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Caution: All the characters and stories are not in any way a negative nod or discriminate any country, race, religion and culture. This is however a reflection of the harsh life of reality, the negative events and taboo that is in this real world.

This fiction is set after season 2.

"早先在英雄"- Samantha Yang

A deadly virus known as Strian-152, diverted from the Shanti Virus, is currently in the works by Sulaiman Faisal. Still in its experimental stage, tests were conducted by Katherine on Matthew, a telepathic Singaporean cop, to discover that the virus causes evolved humans to lose control of their abilities. Andrew returns, much to Samantha's relief, only to have known that the Company bagged and tagged him. A strange Indian teenager known as Devi Kadam tells Fadily that he is going to explode before disappearing. Help is then on the way for Fadily by Farhan himself.



Narrated by Nathan Petrelli

Each day in our lives is a new beginning. For many, it's a different start while others are in a daily routine. It's the choices we choose that makes every individual different. The future isn't written in stone.


Mount Elizabeth Hospital, a private medical facility owned by Daedalus Medical Group. The large seven story building was located in Mount Elizabeth Road, somewhere in Singapore City. Unknown to the unsuspecting public, the hospital was built for the purpose of testing, examining and even imprisoning evolved human beings. At the fifth floor, doors filled the walls of the long silent passageway near the waiting room. Inside, Fadily was sitting patiently as he waited for his test results. One of the doors opened, a man dressed in medical attire walked out with a folder in hand. He entered the waiting room with a friendly smile on his face.

"After we examine your CT scan, we have determined your power. You have the ability of Power Mimicry."

"What does that mean?"

"You have the ability to absorb abilities from others."

Fadily's reaction to the news was mixed. Later, he was brought into Farhan's office for counselling.

"I don't understand," Cried a sobbing Fadily. "For these past 2 weeks, strange stuff has been happening to me. I've been having weird nightmares, my girlfriend can heal, some random stranger telling me that I'm destined to save the world and now this. What the hell is going on with me?" He yelled as he burst into tears.

Farhan smiled and gave Fadily a light tap on the shoulder, "Fadily, there is more to life than just the situations you're in, it's about everything that's happening in this real world. I understand what you're going through, you are afraid of the changes that's happening to you and that's okay. Changes and problems are a part of your life, you must learn to accept and make the best of what God has given you. Our job is to make you understand what you are capable of."

"Why should I accept my stupid life that God gave me? I don't know what I did wrong!"

"Your powers, the things you can do, you're not alone. Many believe its human evolution, while others say that it is a gift from God. The 25 messengers of God were given special powers called 'miracles'. These miracles were passed down from generation to generation, serving their purpose to those whoever possess it. We are the direct descents of the 25 Prophets of Islam. I have certainly made full use of my miracle and now Fadily, it is your destiny to save the world."

Farhan handed Fadily a book. It was 'Activating Evolution' written by Chandra Suresh. He held onto the book tightly as tears began to roll down from his eyes.

"I have to tell you something, you know those weird nightmares? You were in it."

"May I know what your dreams are about?"

"The city was collapsing. I was trying to stop you... My hands were glowing and I was in great pain."


Alex lay on his bed, motionless. All he could think of was his girlfriend, the only woman who ever loved him. Just then, he heard rustling coming from the corridor. Curious, he sneaks a quick look to see Man Supar Perkasa being pushed into the cell by the guards. They slide the heavy steel gate and locked it shut before leaving. Alex got up from his bed and sat next to the steel bars.

"You okay?" Alex curiously asked, sparking a conversation.

"I got interrogated again using a lie detector."

"Did they get anything out of you?"

"I told them whatever I knew. They never listen to me. They still want me to say what they think they wanna hear."

"Why did you become a terrorist?"

"My family was killed by terrorists when I was twelve. I never wanted to become a terrorist. But when I found an opportunity to avenge my parents' death, I became deeply involved. I was manipulated and used by these people. It was tough. I had to make many regretful decisions, so many people died in my hands. I eventually got what I wanted on the 2002 Bali Bombings. Revenge was sweet and I thought I could save the world by killing off these terrorists. Looking back, I wished I never killed those people."

Alex felt pitiful for Man. It reminded him of himself, a mischievous teenager who just wants the attention he needs. He clenched his fists and slammed on a metal bar, "We're getting out of here."

He clenched his hands and generated bolts of electricity. Using his ability, he melts the giant bolts on the steel gate, unlocking it. Carefully without making any noise, he slowly slides open the steel gate and left his cell. He goes over to Man's cell and melts the locking mechanism on the gate. Man quietly left his cell and ran towards the exit. Unknown to them, a patrol guard was nearby.

"Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?" The guard yelled and ran towards them. He raised his right hand and creates a bolt of energy, electrocuting the guard. Alex and Man continued sprinting towards a dead end.

