(Heather's POV)

You were running as fast as your legs would carry you. You glanced down at the paper under your arm, and all you could think to yourself was, 'Who in their right mind would allow such rubbish to be put on print?' To say your father went into a tizzy after seeing his morning paper was an understatement, but after a couple minutes of stern explanation, you had managed to set him strait. You just wished the same could have been done with the blasted reporters who were outside the house when you stepped out this morning. You really, for once, had no idea what to do. You had never really wanted nor fathomed this kind of attention, much less planned on what to do when faced with it. You had to find Seto. You knew he was the one who could set this whole wacky misunderstanding back into place. You had tried to call him several times already only to be greeted by his voicemail each time. That's why you were running. It was the only thing you could do. You had to find Seto, and get him to set all this right before Ryou...

Oh gracious! You had suddenly stopped in your tracks. Had Ryou seen or believed any of this fabricated nonsense? What would he think? You had to find him too. You had to explain to him just like you did with your dad. You could feel the headache forming as you looked around school grounds. You had to find one of them. At the same time, you just wanted to hide somewhere by yourself. You let out an aggravated sigh as you pulled out your mobile and dialed Seto's number one more time. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. Seriously, where was the guy when you needed him? You closed your mobile and took off for the main doors. You knew at least Seto was here. He always showed up to campus early to avoid attention. You'd find him then maybe go looking for Ryou, but first you needed to find a moment to yourself somewhere.

You caught several glares from some to the girls from your class, but you paid them no mind. All of this would be set strait soon. You just needed to get maybe a moment alone to get your head strait then you could probably hunt Seto down and get him to fix all this. You tried your best not to make eye contact with anyone as you walked. The less unnecessary interaction you had this morning, the better you were going to be.

You couldn't help but feel a large sense of relief when your classroom door came into view. There was no one in the hall which made you feel just a little better about it all. You walked in and quickly shut the door leaning against it with a sigh. The wood felt cold and smooth against your forehead letting you think clearly for the first time this morning.

"What am I going to do?" You whispered to yourself as you tapped your forehead against the door a couple times.

"You know, I never took you as the masochist type." A deep voice scoffed.

"Bloody hell Seto!" you exasperated startled. You could have sworn the room was empty when you entered. Then again, it was probably easy to miss the brunette sitting quietly in the corner desk in the back. You quickly composed yourself and took a deep breath, "Mind telling me why all my calls to you this morning have gone unanswered this of all god-forsaken mornings?" You needed to be back in control of things. You had to get your plan.

"Simple," he shrugged glancing over a file folder in his hand, "I tossed it in my home office and left it there when my press rep started calling me relentlessly last night. I can't stand talking more than three minutes with the man."

"Did the idea of giving me a call of warning or maybe stopping this mess all together cross your mind before you tossed that phone of yours last night?" You snipped plopping your bag on the floor and collapsing into the desk in front of Seto tiredly.

"Not really," He sighed leaning back in his chair, "Once I get the call from my press rep, that means the article is already out somewhere, so there was no stopping it from going to print. He is only paid to control collateral damages. Also, I didn't bother calling because one, it was already late at night, and two, I assumed you could handle it."

"Handle it?" You questioned in a hushed whisper. "I come down to breakfast to find my father brassed off because guess what, there are strangers outside his door asking atrocious questions about his only daughter and the possibility of her sleeping with a certain businessman she's friends with. Imagine my surprise when I find you he wasn't kidding!"

Seto's expression softened a little and he sighed rubbing his temple, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience all this has cause you Heather. I can assure you that steps have already been taken against the publisher, and I'll see to it that a proper apology be given. I didn't know the had assumed that much into a single lucky photo. Guess they didn't have anything else to report on"

"I-It's fine. I just really hate being center of attention, and my father isn't too thrilled about surprises either. I just..." your voice trailed away as you thought of Ryou. You really needed to talk to him about all this.

"Just what?" Seto's voice asked breaking your thoughts.

"You think... you think Ryou would believe any of that rubbish they printed?" you questioned timidly. The thought of Ryou being jealous about anything was baffling. He'd believe you though. Wouldn't he?

"I would think not. He is the real one dating you after all."

"I guess you're right. I don't know why it worried me." You whispered laying your head onto the desk.

"Would you want to talk to him and set it all strait before class starts?" He asked matter-of-factly.

"That would be helpful. You think I could have you tag along as a helping hand?" You inquired peeking back at him.

"Sure. It's not like I was doing anything else." Seto shrugged.

"Well," you stood up grabbing your bag, "I guess there's no time like the present than eh?"

