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"Why is it that my brothers can never follow a simple request?" Scott mumbled as he walked into the lounge.

"What request would that be, Scott?" Jeff sat at his desk and watched his oldest son enter the room.

Agitated, he ran a hand through his hair. "The simple request of taking it easy and following the doctor's orders."

"Ah, I take it that your brother has given you the slip again." The Tracy patriarch kept his expression neutral.

"Yes, he did. How the hell is he going to get better if he keeps pushing himself? Can you track his watch?"

Jeff shook his head. "No, I can't track his watch."

Stunned, Scott gaped at his father. "No? Why not?"

"I know where Virgil is and I know he is resting." Jeff pointed at one of the couches. "He came in here a couple of hours ago, laid down on the couch, and fell asleep."

Scott sighed in relief. "He voluntarily took a nap?"

"Shush, Scotty…'m tryin' to sleep." Virgil peeked one eye open and glared at his only older brother. He rolled over, drawing the light blanket over his head to block out the light, and fell asleep again.

"Now that I know he's okay, I'd better get back to the guys. We're all getting some practice on the simulators." With a slight wave, he left the room.

Jeff leaned back in his chair and watched his sleeping son for a few moments before focusing on the work piled on his desk.

A couple of weeks later, Virgil managed to give his Earthbound brothers the slip and headed for the silo where Thunderbird Two. He knew that his brothers meant well but he felt a bit smothered. He wished that they would just trust him to know his own limits and judgment. He'd purposely kept away from Thunderbird Two because he knew he would start piddling around and doing maintenance on her. That decision alone should have reassured them that he was serious about getting healthy again. "But they're my brothers and I guess they have the right to worry." Shrugging, he continued towards the silo door.

Coming to a complete stop at the entrance to silo, he stared at his 'bird. "Gordon better not have left a scratch anywhere on you." Tilting his head back a little, he saw something in the windshield. He shrugged then headed for the rear ramp of his 'bird. "May as well check that everything is okay." He'd already disappeared into the mammoth sized plane when Scott stepped into the silo.

"GORDON COOPER TRACY! I'M GOING TO POUND YOU INTO THE GROUND!" Virgil's angry cries echoed from the cockpit.

Scott ran up the ramp and headed for the cockpit. Just before he reached the open door, he could hear what sounded like a whale song playing over the sound system. Virgil had stopped just inside the door and Scott bumped into him. "Virg?"

"He…he…Look what he did to my 'bird."

Scott peered around the cockpit and noticed what his younger brother hadn't. Choking on his laughter, he just barely managed to speak. "She's a beauty, Virg. A real catch."

Glaring angrily and a bit confused at what his brother was talking about, Virgil looked around the cockpit again. He saw the blow-up mermaid doll fastened into one of the jump seats. "Gordon!" Stomping to his pilot's seat, he suddenly bent down and grabbed something from the floor. He held up a dolphin shaped rug and shook it. "Do you see this, Scott? He's turned my 'bird into a friggin' marine world attraction."

"I don't know about an attraction but you have to admit that it is a bit homier in here." Thankfully, Scott had fast reflexes and he sidestepped the crab shaped pillow that Virgil had plucked off of his seat and threw.

Virgil sat in his chair and glanced around at the décor. A light blue-green tinting had been applied to the windshield, casting a bluish tint in the cockpit. Static cling waves outlined the windshield. Blue streamers of varying lengths had been taped to the ceiling. Virgil guessed that the streamers represented water. Various pictures of marine life were hung wherever they could be. In addition to the dolphin rug, Gordon had included an orca shaped one and a shark one. He'd placed them in front of the co-pilots' seats.

The one thing that the prankster had hidden well was the camera that was videotaping everything and being fed to Gordon in his room. The look on Virgil's face and Scott's quip about the mermaid had the red-haired brother rolling on the floor, laughing his ass off.

Drawn to his younger brother's room, John peered into the open doorway and saw his brother laughing hysterically. TB2's cockpit, Virgil, and Scott could be seen on the big TV in the sitting room of his brother's suite. An evil grin slowly spread across the blond man's face as he backed away from the door.

John stealthily made his way to TB4 with a disc in hand. Sitting at the controls, he quickly downloaded the disc of Virgil's music into Four's sound system. He chuckled and entered a command into the computer that made it so Gordy couldn't change the track.

Sitting at his desk in the lounge, Jeff watched three of his sons in the Silos. He sighed as he watched the monitors. "Things are definitely back to normal." Grinning, he shifted his gaze to a picture of Lucy and their boys. "Just the way I like it."

A few days later, Jeff was at his desk and going through the stack of mail on his desk. He had read the letter from an attorney he'd never heard of when he realized it wasn't his. The start of the letter only identified the recipient as Mr. Tracy. Jeff rolled his eyes and reread the letter so he could figure out which Mr. Tracy the letter was meant for. The name Jensen Smith jumped out at him and the injuries that he'd sustained had Jeff on his feet. "VIRGIL GRISSOM TRACY!"

Virgil was sitting in the kitchen, drinking a glass of ice water when he heard his father.

Scott and Gordon stared at him, both wondering what their brother had done. "Uh-oh, that doesn't sound good, Virg." Scott clapped a hand down on his brother's shoulder.

"It's been nice knowing you, Virgil." Gordon grabbed his older brother in a hug and squeezed him. "Any last requests?"

A sudden quietness in the room made Virgil look towards the door in which his father had just entered. "Um, hi, Dad."

Waving the letter in his hand, Jeff approached his son. "This is for you."

"What is it?" Virgil asked, taking the letter. He read through it, his face blanching towards the end. His head fell forward, chin resting on his chest. "I'll call Mr. Anderson and have him get started on this."

"What is this?" Scott asked. Wordlessly, Virgil handed him the letter. Scott quickly read through it. A slow smile spread across his mouth, causing his eyes to crinkle. "I've got to let John know that I was wrong."

Gordon and Virgil waited a moment for him to explain. When no explanation was forthcoming, Gordon asked, "Wrong about what?"

"John and I had wondered just who would get sued this time. I eliminated Virgil because he was sick. This proves that I was wrong. The Tracys have struck again and our track record of causing chaos and mayhem has been upheld." The three Tracy brothers choked back their laughter at the sight of their father glaring at them.

"Virgil, I expect you to get this taken care of." With one last pointed look at each of his sons, Jeff left the room, muttering, "This is why I try not to take more than one of them out in public at a time. Each is a menace to anyone who messes with his brother or brothers."