Summery: I love him! I realized with a start. He's kind and decent, and he listens to me, he understands me better than anyone else, so what if he's in a book we will get past that somehow. I held a trembling hand over the paper I had to tell him Tom-

An: I know I should be working on my other stories, but a possessed plot bunny with a little black diary held a wand to my head and said that if I didn't write this story he would kill me, in a deep scary evil voice… Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 1 Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

Hello, diary! This is my very first diary entry ever, it's kind of exciting really, and strange, to talk to something that doesn't talk back, anyway I found this Diary mixed in with all my Hogwarts stuff. It might have fallen in when dad and Mr. Malfoy were fighting, they did knock a lot of the books loose, but this diary is pretty old so that doesn't seem right and there are initials on the back-

"Ginny! Dinner!" I sighed and put down my quill, I would have to finish later I closed the small black diary and rushed down stairs, the smell of garlic instantly hit my nose and my stomach gave a hungry rumble, we must be having spaghetti. To my delight, I was right; I quickly filled a plate and went over to the table.

I took a seat by Percy who was reading a book, something about powerful prefects, it didn't sound very interesting. Fred, George, and Ron were still talking about the fight between Malfoy and dad while stuffing their faces, mum was scowling at them, and dad was talking to Harry about some muggle thing. A callqulator I think.

I kept my eyes on Harry as long as I dared; I did not want him to catch me starring at him again. I lingered just a moment too long and he saw me, he smiled. I blushed and looked down.

Some inner voice started yelling at me. Smile back you dolt! I looked up again but he was back to his conversation with dad. I took my fork and started to stab at one of my meatballs until it was just meat.

"I think its dead Gin, you can eat it now." Fred (Or was it George?) said jokingly. Everyone looked over at me, including Harry my face turned red again. I turned to mum.

"Can I go please?" She gave me a sympathetic smile and nodded, I bolted out of the dining room Fred's voice followed me.

"What did I say?"

I ran into my room and slammed the door behind me, locking it and sinking down to the floor. Great, now Harry was probably thinking about how I was a crazy meat-mushing freak. I buried my face in my hands and gave a frustrated groan, why couldn't I do anything right! I felt tears cloud my vision.

I rubbed my face a few times; there was no way I was going to cry! As soon as I was sure, I had control I stood up with a sniff and walked over to my desk, there was the diary. I might as well finish writing my entry. I opened it, and frowned.

It was blank!

I let out a vicious growl; I bet the twins were behind this! They probably swapped my ink for Zonko's invisible ink again. I picked up the inkwell, went over to my window and dumped it out. Then I went to my trunk and got out a new bottle.

I put it down by the diary and sat, I looked at the blank page mournfully. I would have to start all over again I dipped my quill and held it over the page, a bit of extra ink fell off of the tip on to the diary. I sighed and was about to turn the page when the strangest thing happened.

It disappeared, just like that it disappeared! I turned the page, no it hadn't sunk through I flipped through the diary for a minute before turning it back to the first page, stumped. Had I just imagined that?

I grabbed my quill and dipped it into the ink; I held it over the page and let a drop fall. I watched in fascination as it sunk into the page and disappeared.


I nearly fell out of my chair, Hello? This Diary could write back! I watched as the word faded away. Without thinking, I quickly wrote in the Diary.

Who are you? The words sunk into the page, a few seconds later there was a reply.

My name is Tom Riddle.

I almost fell out of my chair again, the It was a He! Was he a person trapped in a book? Could that even happen? In a daze I wrote.

My name is Ginny.

It is a pleasure to meet you, Ginny. Tell me were you the one who wrote the diary entry earlier?

Yes, did it sink into the diary too?

Yes, it did, I wrote back but you did not respond. I assumed I had scared you off.

Mum called me to dinner, sorry I didn't see it.

Don't worry about it, you mentioned Hogwarts in your entry?

Yes we just went shopping for school Supplies earlier, it's my first year. I wrote that with a hint of pride.

So you are 11 then? I scowled at the book.

Is that a problem?

No! No I was just surprised, I never would have guessed you were 11. You write very well.

I blushed, and gave a small sigh of relief that he couldn't see me. That would be even more embarrassing!

