For Digi148.

12:55 AM- Story started 1:40 AM- Story finished

This is a story I wrote quite a while ago, just to work on my shounen-ai and at the request of Digi148.


It almost hurt how much his heart was burning. No, not almost. It did hurt. The love inside his heart burning and wanting to be released in any way it could. But somehow the burning only seemed to fuel and magnify the pleasure he was feeling.

A hand weaved itself into chocolate brown strands of hair and started stroking and playing with it. Netto felt himself leaning into the touch, wanting to feel more. Because certainly, to feel was the only thing he could do. His mind was lost in an endless void, giving him no way to comprehend anything besides the pleasure. With every touch his koibito gave him, any coherence in his mind left. With every word spoken by his koibito, he breath would pause. He was drowning, Netto knew. Drowning in un endless love and pleasure. And he hoped he would never be pulled to the surface, back to life, back to reality. No, to him, right now, this was reality, the only reality he needed.

"Netto-kun..." His koibito stroked the side of his face. Netto felt himself nearly loosing all grips on his control, of his emotions. How could his name spoken in an almost seductive purr reduce him to a simple puddle? But Netto realized he didn't care, it didn't matter. It didn't matter how his koibito did it, just that he did.

"Don't think..." Again with the seductive purr. Netto felt his mind obeying, his conscious thoughts seemingly no longer. His mind and body were not his own. It was as if his koibito controlled them. Controlled┘? No, control was such a harsh word, implying something against one's will, something hard and evil. No, his koibito was not like that at all. His koibito was strong, courageous and gentle. Just one touch from his gentle koibito could send his mind reeling back into the mental void.

"Just feel..." God, his koibito didn't know how much he had been doing that. Then, just as gently as before, warm lips descended upon his own, eliminating any other thoughts Netto may have had. A few moments later, Netto pulled away, his mouth slightly open to retrieve air faster. But before he could fully catch his breath, his koibito had caught Netto's lips in his own and slipped his tongue inside Netto's still parted mouth. Again, all thoughts were torn away from his mind as the only thing he was aware of was the pleasure. The kiss was slow, deep and gentle, causing a soft moan of pleasure to escape him. Netto could have sworn he felt his koibito smile in the kiss, but it didn't matter. All too soon, his need for oxygen overruled and he pulled back, staring into the brilliant emerald orbs of his lover. His koibito smiled at his dazed expression.

"Netto-kun...I love you..." Although Netto was still having a hard time with sentences, this one came from his heart and his whole being so it came out naturally.

"I love you too Rock"