3: Edward!

"Edward! Edward!"

I felt the erotic pleasure reel, a serpentine vice pressuring around my hips. The built up tension chording my abdomen surged, and shot down between my legs. This was what I had waited, wanted from Bella for too long.


"Bella," I hissed in response to Bella's uncharacteristically high-pitched wail of distress. A rumbling groan escaped my lips, on the verge of liberating the pent up frustration in my loins.

"Edward! Wake up! What's wrong with you!?" Bella's voice invaded my sense, her slender fingers dug into my shoulders.

Oh, damn it to hell! There's no way! I spat inwardly, snapping my eyes open to discover Bella's doe-eyes piercing into mine, bright with alarm. What the fugly! I didn't need to assess my surrounds to sense, the actual morning had come, the sun behind an island of clouds outside. I was awake, about to explode: literally. Bella, to my disappointment, wasn't pinned under me, nor were those long, lean legs of hers locked around my hips, where they belonged. I'd lost my chance to give her my ride.

"Good morning, Bella," I cooed in a cool, chocolate sweet voice, masking my agitation, hiding my obvious state of arousal. I beamed the smile I knew could send Bella's heart into the stars and back: and succeeded. The anxiety creasing her brow, dissolved.

"You had me so worried! Do you know how long I've been trying to wake you?" Her sweet harp like voice sent my heart into a back flip followed by a somersault.

"It was my silent, desperate cry for attention, Bella," I replied glibly, holding my arms out, beckoning her to me. A mistake, I would never repeat.

My beautiful Bella, hair dangling in wet strands framed her face. She grinned ear to ear and pounced onto my lap. Usually, this leap of affection exhilarated and filled me with appreciation, of having someone to call my own. However, this morning, the physical action was dangerous and HURT- down there! Almost breaking my masculine, throbbing sit-up-and-say-hello-to-Bella. If I had tears to shed, I would have bled a surplus of tears to flood over the banks of Nile and the Pacific Ocean twice over. The back of her thighs landed smack on top of me, an insurmountable misery only a man, of the cold heartless vampire or breathing persuasion, can appreciate and empathize.

In reaction, my head shot backwards and I stifled the flaring agony slaying my manhood, my nearly consummated fantasy, bent, quashed in tortured position. I grunted; ground my teeth, clawing grooves into the wooden chair arms. "Bel-la!" I managed to articulate, each syllable punctuated with anguished pain, clenching my eyes shut.

She giggled, oblivious to my morning manic affliction, roping her arms around my neck. "Good morning, Edward. Did you have fun last night without me?"

I sniggered mockingly, at myself, and buried my face into the nape of Bella's neck, smothering the pressure and baby tender pulsing wound between my legs, with a fury of kisses, lighting nipping at her nubile, lilac scented skin.

"Oi! That hurts you know!" Bella complained half heartedly, lovingly.

I shifted uncomfortably, preparing for the inevitable. No amount of vampire sagely power or mystical ho-hum could stop this. "You're telling me!" I mumbled into Bella's collarbone. Then, it happened: my first big bang. The conclusive pinnacle of sexual pleasure, dressed with unspeakable hurt of Bella's morning jumping huggle, practically breaking my physical rock hard protrusion. Worse, my fantasy and chance of taking Bella, for my own, was gone.

"Edward, I think today in school something-something-something," Bella was saying. I'd lost the use of all my faculties as the delirium of gratification shot into every corpuscle, every vein of my body like scorching acid of ecstasy. Indeed, there was a razor sharp line between pleasure and pain. This was a mean feat for an un-dead being more than a decade in age!

"Something-something-something, you're shaking –something- earthquake, Edward!" Her melodious laugh drifted around my head like an intoxicating mist. Never in my wildest dreams in the past decade had I lost control of myself, while a human sat chuckling endearingly, on my lap.

So this is what it means to give yourself entirely to someone…I heard my inner voice exclaiming: the tremors attacking my preternaturally immovable continence, subsided, and dropped me back into my sanity. Another alien sensation washed over me; a perplexing combination of powerlessness, stupefaction and utter satisfaction. Let's just say, my first orgasm felt REALLY REALLY GOOD!

I had no idea what Bella had been saying, something about earthquakes at school. Right…! I said to myself, replete from my morning anti-Disney fantasy come to life, except the warmth wetness under my tailored pants screamed, 'GO HOME AND GET CHANGE, like, NOW!' THAT fact was no dream.

I hugged her tight to me, smiling nefariously into the moistness of Bella's hair. If only she knew! I sniggered salaciously. The silky softness of her skin, the heat of her sweet flesh was incomparable to any flights of whimsy I could dare to dream up. "How about I meet you at school, Bella? I left something at home..." Yep, a dry clean pair of pants untainted by my perversion!

I pushed Bella off the dangerous part between my inner thighs, wearing an expression of nun-like purity. I saw nothing but my reflection in her eyes, and the beguiling, impish smile that seemed to blossom only for me. "Okay?" I said cupping her face down to mine, for a lingering kiss, brushing my lips tenderly over hers.

"I can wait, if you like?" Bella offered, stealing another kiss, when I stood, cautiously, and set her on her feet.

"Well, I can't," I teased, an ambiguous allusion hung in my tone, as I quickly turned to slip out her bedroom window. "See you in class."

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