly assessing the situation. A frown marred her expression as she gazed up at the mysterious storm. Her brown eyes snapped onto the awed children. "Madison! Vida! Chip!" She called out. "Come inside the house quickly!" Chip and Vida merely shrugged and ran inside the house shouting something about videogames. Maddie ran over to her mother tightly clutching her camcorder.

"Mommy," she began in a worried voice, "Why is the lightning changing color?"

Helena pressed her lips together tightly. She didn't have time to tell her daughter the truth. Kneeling in front of Maddie and taking her hands, Helena looked her in the eyes and stated seriously, "Madison, I need for you to go inside and stay there until it is safe to come out." Looking back at the sky she continued, "There is something I need to take care of."

Maddie was terrified of leaving her mother, especially with something bad drawing near. In a pleading voice she cried, "Mommy, I don't want to leave you!" Pulling her Barbie camcorder to her chest she continued, "I want to help you!"

Frustration overwhelmed Helena. A terrible evil was coming. That evil would more than likely harm her daughter despite the fact that the girl was a mere child; "Over my dead body!" She thought fiercely. Sternly she said, "Madison this is no time for you to be stubborn."

Maddie pouted and stomped her foot, "Why can't I help you if something bad is going to happen Mommy?" A crack of thunder drowned out Helena's intended reply.

Sighing Helena turned toward the door and called for her other daughter. "Vida! Come take Madison quickly please!"

Not knowing why they were being forced inside when there was such a cool-looking storm outside, but hearing the urgency in her mother's voice, Vida quickly appeared at her side. Taking Maddie's hand she said, "Come on Maddie. Let's go in my room and play Pirates with Chip. You're great at that game!"

Biting her lip, Madison cast one last worried look at her mother before following her sister's lead. Before the door closed behind her, Madison heard Helena shout, "Magical source, Mystic Force." Then in a cool voice she added, "Hello, Vanessa."

"Helena," A strong female voice that was filled with venom called out. Vanessa was tall with brown hair that was cut as short as Vida's and had wild streaks of orange. Her eyes were steely silver and they were narrowed as they glared the Blue Mystic Ranger down. Vanessa wore a sleeveless black leather vest that stopped at her stomach. Tight black leather pants encased slim legs followed by black knee-length boots. Violet eye shadow highlighted by a layer of silver made her eyes all the more intimidating.

"Are your babies locked up safely in the house?" Vanessa crooned in a sickeningly sweet voice.

"They're safe," Helena replied tersely.

"Excellent," Vanessa replied, with a look of hunger in her eyes. "The less distractions, the more fun it'll be for me to destroy you! Now are you sure your babies didn't inherit our genes?"

"I'm positive," Helena answered.

"What a shame," Vanessa remarked in a mockingly disappointed voice. "I guess that means you're the last one on our hit list."

"I guess so," Helena commented darkly. She whipped out her magi staff. "I'm going to end your evil cycle once and for all! Magi staff! Cyclone power!"

A whirlwind of water rushed toward Vanessa, lifting the Dark sorceress high into the air. With a shriek of rage, Vanessa brandished her staff and called out, "Hail storm!"

Unlike a typical hail storm, these ice bits were like tiny shards of glass being hurled at Helena. She easily dodged the majority of them, using her Magi Staff to repel them by spinning it with a mere twirl of her wrist. However a few shards managed to rip through her uniform in a few places. Helena winced, but made no effort to show her pain. She sent a tidal wave Vanessa's way which the Dark Sorceress turned into a wave of ice.

Inside Vida's room

"Come on Maddie," Vida called as she skipped into her room, her reluctant sister in tow. "We're gonna play Pirates!" She flipped open a small wooden trunk filled with clothing that was normally used for dress-up. Vida pulled out a large pirate hat and placed it on her sister's head. "You can be the captain!"

Madison paid no attention to either Vida or Chip who was staring at her curiously. Instead she focused on the window which showed dark skies and pouring rain. Fear for her mother's safety gripped her heart; her knuckles going from tan to white as she clutched her Barbie camcorder, the small device that tethered her to her sanity. 

"Maddie?" Chip questioned softly as he waved a hand in front of her face. "Are you okay?"

Although she didn't turn to face him; Madison opened her mouth to respond when a crack of thunder followed by the harsh cry of a woman in pain caused her to scream, "Mommy!" Acting quickly, she shoved her camcorder into Chip's hands, barely pausing to answer Vida's question of where she was going. She called over her shoulder as she stumbled down the stairs, "I'm going to help Mommy!" She ignored Vida's insistent pleas that told her to remain inside.