He nodded collecting his things and following you out into the hall.

"Ryou's locker is just a little further down the hall from mine. He's bound to stop by there this morning, so I think we can just wait there. I just want to swap some stuff out and mine real quick if you don't mind." You explained.

Seto just nodded and leaned up against a nearby pillar as you stopped at your locker. You were in the middle of placing a book inside when you glanced over and saw his body go tense and his glance slightly falter.

"What's wrong with you?" You questioned tapping him on the shoulder.

"I think that would be my question... to the both of you!" a familiar voice snapped dripping with venom.

(Seto's POV)

You were waiting for Heather to swap some things out at her locker when you suddenly found yourself staring strait into a pair of pissed off dark brown eyes . It had slipped your mind that Heather and Nic had gotten lockers right next to each other at the beginning of the year. How could you have forgotten that all too important fact? You were getting your first good look at her in a week or so. Her uniform was slightly wrinkled, and her hair wasn't well done. You could faintly see the dark spots under her eyes, and you could have sworn they were a little red. It was as if she had just rolled out of bed, or left a party that had gone on all night.

Heather's startled voice spoke up first, "Nic Nac it isn't-"

"Don't you dare 'Nic Nac' me!" Nic snapped full of rage, "You seriously have got some nerve to pull this shit. Did you think no one would find out, or are you just that much of an idiot Heather?"

Heather's expression went from that of shock to confusion as her mouth dropped slightly, "E-E-Excuse me?!"

"You deaf too? And you," Her glare met your eyes. She opened her mouth to speak but Heather was quicker.

"I happen to not be deaf, and when insulted as such I happen to appreciate it if you keep your focus here so I may tell you so." Her gaze had become ice cold. She looked almost dangerous.

"Well," Nic's eyes left your own and locked back onto Heather, "I happen to appreciate if you didn't two-time with my ex. Some 'sister'… more like a trollop."

Heather just stood there with that same cold expression. This was a side of both of them that you had never seen. Both girls looked like they were about to snap and possibly lash out. The two of them fighting here would be the last thing you needed. Nic opened her mouth to retort, but it was your turn to act. You quickly slipped an arm about her waist and pulled her into the empty room right behind her. Once the two of you were inside, you closed the door so you were alone. She struggled to get out of your grasp, but you weren't having it.

"That's enough!" you snapped taking hold of her upper body with your other arm. You didn't like using force, but it was necessary at the moment. That much you knew. You just held her there with her back against your chest until she stopped squirming. Seeing how she treated Heather was bringing all this together. True, Nicole had a temper, but never had she used such aggression on anyone, much less her own sister. Heather had done nothing to deserve those words, and you know that. Something was wrong with her.

"Enough!" she snipped turning her head back to glare at you, "And I'm sure you're going to tell me-"

"What I'm going to do is tell you the truth, and you are going to listen." You interrupted turning her so her back was against a nearby wall and the two of you were nose to nose. having her so close was almost mind wrecking. You could smell her for God's sake, and even that had changed. You could confirm it now. She had been drinking recently, probably late last night. The smell was all over her.

"You have three seconds to unhand me before I act." Nic threatened in a low dangerous tone. Even the sound of her voice was driving you mad. You just had to keep your focus on the task at hand.

"I said, you are going to listen to me," you began in a hushed whisper . You tightened your grip just slightly on her arms keeping her between you and the wall as you continued, "Now, anything you read, anything you heard, anything you were told about this was simply a lie. There is absolutely nothing more than a friend that I see in Heather. You of all people should know about how the press will just print something without knowing the truth."

"I don't see it that way." Nic retorted giving you a stern glare. Why did she have to look so attractive when she was this angry? Was it that, or did you miss her so much that even crazy looked good?

"You're hung over. I don't think you are thinking too clearly Nic." You challenged trying to keep your focus on her eyes. You had to set things right. Any future chance you had with her rode on this.

"I have had plenty of time to sober up, so I am thinking rather clearly at the moment, thank you jackass!" She was so quick you almost didn't catch it. One second, she was in your grasp right in front of you. The next, she had twisted her arms out of your hands and stood right behind you.

"Then use that brain of yours and look at yourself." You pointed out turning back around to face her as you made sure you were in between her and the door.

"What do you mean by that? You're the one sneaking around with-"

"Shut up with the nonsense about Heather." You grimaced pinching the bridge of your nose in aggravation, "We are just friends Nic. Nothing more." You had to keep your calm. You knew that letting your anger get the better of you is what got you in this situation in the first place. You weren't going to let it bury you deeper.