Oh, well thank you I guess.

You're welcome Ginny. I was about to write something when more words appeared. Is Ginny short for anything?


Ginny sounds much too- he paused-childish for me to use all the time.

I frowned at the word childish but I let it slide.

I held the quill over the page debating whether to tell him my real name. I never liked it much myself, and no one used it except mum and that was only when I was in trouble. But Tom said he wouldn't talk to me if I didn't tell him (sort of), and I did want someone to talk to besides my brothers. I hesitated for a second more before writing.

You can call me Ginerva.


The days passed and before I knew it summer was over, and I was more excided then ever, Tom was too. It turns out he had gone to Hogwarts before he was in the diary. He was even head boy! His stories just made me even more excided to get to the castle.

We are leaving tomorrow! I scribbled quickly I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight I'm so excited. My words were sloppy, but that was only because my hand was shaking from excitement.

You will be able to sleep tonight, trust me Princess. My face turned red seeing the word princess; recently he had started calling me that just out of the blue. But I didn't ask him about it that would be much too embarrassing, and I liked to be called princess and if I asked him about it, he might stop. I wonder if I could get Harry to call me that one day.

"Ginny!" Mums voice startled me out of my thoughts.

"What!" I called back; mildly annoyed that she was interrupting my talk with Tom.

"Come help me get the food ready!" I sighed and turned back to the diary. Sorry Tom I have to go, mum wants me to help with dinner.

It's alright Ginerva, we can talk later. I smiled; it was nice to have such an understanding friend.

Bye Tom.

Good-bye Princess

My face turned red for the third time that day. I quickly slipped the diary into my desks drawer and rushed downstairs almost running into Ron.

"Watch were your going Ginny!" he snapped, then gave me a curious look, "Why's your face all red?"

"None of your business," it was my turn to snap, "Now get out of my way mum wants me to help with dinner." I shoved past him and ran the rest of the way to the kitchen before he could question me anymore.

I found mum bustling around the kitchen, stirring this pot, chopping those vegetables; she gave a small growl of annoyance and turned.

"Gin-! Oh you're here, good, I need you to keep stirring that pot over there while I finish chopping the carrots can you do that," I nodded and took the wooden spoon out of her hand, "Thank you dear."

I glanced into the pot "Beef stew?" Mum nodded as she dumped the carrots into the pot, I don't know why she bothered doing all the chopping and stirring her self when she could just use magic, but she said the muggle way was better when it came to food.

"Yes, its one of Harry's favorites, I wanted to send him off with something to remember us by. I can take over now go help your brothers set up the table."

Fred and George were already done with the table by the time I got there, and were now hovering over something and talking excitedly. Curious I walked over to see what it was but they spotted me before I got a close look at it.

George covered it up quickly and stood in front of it "Ginny! What are you doing here?"

"Mum said to help you with the table, what do you have under that blanket?"

"Well as you can see we are done with the table, and what's under the blanket is a surprise for after dinner." Fred grinned he grabbed my arm and started dragging me toward the back door, when I resisted George grabbed the other arm.

"We don't mean to be rude little sister-" Fred started.

"But we need you out of the way while we set up-" George continued.

"So if you would be so kind as to stay out of the kitchen for a few minutes-" Fred went on.

"We would appreciate it!" they chimed together throwing her out and slamming the door. I glared at the door but didn't try to get back in, they would probably throw me out again I sighed and walked around the garden. I could be inside right now, talking to Tom.

A gnome raced out in front of me suddenly chattering something in its own language, it sounded rude. It glanced at me and blew a raspberry before rushing back into the bushes. I would have to remember to tell mum it was time to de-gnome the garden again.

I gave a smug smile when I remembered I wouldn't be around to do it this time, I would be at Hogwarts! I started laughing suddenly causing more gnomes to peer out of the plants.

"Would you keep it down? I'm trying to read." I glanced over to see Percy sitting under my favorite Oak tree. Percy glared at me one last time before adjusting his glasses and turning back to his book.

I walked over and sat next to him, "Hello Percy, what are you reading?" he gave an annoyed sounding grumble and twisted the book so I could see its title. When I did, I giggled.

