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There was a spoiler about Marina and Mallet getting into a fight. So here's my view.


He hadn't even been thinking about Marina. Of course he hadn't, he had been with Dinah just hours ago.

He was taking all his passion out on her; because she was the only one Mallet could use now.

As they lay in bed, limbs tangled and dried sweat still stuck to their skin, Marina lay awake watching her new lover sleep.

His chest would rise and fall in one steady rhythm.

Rise. Fall. Rise. Fall.

Normally the sight would be comforting to Marina, but the more it rose and fell, the angrier she got.

She knew something was up with Mallet and Dinah. And it pissed her off. He and Marina were supposed to be making their relationship work.

And he was making it difficult. Sure, she couldn't make him stay away from Dinah, but he could focus a little more on Marina than Dinah.

Rise. Fall. Rise. Fall.

It was the last straw. She couldn't torture herself with it anymore. With one swift move, Marina forced herself out of her own bed, pulling her sheet along with her.

"Whoa, whoa, Marina, what's going on. Where are you going?" Mallet sat bolt up.

"Sorry," she said, clearly upset, "I thought you were asleep."

Marina snatched her clothes off the floor and headed towards the bathroom. "No, wait, Marina. What the hell is going on?"

"I said I was sorry for waking you. I'm going to get dressed, and then I'm...then I'm just going for a walk."

Mallet was clearly confused, "Ok, you really need to tell me what's going on. If I did something wrong then you need to-"

"Are you ever going to get over her?" Marina shouted, "Are you? I know it takes more than a few weeks and a new relationship to get over someone. But will there ever be a day where you can safely say you're over Dinah?"

"Wha- I- What's this about? Where did this come from?" He studdered.

Marina huffed, "You know exactly where it came from."

"Me paying Dinah's bail." He nodded. "She said she was going to pay me back you know."

She rolled her eyes, "And who was the one who quickly replied to take her time?"

Mallet symboled for her to come here, "Marina, come sit down."

"No. No. I'm sick of being played by every man in my life." She said, picking up the last of her clothing.

"I'm not playing you!" He shouted, "I would never do that! I just paid my friend's bail."

"And had lunch with her."

"Oh, and you're one to talk? You had lunch with Cyrus just a few days ago!"

"Because he replaced the meal he had knocked out of my hands earlier in the day!"

"And Dinah just got out of jail, so I got her something to eat."

Marina threw her hands in the air, "When she has a whole mansion to go home to! Which I'm sure they would give her a handy dandy home-made meal for free."

"You said you weren't jealous, Marina." Mallet said.

Marina replied softly, "I'm not jealous, Mallet. I'm just...afraid you'll walk out of this, and I'll be left alone to pick up the pieces myself. Again"

"Marina, I'm not-" She held a hand up to stop him.

"I just want to be in a relationship that doesn't end in cheating. So, if you want to end this right here right now..then I think we should." She turned around and shut the bathroom door behind her.

When she exited the bathroom, Mallet was gone.

She tried to force the tears back, but gravity was against her this time.


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