"Really now? I'd beg to differ. I've seen the two of you around each other recently. Looking all too fine and cozy by yourselves if you ask me." she snipped.

"Listen to me." you snapped standing right in front of her. Again, there was barely any space between the two of you. She didn't move back, neither did you. You lowered your voice to a low murmer as you tried to keep yourself in check, "What will it take to convince you of what I'm trying to tell you?"

"How about some solid proof or something, because what I've seen recently doesn't help your argument." She challenged keeping that glare right at you.

You weren't a man of impulse, but at that moment, she had made it too difficult to think things through. You really couldn't explain what made you act, but by the time you realized it, it was too late. You had closed the small gap between the two of you and pulled up so her so your lips met her own.

(Heather's POV) [By the grace that it all Heather Owens, this POV was brought to you by the A-mazing FairyLilly1!]

You watched as Seto suddenly took Nicole in the classroom nearby. You were so mad! You were about to follow the two when you felt a sudden grip on your own arm pulling you away rather quickly. You looked over to see Ryou pulling you away with a beyond peeved expression on his face.

"Ryou! Let go of me!" You exclaim as pain shot up your arm from his tight hold as he dragged you away. You couldn't understand it. Yes, you thought Ryou would be a little upset, but not this angry. It was unreal. Also on top of that, your head was still rattling from the earful you got from Nikki. You half expected her to be mad, but nothing prepared you for the words she used. Was she that angry that you hung out with Seto? But why? Did she not realize how lonely you had been recently? How Seto was there to help you all this time while she has been struggling with herself? And now, Ryou was outright manhandling you!

"Ryou stop it! You're hurting me!" Trying desperately to pull away, you were becoming frantic and angry. He has never, once since you met him acted like this. Before you knew it, you found yourself pulled into a dark corridor pressed up tightly against the wall, rough hands, holding your arms tightly and a possessive kiss was pressed against your lips. Everything hurt.

"You belong to me... not him! Never him!" a rough voice panted after the bruising kiss broke, and then much softer ones began to caress your neck so sweetly, leaving you stunned at what was said.

"Ryou! What are you talking about?" You asked with a slightly gasp in your voice, as those daring lips seemed to caress a very sensitive part of your neck. He had never done this before.

"Kaiba... he can't have you... you are mine, my sweet desert flower..." That voice... it sounded like Ryou but he never sounded that rough, and breathless, and so very touchy...

"I'm not seeing Seto if that is what you mean. That rubbish in the paper is just that, absolute fitlh and lies!" You exclaimed, outraged that your sweet Ryou would ever think that.

"Good! Because I don't share." Was all you got as his lips continued along your neck, making you gasp louder, shivers seemed to run down your spine at the sensations, not noticing or advancements until it was too late. You squeaked as his hands caressed your breasts softly, snapping you out of this frozen stupor and shock you were in and you slapped Ryou across the face, pushing him away.

"Ryou! What are you doing!?" You cried out in completely and utter embarrassment, shock and outraged.

You looked around to see if anyone had seen the two of you. Thankfully, the little cubby area wasn't easily seen and no one was in the nearby hall. Ryou had never ever done that before to you. He was so understanding when you told him, you weren't ready, and now this? Your sapphire eyes, stared at the pale young man, who for the briefest of moments, looked stunned at your slap, smiled and pounced on you, pinning you once again to the wall, eyes locked on yours, the tip of your nose his nose, so very gently caressed the end of yours as he held you captive with his gaze. You had stared into Ryou's eyes hundreds and hundreds of times, and they were always filled with such kindness and sincerity in those gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. But right now, staring at these eyes... they were hard, mud brown and full of anger, but with the slightest hint of mischief in them. You didn't know who those eyes belonged to... Did you?

"So similar... so full of fire and defiance." Ryou's rough sounding voice spoke again, as one of his hands came to your face, and the tips of his fingers trailed along your cheek so softly, as he still had a tight hold of you with his other hand and body.

"Ryou...?" You spoke very softly, completely confused by this behavior. He shook his head, as his eyes began to wander along your face, his hand moved along your cheek and twirled his finger in one of the strands of hair that was framing your face.

"You're just as lovely in this life as you were in the last my sweet Kira... Heather now... isn't it? But my Kira is still there too..." He grinned at you as he looked into your eyes again and pinned you tighter to the wall.

"Ryou! This isn't funny!" You spoke angrily now, completely recovering from the shock of what had happened and tried to squirm out of his grip.

"I told you... I am not Ryou..." He spoke back chuckling darkly. Even though this was completely impossible, for some innate reason, you knew this person, was telling the truth, this was not the Ryou you knew, who you loved.

