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Author's note: A drabble I made out of boredom. Please don't hate me after this!

Warning: K/M kissing (no not Kalas and Mizuti, the other M!)

" Practice Makes Perfect "

In just five minutes, he'll be at the doorstep. Her long, violet dress perfectly fit her, and it came in just the right time.

"I wonder what he's doing right now," Xelha said to herself wonderingly.

"Okay, I'm sorry I have to do this. This date might involve kissing, and I don't really want to mess up. So pucker up," Kalas said nervously.

His head traveled toward the other, his lips popping out to complete a kiss, and slowly both lips met, into a deep and passionate kiss.

"Ugh, what's taking him so long?!" Xelha exclaimed. She left her room and marched over to Kalas's room. Without knocking, she turned the knob on the opened door and entered. What she saw scarred her for life.

"Ugh, Xelha. It's-It's not what you think it is. Let me explai-"


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