"How to Make Friends and Influence People?" Percy ignored me and started reading again, "Why are you reading that?" he didn't answer. "Are you lonely Percy? Because a book won't make you any friends."

"Ginny," her growled, "I will make you leave unless you be quiet." I pouted, sighed, rolled my eyes and leaned against the tree. Fine I would just not talk to him, his loss. I would just sit here and enjoy the day.

It was warm, even though it was almost fall now I shut my eyes and gave a small sigh of contentment as I felt the rays of the sun warm my face. I loved it when the sun was out, it always made me happy.

I yawned and stretched a little, now would be a good time for a nap…


"Ginny." No, I don't want to wake up, five more minutes.

I felt a sharp poke in my side, "Ginny!" I opened my eyes, to see a very annoyed Percy frowning at me, I felt like telling him his face would freeze that way if he kept it up but I changed my mind.

"You know that hurt right?" he rolled his eyes.

"Mum's calling us in for dinner, I thought you would want to know." he stood and started back toward the house his book tucked under his arm. It took me a moment more to really wake up, the heat and sun made it extremely difficult but I managed.

I walked slowly back to the house, striating my outfit, and combing through my orange/red hair with my fingers. I couldn't aford to look bad tonight, because it was my last chance to win Harry over. Tomorrow we would be at Hogwarts and other girls would be around him.

I hesitated outside the door, took a deep breath, and walked in.

Everyone was already at their seats and passing around food, I quickly took the only place available in-between Fred and Harry. My heart almost pounded out of my chest when I sat down. I prayed that my face wasn't turning red. I started to pile food on my plate slowly trying not to look over at Harry. Or smell him, hmm smell-

"Ginny can you pass the rolls?"

Fred just had to ruin my moment didn't he? I picked up the basket with the rolls and thrust them roughly into Fred's hands.

"Here." I grumbled.

"Can you pass those back? I wanted one." I froze. Was Harry speaking to me?

Fred shrugged "Sure mate, here." he was about to hand him the basket, but I quickly snatched them out of Fred's hands.

"Hey!" I ignored him and turned to Harry, manageing to smile.

"H-here you go Harry." did I just stutter? I'm hopeless!

He smiled, it was just a tiny smile, but it was a smile, and it was at me. At me! He took the basket and our fingers brushed. I froze again; He gently tugged the basket out of my hands.

"Thank you Ginny." he turned away. I almost passed out, he said my name! This was almost too much. The touches, the name, the smile, all for me, wait until I tell Tom! Dinner passed in a daze of happiness I was in such a daze I almost missed the surprise the twins set up.

Filibuster Fireworks, red and blue stars shot everywhere and went on for almost an hour before stopping. Mum served us hot chocolate then, I loved it when she made her hot chocolate, no other drink could compare, or effect people like hers did. It made Harry smile.

"All right you lot," mum said as soon as the last cup of hot chocolate was finished, "Time for bed, and I mean bed, no crazy experiments." she eyed the twins when she said that.

"No promices mum." they both said together and raced up the stairs before she could say anything more. She sighed and shook her head; she eyed the rest of us.

"Well, go on now, bed." We all trailed up the stairs and separated to our individual rooms. I closed and locked my door as soon as I reached my room. Like I did every night since I first started talking to Tom and went over to the desk, pulled out the Diary from the desk drawer and set it down.

I lit a candle, got out my quill and started to write.

Hello Tom

Ginerva! How was your day?

I smiled It was great Tom! Harry touched me!

Oh did he? May I ask where?

I don't think he did it on purpose but our fingers brushed when I passed him the rolls.

You get excited over the smallest thing Princess, I wonder how you would respond of he kissed you. I blushed.

I think I might die! But he will never kiss me Tom, he doesn't like me.

Then he is a fool. You are a wonderful girl Ginerva. I blushed again.

You don't even know me that well. I protested you haven't even seen my face.

I don't have to see your face to know you are wonderful, and I'm sure if I had eyes to see I would call you beatuful too. I staired blankly at the diary for a minute lost in embarsement. Beatuful? Me? Freckle face?


I shook myself out of my thoughts.

Yes Tom?

