Summary: I read New Moon and thought it was interesting how Edward managed to watch Bella sleep night after night, and not feel the least bit tempted to consummate their relationship, in spite of their physical differences (and the authors beliefs). I respect people's choices either way.

So, I came up with an idea where Edward, even though he does not sleep, dreams/fantasizes of how it would be like to be with Bella- if he was human. And in fantasies, almost anything is possible so their may be some OCC'ness. :D

Based on the Twilight, this story is a journal of Edwards nightly fantasies/waking dreams of what could happen if he and Bella were human. It might turn slightly perverted as I go on.

Rating: M for adult themes and sexual references. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.


1:The Beginning

Charlie, as usual wasn't home. He wasn't due for a while. I intended to spend this time, very well.

An unfamiliar thump pounded in my chest. I pressed my palm against the warmth of my chest, the alien heat of my flesh, made me flinch like I'd been burnt. The pounding persisted, a dull thud, evenly paced.



It was my heart: beating. I was human: heated to the touch, bones easy to break. Free to enjoy what men took for granted.


The lilac orange canvass of dusk burnt with faintly with fiery stars. A sweet wind swept across the front verandah.

"Edward? Why are you just standing there? Come in!" Bella invited expectantly.

My blood, pumped by my beating heart, rushed through my body and roared between ears with anticipation. What an exhilarating splendor to experience after an extended absence, of such a basic bodily function.

"Yes, I fully intend to come in, Bella," I replied suggestively, closing the door behind me.

"Charlie won't be home for a while. Would you like something to eat?" Bella beamed, her tone bubbly and light.

Human bodies require sustenance for energy. More than a century of vampirism robbed me of this particular hunger. It was all coming back now. Of their own accord, my hands pushed the door closed with a firm click: bolting the lock, locking out any unexpected, unwanted intruders.

I said, "Yes, Bella, I'm starved," using that crooked smile that seemed to reduce Bella to a lovely puddle of capitulation.

Her irises flared in shock, registering the intimation of my tone. The predatory glint my stare, the menacing candor of my stance. Purposely, I held her gaze for an intimidating prolonged moment, before trailing my gaze down her face, settling hungrily on the bow of her pink lips.

I heard a soft exhale escape her lips, saw the heave of her chest in reaction.

My gaze dropped to the triangle of peachy flesh exposed between the open neck-line of her t-shirt, lingering indecently at the feminine mounds heaving beneath her top. I reveled in the power, the fascination of capturing prey without the need of hunt. I could get used to this.

"Edward, what's gotten into you?" Her voice had an edge of nervousness and definitely, a hint of excited anticipation.

This seductive control was empowering. She was mine. Would be mine.

I flicked my topaz eyes – brilliant in their lust- up to Bella's face, dusting apple red.

She was motionless, grasping the expression on my face, what I desired. Yet, she didn't flee.


Smiling with insouciance, my eyes pinpointed the suddenly protruding buds of her breast.

Sensing the traitorous response of her own body, Bella whipped her hands up to cover the unexpected arousal.

"Ed-ward…" the pitch of her voice, almost a squeal of disbelief at my: and embarrassment at herself.

The tapering of her waist told of a womanly hourglass figure. The loose fitting grey tracksuit she donned for comfort accentuated the voluptuous curve of her hips.


No buttons or zips.

What I sought, desired, needed, was there, at the apex of her thighs.

She bellowed, "Edward!" the other hand shooting down instinctively, spreading across the point my eyes burnt into. The other arm, now pressed firmly across her breast to cover the evidence of her excitement. "Quit it!"

Blood: streaming hot blood lashed through my veins, numbed my mind, arousing my other head. How the simple flow of the scarlet liquid fascinated me. It had been too long since I was a human.

An ear splintering shrill of wood on wood echoed around the kitchen. Bella, recovering from my psychological seduction, was backing away from me, pushing the dining table with her pert backside.