"If you aren't Ryou, then who are you?! And will you let me go!" You asked softly as you stood perfectly still. The painful grip lessened with your compliance and the familiar stranger laughed. You were about to ask again, but he spoke up

"I see you're as naive as usual Darling Kira. It's your best quality you know. So beautiful when the light is in the dark." Before you could say more, that crushing kiss enveloped you again, but suddenly it turned soft, just like the Ryou you remembered.

Slowly he pulled back from your lips and he looked a little startled at your expression as you whispered, "Ryou?"

"Yes Heather?" He was back, the softness... but the hurt in his eyes were there.

"L-let go... p-please..." You whispered so gently, and almost instantly he realized he was pinning you so tightly he released gently, looking slightly bemused at the situation. "I thought, you understood... about advancing our relationship further..." You whispered looking into his gorgeous chocolate brown eyes again.

"I do understand... But Kaiba..." Ryou answered, confused but there was anger in his eyes, as memories flashed back to what had happened before.

"There is nothing going on with Seto and me... Ryou... I see him as a brother nothing more... I don't love him like I love you, he has been there for me... when I... I couldn't talk to you..."

"What do you mean you couldn't talk to me, you can talk to me about anything, you know that you don't need to talk to Kaiba..." Ryou asked in confusion, and the anger seemed to rise within him a little. Ryou angry, that was a new one for you.

"I couldn't talk about my fear of sex to you when you were pushing me!" You snapped and instantly blushed hard covering your mouth with your hand. You didn't mean for it to come out that way!

Ryou looked at you as if taken back embarrassed. His cheeks flamed red as he rubbed the back of his neck, "Y-you were scared? That's why you've been so hesitant?"

"Well... yes.. I just... you know... wanted to talk to someone that wasn't involved with all this so I could get a honest opinion about it all. It's a big thing to do after all Ryou..."

He seemed to think about your words for just a second before you felt yourself softly pulled into an embrace. "I'm so sorry Heather. I-I didn't realize it bothered you that much."

You smiled lightly and chuckled into his shoulder, "You should know by now Mr. Bakura, I don't rush into things without knowing everything I can and having a set plan."

He pulled away laughing slightly himself, "That is true, but you know that's what I love most about you."

"T-thank you..." You replied going a little red, "So you understand now. Why I don't want to rush things?"

"Completely!" he nodded.

It was a relief. You were about to say something else to him when you suddenly remembered everything before Ryou pulled you away. "I'm sorry Ryou, but I think we need to get back down the hall."

"Huh?" He asked bewildered.

"Um..." you looked at him oddly, "Did you not see Seto and Nikki in the hall right before you yanked me in here... She read the same article that you did, and I think she might tear him limb from limb if we leave them alone."

Ryou was shocked but nodded in agreement. He silently followed you as you quickly walked back down finding the classroom Seto pulled her into open. You took a couple steps inside only to find it empty.

"They came in here?" Ryou asked looking around.

"I swear they did..." you sighed walking back out to find no one in the area. Where had the two gone?

(Nicole's POV)

What on Earth was happening? One minute you are on the verge of punching his lights out for being an outright ass, and the next... the next thing you knew, you were melting in the most mind boggling kiss you had ever experienced. It was so sudden and out of the blue, that you almost forgot everything there. God! He was way too good at this. You could just stay like this and be perfectly content.

It was then that reality hit you with its usual ten ton brick.

You were kissing your ex in the middle of an empty classroom at school, and you had a boyfriend that wasn't the guy you were currently lip locking!

Quickly, you put your hands on his chest and pushed as hard as you could knocking the both of you back several steps. The both of you were catching your breath as you just stared. What had you done? How did this happen? If Ori found out...

Seto seemed to snap out of his daze as he straitened himself up and silently walked away stopping briefly in the doorway, "I'd hope that was enough proof to show you that Heather is not the one I'm interested in."

With that said, he walked away leaving you speechless and confused. How were you to take all that? First you think he's off running around with your sister, and then he drops that on you! Did that mean he still had those feelings? Didn't he move on with Keida? Weren't the two of you done? Better yet, hadn't you moved on? Weren't you happy with Ori? What about those things you said to Heather?

You were suddenly running out the door. You looked around hoping to see someone, only to find yourself alone. No Seto. No Heather. No one.

Was all that just a dream?

Oh god! I hope so! Because right here is where I'd want to wake up! You thought to yourself as you turned and made your way down the hall. What you had just done was not right, and you knew it. You just had to get out of here. You had to get away from everyone!

And that's exactly what you did as you took out your phone and texted the one person you could think of, Ori.