Madison pushed the door open and was immediately soaked. A flash of lightning temporarily blinded her before she noticed her mother's fallen form, not too far from a beautiful woman who looked similar to Vida whom was laughing at her mother's pitiful state. Shrieking, Madison darted over to her mother checking for wounds. Strangely, there were none.

"I can't believe you de-morphed from a mere shove!" The strange woman cackled. Although the phrase, "de-morphed" caught Madison's attention, she forced herself to put her curiosity at the back of her mind. She shook her mother. "Mommy, Mommy! Get up!" Oh how she wished her father wasn't away on a business trip!

Madison didn't notice as Vanessa's lips curled into a predatory smirk. "Well isn't this deliciously convenient," She sneered. "I can get rid of both the actual and perpetual threat all in one night."

"I told you my daughter doesn't have the gift!" Helena snapped; cringing when she saw that she was intensifying her daughter's crying, unaware that her little one's tears were actually of joy and relief.

Helena turned to Maddie, "Madison get back in the house and stay there."

"No!" Maddie cried, tears streaming down her face. "The evil witch lady will hurt you!"

"Mommy is not the only one who's going to get hurt around here," Vanessa cackled. With a casual flick of her wrist, Vanessa sent a gale of ice wind toward Madison, knocking her to the ground a few feet away from her mother. A crack was heard as the little girl burst into more tears, now clutching her ankle.

"Madison!" Helena shrieked. Vanessa laughed at her distraught voice.

"And now to be rid of the little one! Prisiare de Heladaire!" Vanessa thrust her staff at Maddie, a look of cruelty in her steely eyes. A jet of silver light sailed toward Madison but never reached its true mark. Helena had managed to get to her feet and take the hit that was intended for her daughter. Its light engulfed her body as a piercing chill snaked its way to her very core. The Dark magic worked so swiftly, that Helena had no time to neither scream nor gasp. When the aura faded, Helena stood, but no longer as flesh and blood but as a statue of ice.

"Mommy!" Madison screamed. She remained on the ground, absolutely frozen with fear and shock.

Vanessa frowned, her crimson lips curling with disdain. "Not my intended plan," She muttered. "I had hoped to prolong the witch's suffering by imprisoning her daughter; however my task is complete. The Mistress shall be pleased."With a sweep of her arm, Vanessa summoned the sculpture to her side. "Don't cry Sweetie," Vanessa crooned to the sobbing Maddie using a sickly sweet voice. "Mommy's in good hands." Madison merely stared at her with tears filling and spilling from her large doe brown eyes.

Vanessa pouted with mock hurt, "Oh, come now. Don't look at me like that. Mommy and I were simply playing a game." In a colder voice she added, "And she lost." Waving her hand, Vanessa silently ordered the swirling clouds of black and violet to surround both her and Helena, whisking them away to another dimension.

Madison curled up into a ball and wept silently. She barely heard Vida and Chip's footsteps as they ran to her side. When she felt her sister's hand on her shoulder, she refused to look up. "Maddie," Vida wheeled, "Come on, you gotta get up. The storm's over, everything is okay. This is just rain."

"Um, Vida?" Chip began uncertainly. "Where's your mom?"

The future Mystic Sprite looked up from her sister and scanned the backyard. There were several large puddles, fallen limbs struck down from the great oak and across the street; cables had been snapped. However, there was absolutely no sign of her mother.

"M-Maddie?" Vida asked as her lip began to tremble. "Wh-where's M-Mommy?"

Gathering strength, Madison looked up. "She's gone Vida."

Vida whirled around to face her, "Wh-what?"

"Mommy's gone Vida," Madison repeated. "There was this mean lady. She looked like an evil sorceress. She and Mommy got into a huge battle. Mommy lost and the sorceress took her away."

Vida burst into tears. Putting his arms around Vida, Chip looked at Maddie and asked, "Can we get her back? I mean, there's gotta be some way to defeat the evil!"

Maddie stared at the ground. "I know there has to be a way Chip," she began slowly. "But I don't know how we're going to find that way."

That day was ten years ago. Vida and I still haven't found a way to bring our mother back from that sorceress's grasp. My sister is beginning to lose faith, I can tell. But I refuse to give up, for there is certain knowledge that I have that Vida doesn't. That sorceress thought my mother was the last Mystic Mermaid. But my mother had lied to her. There is another Mystic Mermaid. And that Mystic is me.

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