"What's wrong, Bella?" I grinned, showing all my pearly white teeth, snarling like a lion, befriending its prey. Even without fangs, she feared me. I shrugged off my jacket letting it slump to a pile on the floor, stepping forward towards my beautiful prey: Bella.

"What are you thinking?" she stammered, hands tremulous over her feminine assets that were, coincidentally covered: a fact that somehow slipped her mind.

"Why don't I show you?"

In spite of my being human, I reached her within a few menacing strides, locking one of Bella's arms behind her waist. Her other arm, trapped straight down the length of my torso: her hand turned to stone at the shock of being pressed to my hard length. The living blood flooding down there, was indeed, thrilled to see Bella.

It was a feminine necessity to refuse me, and Bella shrieked, "Edward!" Her eyes widened, the eyes screamed in enthrall and coveted pleasure. I was pleasantly shocked, to feel her hand twisted into position to cup my arousal.

Bella's chin cupped in my palm, I lowered my face down, all the while she arched back in forced irritation, to delay the inevitable kiss. My mouth lingered over hers, the teasing gesture, elicited a jolt from chagrin from her. I lost awareness of everything except the thrilling in my veins and the scent of her skin. I took her slowly, savoring the suppleness of her lips against mine.

Instantly, the tension in her resisting body softened, melding to mine. I freed her captured arm. She rose on tiptoe, leaning into my kiss. Her hand roughly tugged my shirt free of my jeans, jerking my belt latch free. Yanking the waistband passed my hips: another pleasant and unanticipated surprise.

My tongue plunged into her parted lips, plundering, raiding the soft sweet corners of her mouth. My hand crawled into her t-shirt, fingering up her spinal chord, gently grabbing the back of head, pulling her lips from mine. I wanted to see the fruits of my seduction, and Bella's face as passion washed over her.

Her eyes were wild, bewildered, disorientated and unblinking by the abrupt loss of contact. Her lips quivered, passion bruised in a deep purple red: the breath between us haggard and sharp.

I had to be sure.

My free hand fanned flat over her lower rib, proceeding with exaggerated slowness up her searing flesh. The pulse in my veins matched the hyperventilation of her heart. The soft mounds of her breast swelled under my fingers, her nipple, pert and eager for my touch. I kneaded the flesh, sinking the balls of my fingers into the sinew.

"Ed-ward-!" Bella's entire body shuddered, her fingers grabbing harder around my flesh in response.

We both sensed absolute inevitability.

She lunged upwards, claiming a impatient kiss with fervor that matched my own. I laughed against her frenetic kiss, again, pulling my lips from hers.

"There's no mistaking what I'm thinking, right, Bella?"

Her eyes pleaded for no more distractions. She nodded feebly, enforcing the mutual understanding further, by stroking up and down me in her hand.

A jolt shot up my spin, an involuntary hiss escaped my gritted teeth at the overwhelming sensation. In retaliation, my hand bit hard into her breast, pinching down on her nipple with sadistic delight.

Bella bit down on her lip, her eyes clamping shut to the pleasure and pain. Her back was arching into me, surging her breast into my hand, achingly.

"Say it, or I'll stop," I rasped into her ear, licking the shell as a reminder of what I'd refrain from doing.

She was mine.

"You want me…" she whispered low and harsh in submission.

"And?" I whispered wickedly, biting her lobe, pulling her nipple up hard, between my index and thumb.

"And I want you."

AN: It's my first Twilight fic. All feedback welcome and let me know if the idea is worth continuing. If it sucks please tell me why and how I can improve it. Telling me something stinks or criticising without suggestions on how to improve my idea or writing doesn't help me or other writers in any way. Sorry, I've just read a few 'reviews' in this fandom that scare me a little. :D

I've not beta for this fandom, so I apologise for any stupid mistakes you're likely to find.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Twilight: the characters, premise et al. I'm using the characters to write for my own amusement, and hopefully others find the story good to read too.