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Caution: All the characters and stories are not in any way a negative nod or discriminate any country, race, religion and culture. This is however a reflection of the harsh life of reality, the negative events and taboo that is in this real world.


Narrated by Mohinder Suresh

Where do we come from? Why are we here? What is our purpose in life? For centuries, the human race has been seeking high and low for answers. And because of this, the world is divided by different beliefs, religion and race. Conflicts and disagreements happen. Some fight for what they believe in while others follow. This has result the wars we fought in, the sense of insecurity, terrorists, destruction, practically everything that has happened ever since we walk the face of the earth.

But what if God had intended to make things right again?



It was a bright sunny afternoon in the district of Raffles Place in downtown Singapore. On the tallest skyscraper of the Singapore skyline, a teenage boy and a smartly dressed man in horned-rimmed glasses face-off.

"There's no way you can stop me, son!" The man in business attire yelled. "My ability is much more powerful than yours!"

"I'm not letting you do this 'dad'!" The teen cried.

"Fadily, can't you see this is what humanity needs? We need to start afresh, unite and rebuild itself, we can save the world!"

Suddenly, tremors are felt. Tall skyscrapers shattered, human beings were thrown off the ground, asteroids and rocks from outer space fell down from the sky and bombarded the city like bombs exploding as they hit the ground.

"Oh no..." Fadily got down on his knees as his hands began to glow bright red, the man started laughing in a vile manner. He couldn't control his power and let out a yelp before detonating himself, a giant explosion occurred, destroying everything in its path.

"Aggrah!!" Fadily sat up from his bed, awoken suddenly from the nightmare he had. Looking at his bedside clock, the time read '08:48'. It was time for school. Quickly, he bathed, got dressed in his school uniform and left his apartment.



Jumping off a SBS Transit-Volvo B7LRE transit bus Fadily ran past the campus gates, stunning several passers-by. He took a good look at his watch, it was 9:30 am and he was late. Bursting through the door, he was greeted with stares, laughter and shocked faces from his classmates.

"Mister Fadily, you're late." His lecturer crossed his arms, giving the unpleasant look to everyone's eyes. Mohamed Fadily was your average Malay teenager. He was short and thin, his head covered in long black hair. His ITE uniform was left untucked, his gray pants filled with wrinkles and the laces on his Nike Air Force One shoes were left untied.

A typical loner, he allowed himself to be tormented by his peers. He was a charming fellow that needed a boost of self-esteem. He never had big aspirations but instead prefers the simplicity of life. Reality however was a little too harsh on him and instead of standing up for himself; he leaves it to fate to wash away all his problems.

Fadily looked down and scratched his head. "I'm sorry Mr. Tan. It won't happen again."

"Can I talk to you for a moment?" Fadily nod his head and followed the lecturer to the corridor outside the laboratory for a private conversation.

"Fadily, for the past 3 days, you have been late for school. I know that this isn't like you. Are you facing any problems at home?"

Fadily hesitated, instead of answering his lecturer, he looked down at his Nikes, finding that his untied shoelaces are all the more appealing. Mr. Tan took a deep breath and continued, "You know how this country works, no certificate, no job and the Institute of Technical Education is your last hope for getting a certificate so that you can find a job to at least support yourself. I don't want you to be like the other students who rebel and dropped out."

"I've... I've been having nightmares. It's like I'm trying to stop someone from destroying the world."

"Do you believe in this 'nightmares'?"

"It seems so real. I... I don't know. Maybe I should just forget about it." Fadily cried and walked off, entering the laboratory.

In the laboratory, his classmates were paired among themselves and were fixing up the long copper tubes on refrigeration boards. Fadily went over to his partner, all the way at the back of the room behind the last row of refrigeration boards, a pretty Chinese girl was struggling to bend copper tubes using a bender.

"Hey Fadily!" Samantha greeted with a sweet smile. "Finally you came. I need the strength to bend this thing."

