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I was on my way to the Cullen's. Damn Brian for talking me into going. I knew deep inside everyone was worried that I would rejoin them. Well as far as I know I was just going to hang out with Alice. Edward can go fuck himself for all I care cause I don't want a shit to do with him.
I approached the hotel where they were staying and I was hoping I could get in and avoid the small talk with everyone but Alice. I walked in and was greeted by a ginormous bear hug. Emmett was definitely happy I was here. I met Alice after many hellos and a glare from Jasper as well as stares from Edward.
"Hi Alice what's up so today is Bella Barbie and make sure I am ready for my concert tonight I know you will make me stunning. I put full trust into you also make it look a little formal to because after I have a date with Brian for our anniversary. Since of course your idiot of a brother interrupted us in the middle of our personal time." I knew she could do it but I also knew she would be uncomfortable with the thought of getting me ready for a date while Edward is still very much in love with me. You're probably wondering how I am so sure of how Edward feels? Well my very close friend in the coven Brittany is also an empath such can be very annoying considering that when she and her mate are 'getting it on' there are a million waves of lust thrust upon us and let me tell you something. When me and Brian start the humpty dumpty there is no stopping us and you don't want to be in an , at least maybe more, 2 mile radius unless you want a collapsed house onto of you.
"Ya sure of course. So how long gave you and Brian been dating?" Was she that oblivious or was she making small talk? Either way I had a feeling this would turn out to be about Edward.
"Um...actually we have been married for 40 years but it's all so great it's like we are newly weds. And I have to say the sex was AMAZING!" I had to give it to her. "It's good to find a guy who doesn't hold back when I want something. I get it and I get it hard. Life is perfect when..." Right ok cue Edward walks in steaming mad.
"You can not honestly say that fuck ass of a loser would be a better husband than me. He will never love you like I love you." I knew if he could cry he would.
"He IS a better husband than you would ever be. And I love him and you can screw yourself after what you did to me because I could never love you or someone like you again." With that I ran out if the bathroom and out the door.

That loser honestly thinks he can talk to me like that well he has another thing coming.

"BRIAN!!!" The anger and sadness radiated out of my voice. Within a sixteenth of a second he was downstairs and by my side.
"Honey what happened? Did he do something to you?" He was getting furious and going insane.
"God Brian I hate him. Don't ever make me do that again." I stalked away from him and into the bedroom. Brian quickly followed behind and I heard the door slam behind me.
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I growled angrily and grabbed Brian by the collar and kissed him with such intense passion I wasn't entirely sure how he would react. I was surprised when he kissed me back and skimmed my bottom lip with his tongue almost begging for entrance. He threw me up against the wall and I heard the drywall crack behind me.
He hiked up my skirt and reached for my lacy thongs that were already dripping wet. He moved them to the side and started rubbing circles on my cunt before probing my entrance with one finger. I let out a soft moan. He then added a second finger such made me yelp. He took me to the bed and eyed me for a second before ripping open my shirt and tearing off my bra all in one motion.
"God Bella you are absolutely beautiful and I am so glad you are my wife." With that I tore open his pants and shredded is underwear. His erection grew larger as I gazed for a split second. Then he plunged into me hard making me scream. I thrust my hips up to meat his motions. We rode this pattern for a while. We finally each met our climax's. Falling beside me onto the bed.
"Thank...you...Brian...for...reminding me...I definatly...made...the right...choice." I said this as me and Brian slowed down our breathing. He looked over at me smiling completely happy. He quickly stood up and got dressed only to walk out of the room.
'What the hell just happened?'

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