(Nicole's POV)

You sat there lingering on about the future year you have to face again in school. 'This school is different.' You thought to yourself. You found out the students wore uniforms at your new school, and this excited you some. You moved from the States to Domino City. You were not sure about this city, but alas you were forced to move because your parents divorced, and your mother gained custody. When she was offered a job in Domino city that had a slightly bigger pay check, she took it. Lucky for you, school was out for the summer. As you looked out your bedroom window, you pondered on how you could now start school off with a clean slate. The thought made you smile inside. But of course, your happiness was shattered by the voice of your mother Ellanore Silvers.

"Nikki, where are you?" she called.

"Up here mom. I'm unpacking my last few boxes." You called back.

Your mother opened the door of your room and just stared. You took a quick glance and wondered what she was thinking about. You hoped to god that she didn't go and find you a job yet.

"Mom, what's the look for?" You asked unable to take the silence anymore. She stared back at you in amazement.

"What look?" she asked coming from her thoughts.

"The look you're giving me now, Mom" you pointed out. You had never seen that look before. It was empty, no emotion, as if she were in La La land.

"It's nothing dear. I just thought I would let you know that I start work tomorrow, so you won't mind if you stay home alone until school starts." She asked.

"No mom, I'm 17 I can drive, and I have cash, so I do believe I can take care of myself. Besides If I could take care of dad while he was experiencing a hangover I'm sure I can take care of myself." You pointed out taking some more things out of your box.

"Don't remind me about that." your mother sighed. She left and you resumed your day dreaming. But again your dreaming was broken by the same being. "Oh, by the way your uniforms came in. They're lying on the coffee table that is buried by the living room boxes."

"OK I'll go get them." You spoke so she knew you heard her.

The decision was made in your mind to wait until the coast was clear before you darted down the steps to grab your uniforms. You hadn't seen them yet, so you thought about what they looked like. As you reached the bottom of the steps, you hopped over the bottom step and spotted a small duffel bag that had the words 'Domino High School' printed upon it. Knowing it was the bag; you snatched it up then scooted right back up to your room just as fast as you made it down. You zipped open the bag to reveal a couple fancy white Tank tops, a couple skirts, some knee-high socks, a pair of house shoes, and a couple pink Jackets. After some more unpacking, you looked at the clock and realized it was almost ten O'clock. Knowing you wanted to get in a good sleeping habit, you returned you uniforms to the duffel and crawled into your bed falling asleep.

*Week Later*

You woke up with ambitious eyes knowing today was your first day of school. Hopping out of bed, you killed your alarm clock so you could take a quick shower and get fresh for the day. As you stepped out, you wrapped your hair then your body in a towel to dry off then walked up to your closet to grab a uniform slipping it on. After finding yourself presentable, you grabbed your school bag, threw it over your shoulder and then head down the stairs for a quick bite to eat. Once down there, you noticed your mom was nowhere to be seen, but a small post-it note was stuck to the dry erase board.

Hea girl, I'll be home late tonight. There are some leftovers in the fridge. Have a great first day of school.

P.S. TRY to make some friends today. Love you!


You looked at the note with disgust. How can she say that to you? Of course you were going to try. It's just the result you don't know about. You were used to the "I'll be home late" note though. You had only seen it everyday for the past seven-teen years. As long as you could remember, your mother was a work-a-holic leaving you and your father to fend for yourselves. After munching on a bowl of cereal and putting your dishes away, you looked at the time. '7:30. Shit!' you thought. Quickly, you grabbed your keys and darted out the door only to arrive at the school ten minutes later. You stopped at your assigned shoe locker, and changed your shoes. You started looking around to see if you could find anyone interesting. Sadly, you seemed to look in every direction but forward, because all of a sudden you found yourself falling backward. Ends up you ran into someone (Tall dark stranger). Bad thing was when you ran into him you started falling backward and landed right on your butt. To your surprise, the stranger didn't even take into consideration that you fell.

He only spoke in a growly voice, "Watch where you're going."

'What a jerk!' you thought with a sigh. That's when you realized you were still on the floor. As you began to push yourself up, you noticed a hand was suspended in front of your face. You continued to look up to see the hand belonged to a short guy with red spiked hair and three blond spike-like streaks in front, but he had a kind face.

"Hea, I'm Yugi Moto. You need some help?" he asked.

"Yugi huh, I'm Nicole Silvers or Nikki!" you replied taking his hand in your own.

"Sorry about him. He's Seto Kaiba. He's what you would call a big shot" Yugi noted nodding in the direction the crabby stranger went.

"Thought so. Excuse me" you spoke as you turned to face Kaiba so you could give him a piece of your mind. You spotted him and started walking briskly in his direction. "Hea...Hea!..." you said trying to get his attention, "Hea!...Hea Seto! Turn around and face me you jerk!" for some reason, all eyes seemed to be on you now. The sound of that last remark made Seto turn around and acknowledge your presence. You finally saw who he was. For some reason you thought you know him from somewhere, but you just don't know where.

"What did you just call me?" he spoke with the growl in his voice. Of course, it took more than a grouchy voice to scare you off. Hell! You had a couple fist fights with your ex. Navy father.

"You just heard me you're a jerk! J-E-R-K jerk! Only a jerk would run into a person, knock them down, then not even ask them if their O.K. or help them back up. I guess that's to be expected. I mean I hear you're the big guy on campus. But do acknowledge there are other students who have the same rights as you do to the hallway you jerk!" At that last syllable, you didn't realize it, but you hand started moving on its own. You were about to slap him, but just before your hand cracked his cheek, his hand shot up and grabbed your wrist and pulled you close so you could hear him whisper

"I would watch your tone if I were you," He spoke seeming angered clinching your wrist harder almost making you winch, "You don't know me, And by the way it's Mr. Kaiba to you not Seto got it." He then threw your wrist back at you, turned around, and left. Your wrist began to pulsate where he grabbed. You just stood there watching him leave as you rubbed your wrist to relieve the small pain there was.