Chapter 1: Why is it the way it is

Chapter 1: Why is it the way it is?

We all have our whys. Why did this happen? Why do we do this to each other? Why do people watch American Idol? We all have our whys, but who has the answers? A lot of people think I do, but then again a lot of people thought the 80's were making a come back. So my story starts of with me and this girl. Who knew she'd have that big of an impact on my life? Certainly not me. Okay, well it sort of goes like this…

She's a blonde, I'm a brunette. She has blue eyes, I have brown. She comes from a real family, I come from a broken home. She's a brain, I'm an artist. She's popular, and I'm… not. We are complete opposites and that's just the way is it.

She is the queen of what every typical high school student on TV looks like. She's pretty, popular, smart, and everything you could imagine possible. She could succeed in what ever she wants and look good doing it. That's just the way she is. Let's clear a few things up. Her name's Spencer Carlin, the most popular girl at King High. Cheerleader, of course. Sits at the popular table with all of her cheerleader friends. You know, the ones who look like the wind is constantly blowing in their hair and always seem to have a cup of Starbucks in their hand. Her best friend is Madison Duarte. Queen Bitch- I mean Queen Bee, at this school. Next to Spencer that is. Madison is more of the right hand man, the evil minion, if you will. But don't get me wrong, the Carlin girl's got some bite to her.

I would know. She hates me. Just like I hate her. But there's a reason for that. As she stands as the queen of the popular, I stand right opposite her as the queen of the unpopular. The misfits, or all of the people who get excluded for not fitting that typical standard that everyone thinks is right. I guess you could say I'm the girl that those people look up to. Just like how the preps look up to Spencer.

That's why we hate each other. Running in two opposite cliques just doesn't play well with the Gods. We've been known to get into fights here and there. Mostly verbal, of course… mostly being the operative word. But everyone knows we don't fit together.

But I don't care. I like my life. I've got people who look up to me, and follow my lead. And of course I've got my own best friend to have my back. Megan. She's just like me in almost every single way. Dark hair, artist, doesn't really care too much about school. And not to mention we're both into girls. But not into each other. That'd just be weird. But I'd be lying if I said people didn't think we were dating. We hold hands some times, in a friendly sort of way. But we're close, just not that close.

She's sort of like my Madison, only less bitchier… that is unless you piss her off. If you do you're on your own. But I'm the person everyone comes to for answers. I'm the person that people make important decisions with. I'm the person who makes us misfits function.

I'm the Spencer Carlin of the unpopular. I'm Ashley Davies.

But I would never call myself a 'Spencer Carlin' out loud. People would laugh at me, and as a leader I'm expected to have a good reputation. That's one thing Spencer and I share in common. Oh that and the fact that she also likes girls.

But I guess not too many people know that. Especially since she's only admitted it to one person. Her girlfriend… well ex-girlfriend now. AKA my best friend: Megan.

They dated a while ago for a few months. Always kept it under wraps. I mean, I guess I could understand. Why would Megan want to be seen with Spencer? So they agreed to keep it a secret. For months they would sneak around, and do… what ever they did. I really don't want to know. Of course, naturally, I didn't find out about their relationship until Megan came to me crying one day. She spilled, but told me not to tell anyone about Spencer. I was pretty pissed at Megan for a while. I mean, I put her through some tough shit because I couldn't believe my best friend would do that to me. She would date the one girl I couldn't stand. Now, as much as I would have liked to use it as black mail against the blonde, I promised Megan I wouldn't tell. And I think it's good that Meg has a heart, or a conscience, what ever that thing is. So for the longest time I have kept her secret. Plus it wouldn't look too good that my best friend dated my enemy. So I eventually let it go, knowing it would probably never get out.

I never really knew what happened between them and why they broke up, but I didn't push it. Instead, I let it slide and did it with grace.

Now, you're probably asking 'why?' right about now. 'Why are you telling me this? Why do you care so much?' Well… that's a really good question. I just wish I had the answer.

So here I am, sitting at my lunch table, on the opposite side of the quad from Spencer's table, with my friends.

"Ashley?... earth to Ashley?" oh, now would probably be a really good time to come back to reality.

"what?" I ask shaking my head of all Spencer thoughts.

"skinny jeans or just regular tight ones?" Stephanie asks. Another one of my friends. There is always some one asking me these types of questions. I don't know why. They just do.

"what top?" I ask, taking a sip of my water.

"my purple lace top"

"skinny jeans" I answer. "if you wore regular jeans you'd be sitting over there with the preps" I say nodding to the cheerleaders who always seem to be laughing at something.

"okay, thanks" she says with a smile and gets up to do other stuff.

"pizza or burger?" Megan asks, deciding which one to eat from her tray.

"pizza" I answer simply.

It's like this every day. And it feels like it will never change. Don't get me wrong now. I love being a role model to people, but I think it's getting to the point where people have just totally stopped thinking for themselves. I swear any day now I'm just expecting someone to come up to me and ask me 'who am I?'. It'll just take a matter of time.

"did you finish the Math homework?" Meg asks me.

"do I ever?"

"good point" she says and goes back to eating her pizza.

"do you think Aiden did it?" she asks. He's another friend of ours. But technically he's also a friend of the preppy group. It's weird, he's the only person who fits in with both groups. He's kind of the neutral guy between our two groups. He's also sitting with their group today.

"do you want to go ask?" I ask her as I motion to Aiden who's sitting at Spencer's table. She looks over and I see the disgust appear across her face.

"I'll pass" she says.

"coward" I say getting up to do it for her.

"but you love me" she calls out.

"you bet your ass I do" I yell back as I make my way over to him. "hey Aid, did you do the math homework?" I ask, ignoring everyone else. They all turn around to look at me like I'm a freaking alien. "what?" I snap at them. They turn back around, but Spencer and Madison are still glaring at me.

"uh, yeah, sure" Aiden says, reaching into his bag and searching through the mess of papers.

"what? Not smart enough to do it on your own?" Madison snarls at me. Here we go again.

"you would know" I say back to her as I watch Aiden search painfully slowly. I bet he's doing this on purpose too.

"just copy your homework and get lost" Spencer says to me.

"aw, look Maddy, your girlfriend can actually speak" I smirk back. Come on Aiden, hurry up.

"girlfriend? I think you got us confused with you and your lezzy best friend. Why don't you just go back to the reject table where you belong" Madison says. And I take this opportunity to look at Spencer and see the slightest hint of guilt in her eyes. I draw my eyes back to the bitchy best friend sitting beside her and I see Aiden finally pull out a couple of sheets from his bag. I promised Megan I wouldn't tell… and I'm not going to.

"… I will" I say softly, with no fear. Never show fear. It's a sign of weakness. "thanks Aid" I say and take off. I go back to my table with Megan and hand her the sheets of homework.

"thanks, hun" she says carelessly.

I look back over at the popular table to see Spencer's eyes still following mine. She never really knew that I knew about her, but I guess that's changed now. We only have one thing in common, and ironically enough, that one thing is the thing she wants to hide.

We are complete opposites. She has her friends, I have mine. She hides who she is, I'm free to be who ever I want. Bottom line…

She's is her and I am me.

Hey everybody, I finally decided to put up my new spash story. I've had it on my comp for like a month. I think it's going to turn out pretty good. At least I hope so. Tell me what you think about it. Oh and btw this chapter had a lot words and not so much dialogue in action, just to let you know, I don't plan on having most of my chapters like this, I'm more of a dialogue person. –GraydonGirl.