Samantha is the typical Chinese girl next door. Clad in long silky hair that reaches slightly below her shoulder and bangs covering her forehead, she has the perfect figure most young adults would die for. Her round face and bright eyes and soft lips compliment her assets and the rest of features. Her fun, outgoing and friendly personality practically made the dream girl every teenage boy wants.

"Sorry I was late Samantha." He answered bashfully and helped her with the project. Two hours had passed, after connecting the copper lines to the compressor. They called the lecturer and marked their project with an almost perfect score. Class was over, it was lunch time. They began packing the tools and clean the workshop. Samantha picked and threw away unused copper tubes. As she bend down and picked up a handful of tubing, a short piece of tubing fell out from her hand.

"Ow..." She yelped. The sharp end sliced through her arm as it dropped, leaving a long red mark.

"Samantha?" Cried Fadily as he came running towards her. "What happened?"

"I..." She looked down at her arm, the scar was gone. "...Cut myself."

"I don't see any cuts..." he cried as he looked all over her body for it.


Kampong Merpati, a traditional little Malay Village located 25 miles away from the modern city of Butterworth. Everyone in this friendly village knew each other. Five boys were chasing chickens barefooted on the dusty ground. Suddenly, one of them tripped on a wooden plank and fell. Blood gushed out and his left leg was fractured. He yelled in pain as other villagers ran to his aid.

"Oh no! I better inform Penghulu Hamid about this!" The villager cried and ran away from the scene. (Note that "Penghulu" means "Village Chief" in Malay)

"Tok Hamid! Tok Hamid!" One of the villagers yelled as he ran towards the biggest kampong in the village (Note that in Malaysia, a "kampong" is a traditional wooden house in stilts)

"Tok Hamid! One of the boys got injured while running!"

An old Malay man wearing traditional clothing peered at the window and requested, "Bring him here."

With the help of the other villagers, the boy was brought to Abdul Hamid's Kampong. The villagers crowded around his house while the family of Abdul Hamid began the healing process. The old man closed his eyes and put his hand upon his injured leg. The leg began to heal and the big bloody scar disappeared almost immediately. The households looked at the boy in amazement as he opened his eyes and got back up to his feet.

"Thank you Tok Hamid." The boy smiled and kissed Hamid's hand.

"You're welcome." Hamid smiled and gave the boy a pat on the back. "Don't run around the Village barefooted next time."


It was the evening rush hour at the elevated Tampines rapid transit station. Trains enter and exit station and people flood in and out of the station. It was a routine for the staffs at the station. While most of the station's staff was going for their rounds, two of the station's employees were at the lounge having their coffee break.

"If anyone else finds out that I have the power to fly, people will think that I'm a freak, probably imprison me in some science research centre." The middle-aged Chinese man cried. The name tag on his uniform read, 'Andrew'.

His Indian colleague was reading Chandra Suresh's 'Activating Evolution'. "Hey you know, if you have a superpower, your daughter is likely to have one too."

"Which idiot gave you that idea, Raman?"

"It says so right here in this book!" Raman cried, lifting up the book.

"Great, now the world is gonna think that we're freaks! Stupid superpowers."

"Andrew," Raman puts down his book and pats his back "God gave you this ability for a reason and you should not discriminate it in any way. You are meant for bigger things, my friend."

Andrew sighed, "If I'm meant for bigger stuff, I won't be here. I will be flying and saving millions of lives everyday."

7pm. It was back to work for Andrew. He went to his usual platform rounds when he heard a loud thud. It came from the tracks.

"Someone fell onto the tracks!" A passer-by cried.

Andrew thought to himself, it was a chance for him to shine.

He lifted himself from the floor and flew to the tracks, stunning the curious crowd. The train was speeding through the station. The woman that fell on the tracks was knocked unconscious and her cardigan got stuck between the gaps. There was no time. The train got closer and closer as its wheels locked into an emergency brake. Sparks began to fly and screeching noises were heard. Andrew tore the woman's cardigan and freed her before levitating onto the platform. Within a split second, the train had run over the spot where the woman fell.