"Stand back Alex." Man warned. Alex stood back as Man's body began to glow bright orange. Using his ability, he creates a small but yet powerful blast to rupture the concrete wall. They stepped into the parking lot and spotted a parked Police Chevrolet Suburban, Alex broke the window using his elbow. Opening the car through the inside, they entered and Alex hot-wired the vehicle. The engine roared to life and Alex stamped on the gas pedal.

"Freeze!" Several police officers stormed into the parking lot and pointed their handguns towards the moving Suburban. Alarms sounded and lights from the guard towers flashed the facility. Alex circled the prison grounds to find an opening within the high concrete walls surrounding the detention centre. At the main entrance, a high-security titanium gate was slowly closing up. Alex pops his hand out the window and sends a bolt of electricity at the circuit box, electrocuting the facility's generator. Lights were immediately cut off and the titanium gate stopped moving. Alex stomped on the gas pedal, the Police Suburban charges towards the exit as more police officers open fire at the SUV.

The white Suburban zoomed past the gate after hitting two police officers on its way out. Following the escape, five 2000 Ford Taurus Police Cruisers left the centre grounds and gave chase.


"Singapore is in high alert today as JI terrorist, Man Supar Perkasa, escaped from his prison cell at the Tampines North Detention Centre. The police and army have been scrambling all over the country in search of this wanted man. If spotted, people are advised to remain calm and call 999."

The news was playing on the radio as traffic was flowing smoothly in Nicoll Highway. Noah Bennet had just completed his assignment given to him by Farhan and was driving down the highway in the Company's silver 2002 Dodge Durango when he received a call on his Nokia N95 cellphone.

"Hello, Noah Bennet speaking."

"Noah, I'm Katherine. I have an assignment for you. Two prisoners have escaped from Tampines North Detention Centre. I've forwarded pictures and names into an MMS to your cellphone. They're currently escaping in a bulletproof Police SUV, so track them down using the GPS. Capture them and bring them alive to Mount Elizabeth Hospital. I'll be waiting for you."

Katherine hung up, ending the conversation abruptly. Noah puts down his cellphone and smiles to himself. It was time for another mission.


Lying at his home on the bed, Andrew was burning up. Samantha read the digital thermometer on her father's lips. It read forty degree Celsius. That was enough for her. Quickly, she grabbed her Nokia N91 cellphone and dials the emergency services. After a brief conversation, Samantha puts down her cell phone.

"Samantha!" Her dad's faint voice cried out to her.

Without hesitation, she quickly came to Andrew's aid, "What is it daddy?"

"A man in horned-rimmed glasses, he's behind this."

The statement sends chills down Samantha spine. Could this be this reason of Andrew's momentary disappearance?


Standing at a height of 295 meters, the Endeavour Building is the tallest building in Singapore. The building was named after NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour, honouring the recently retired Space Shuttle fleet. The facade of the rectangular sixty-five story building was clad with gray rectangular panels and dark blue window units. Sitting among the other skyscrapers in the district of Marina Bay Financial Centre, the building is the international and regional headquarters of Daedalus Engineering Company, the Company International Division's front organization. At the sixty-second floor, Katherine was sitting in her office, looking at some folders that a colleague had just handed her.

"You're working late today Katherine?" Her colleague curiously asked as she handed more files over to Katherine.

Katherine smiled and responded, "Gotta get the work done before the president wants it. After all, I am one of the Daedalus Nine."

She simply answered with a grin and left Katherine's office. She looked at the stacks of folders on her desk and sighed. Grabbing the top files on one of the stacks, she opened it, only to suddenly burst into tears. She lost grip on the folder and it fell on the carpet revealing a profile of Andrew Yang.


It was 9pm, a maroon 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan came to an abrupt stop at a deserted road in Tampines, in front of apartment block number 874. In the minivan, Farhan was in the driver's seat. He opened the glove box and handed Fadily a thick envelope.

"In here, there's information, important phone numbers. If you have questions or concerns, please call us. We have also transferred eight-hundred dollars into your bank account, spend it wisely, Fadily."

Fadily smiled, "Wow, support, advice and money? I don't know how to thank you guys."

"You have a unique ability Fadily, waiting to serve its purpose."

Fadily left the Caravan and took the lift to his apartment. At the front door, he takes off his shoes and enters his apartment. Inside, Hakim was eating instant noodles while watching television. Putting down his backpack, he sat next to his dad.

"Dad, I have something to tell you."

Hakim paused for a moment. Putting down the bowl of noodles, he puts on a serious face. "I knew that this day would come."

There was a long silence before Hakim finally spoke up. "Fadily, eighteen years ago, when you were born you were special to begin with..."