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Rose colors.

Red = Love
White = Secret Admirer
Pink = Appreciation
Yellow with red tip = Friends falling in love.

Chapter 6

The sight took Marina's breath away. Never in her life had anyone taken the time to do something so spectacular...just for her. Never in her life had she been so wrapped in the moment, she forgot everything else around her. Never in her life had she felt so loved.

Trying to hold back tears, she held her hand to her mouth. Marina tried to absorb the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

Candles sat lit on the bedside table, illuminating the entire room. Pink and white rose petals were scattered all over her floor, from the door to her bed. Her eyes followed the path of the petals to the bed. Marina stiffled a sob as she noticed the substantial amount of red rose petals spread over her bed; in the shape of a perfect heart. In the center lay a yellow rose with a red tip, enclosed in a small folded piece of paper.

Slowly, she made her way to her bed. Carefully, Marina took the piece of paper and opened it. Two simple words were written in the center.

"Only you."

Marina let the tears fall, holding the rose close to her heart. She lifted her head when she felt the warmth of a hand on her cheek. Glossy brown eyes locked with the oceans staring back at her. Mallet brought his lips to her's. No words were exchanged. No words were needed.

Mallet lifted Marina into his arms and began carrying her to bed. "Wait." Marina whispered.

He stopped and looked at her in question.

She nodded to the heart in the middle of the bed. "It's beautiful. I don't want to wreck it."

Mallet smiled. "I'll make you one everyday for the rest of your life if that's what you want."

Marina smiled back and locked lips with him.

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