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Two Beds and a Coffee Machine

The sheets shifted beneath him, and he cuddled deep into his feather filled pillow. He snuggled, eyes closed, and inhaled the sweet scent that was Mello. Chocolate and musk. It was more than enough to please Matt as he woke. The scent eased him into an easy waking, and it always made his day somehow better. He thought it was illogical that a smell could make his day better, but he tried to believe it did. He reached out, eyes closed, and pawed around for his beloved. His hand met with cotton as he felt around some more.

Matt's eyes slowly opened, and he squinted, eyes beaten against by the sun's harsh rays. 'Where're my goggles?' he thought groggily. He put a hand in front of his eyes to block out the light, and grabbed his orange tinted goggles off the nightstand. He groaned, rolling out of the bed. Forgetting to put his feet on the floor to stabalize himself, he toppled over and ended up resulting in tangling himself up in the soft white sheets.

After untangling himself, he slid the goggles over his eyes and smiled, finally opening his eyes wider. The room was barren, and the drawers were hanging recklessly out of the dresser.

He swore to God that at that moment, his heart stopped beating.

He ran over to the dresser as fast as he could, yanking the two remaining drawers out and flinging them to the floor. Only his clothes remained. Eyes wide, heart racing, palms sweaty, he dashed over to the closet, yanking the door open viciously. All of Mello's clothes were missing, leaving two long-sleeved striped shirts and a pair of pants dangling sadly from the few remaining hangers. Matt backed out of the closet, and he had no idea how he made it back to his bed. He sat on the edge. His vision grew blurry, but he couldn't force himself to not shed the tears he knew were going to break through.

Tears leaked from his eyes, only a few getting lucky enough to escape the goggles. Again. He had come so close, he had gotten so attached, and, he knew it would happen, but it didn't lessen the pain, gotten so hurt. So fucking hurt.

But he knew he'd do it again. And again. And again. Until the universe finally came to a close. He'd keep following him until the day whoever possessed a higher power over them decided it was time for them to part. He'd follow Mello until the day he died.

Love makes people do strange things.