The passengers cheered and applauded due to Andrew's heroic action. He smiled to himself and looked around, he could catch a glimpse of his colleague, Raman, clapping and smiling.


The strong steel gate slide open. Two police officers escorted a young prisoner to the warden's office. He looked visibly young, clad with long hair and tattoos all over his arms. One of the officers unlocked the office door. The warden was sitting on his desk, solving a Rubik's Cube. The officers fasten him on the metal chair before guarding the door. The warden twisted and turned the cube, solving it before throwing it to the floor. He then picked up a file labelled 'Alexander Goh'.

"Grand theft auto, assault of a fellow police officer, destruction of public property, rioting, what you have got to say for yourself, Alex?"

"I've got no purpose in this world." Alex simply answered.

"You're nineteen years old, still young. It's still not too late to change your future."

Alex didn't respond. He simply puts on an angry face and spits at the warden's face. Grabbing a tissue, the warden wipes the saliva off his face.

"You were sent here to make a change. So far, you have electrocuted two police officers and melted a steel bolted door. Now I don't know how a human could possibly do that but this has got to stop. First, you dropped out of ITE, and then your parents kicked you out of your home. You got your girlfriend pregnant. You stole a car and now, you assaulted a police officer. Creating mischief and being a hooligan and causing trouble is not the way of life."

Instead of responding, he kept himself quiet. The warden had enough. Without another word, he signals to the guard and he quickly brought back to his cell.


Kota Merdeka Centre, The regional Indonesian headquarters of Daedalus Engineering Company. It was two in the afternoon, with not much activity happening at the square with the exception of pedestrians passing by the area. A bald middle-aged Indonesian man dressed in an oversized green jacket and jeans left his parked Pontiac Grand Prix sedan and walked towards the middle of the open square.

Moments later, without any warning he took off his jacket, revealing the sticks of dynamite strapped on his chest. Shocked passers-by and pedestrians ran away as a large explosion occurred, killing everyone and everything that didn't make it out on time. Glass windows from the Kota Merdeka Centre building shattered from the shock of the blast, throwing sharp pieces of glass at the building's occupants.

It was a dreadful scene. People came out from the building, injured and screaming, stone benches, trees and other debris were scattered everywhere among the bloody body parts of pedestrians. The building was heavily damaged and the explosion left a small crater in the middle of the square.

One person however walked calmly away from the scene. A bald man in burnt clothing head over to his Pontiac and drove away.


The futuristic skyscrapers that build the majestic skyline of Dubai shone bright under the stars. For Muhammad Faizal, it was a moment of truth. He was selected among many others for a place in Daedalus Engineering Company as a 'Regional Director of Mechanical and Civil Engineering', a top position within the company. Dressed smartly in a suit and tie, he entered the office of Daedalus' 'Regional Executive Director'. Inside, an Emirati dressed in a traditional Arabian outfit was sitting behind a large wooden desk, reading Chandra Suresh's book, Acting Evolution. He puts the book down and gestured Faizal to a seat.

"Good evening, my name is Sulaiman Faisal. I'm the Regional Director of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. Before I hire you Mr Faizal, I would like to ask you; what do you think of the engineering industry?" The director curiously questioned

"With the developments happening in the world, I think the industry is growing. After all, engineering is the link between art and science."

Sulaiman nod his head; he was impressed, "Have you or heard or encountered any strange occurrences in your entire life."

Faizal was taken aback. He paused and thought hard, "No, sir."

Sulaiman smiled, "You see, Daedalus Engineering Company was formed 12 years ago as a cover operation for the Company, a group of like-minded individuals who want to save the world. These extraordinary abilities are given to those selected ones not by chance, but by fate. Our mission is to find them, protect them and make sure they don't become a threat, teach them to use their abilities for the good of mankind."

Narrated by Mohinder Suresh

We prayed to God for peace and prosperity, a part of heaven on earth. Will the wishes of humanity come true? These chosen ones, they're here among us, hiding in the shadows.