Did I say something wrong?

No, you just surprised me is all, I think I should be getting to bed now, but I don't think I will be able to sleep. I'm not tired.

Don't worry about it. You will be able to sleep. I looked at the page doubtfully, but didn't argue with him.

If you say so… Goodnight Tom

Goodnight Princess.

I put my quill away and shut the diary; I carefully put it away in the desk drawer and as soon as my hand left the diary a sudden wave of exaustion flowed over me. I yawned wildly and stumbled over to my bed.

As soon as I flopped down, I fell asleep.


I woke to someone banging on my door, "Ginny! Get up and get down here its time for breakfast!" I groaned when I saw my clock, 7:30, why in the name of Merlin would anyone get me up this early?

I fell out of bed, head first.

"Ow." I mumbled into the floor. I crawled forward until I reached the chair by my desk and pulled myself up; I stood and let the blood rush out of my head then walked over to my closet and got dressed as quickly as I could, as soon as I was done I took a brush to my mess of tangled hair.

When I was satisfied I finally went over to the door, un-locked it and steped out, and felt the need to turn right back around and curl up into bed. It was mass chaos.

People were rushing back and forth with various items in their arms. Percy, who was carrying a tower of books, ran right into me sending the books he was carrying sprawling all over the floor. He gave a loud growl of frustration and started to pick them up.

"Well, don't just stand there, help me!"

I sighed and started picking up the books, I started laughing at the sight of the book he was reading yesterday, "What did I tell you yesterday Percy? Books won't help you make friends!" He snatched the books I had picked up out of my hands and stormed away. I felt guilty, but I forgot my guilt when I was almost trampled by a sleepy looking Ron.

"Watch were you are going!" I snapped, "You almost ran over me." Ron muttered at sorry before continuing down the stairs, I quickly followed him, standing in the middle of the hall like I had been doing wasn't a very smart idea; it was proably more peaceful downstairs anyway.

I was wrong.

It was even more busy downstairs than it was up; mum was looking frazzled and frantic carrying around books and quills and mismatched socks. She spotted me and walked over thrusting all of the items into my arms.

"These are yours dear, go and pack them we have to leave soon so make it quick." my stomach gave a hungry rumble but I didn't complain, when mum was like this it was best to obey. I turned right around and went back up the stairs almost crashing into Harry.

"Sorry!" I squeaked, he just nodded sleepily and went on. I gave a small sigh of relief when I saw the path to my room was clear, but I found another problem when I reached my door, it was closed and my arms were full.

I carefully had to rearrange the items in my hands to free one up enough to be able to grab the handle of the door. But I ended up dropping a quill and a sock in the transition, oh well.

I dumped the pile onto my bed and pulled my trunk open, and started to pile things in, in a way that would make Percy and mum cringe. I rushed around my room picking up various books I had left laying around and spare bits of parchment. I even included a few of the old muggle Fairy tale books mum used to read to me when I was little.

As soon as I was sure everything I needed was packed, I dragged my trunk out into the busy hallway.

"Oi! Hurry up will you!" It was Ron again his own trunk behind him, I scowled at him. "I'm going as fast as I can! It's heavy!" Ron rolled his eyes, muttered "Girls.", and went past me. Ohh he was going to get it when I learned how to hex. I dragged my heavy trunk as far as I could but quickly had to stop. That thing weighed a ton!

"Need a hand Ginny?" it was dad. I smiled and nodded. Effortlessly (At least in my eyes it was) he lifted my trunk and carried it down the stairs I followed behind until the smell of cinnamon toast hit my nose. I ran into the kitchen and saw an almost empty plate of the toast right there in the middle of the table.

There were two pieces of it left, and they were all mine! With a grin I grabbed one and wolfed it down, to satisfy my hunger, the other I ate more slowly savoring the taste. I turned and headed to the front door when I heard-

"DAD! Watch out for that chicken!" there was a loud squawk and a thump I raced outside to see dad on the ground with my trunk on his back and a flustered chicken squawking and flapping away.

"Arthur! Are you alright!" mum shrieked from inside the house, dad nodded and carefully maneuvered my trunk off of his back.

"I'm fine Molly, just took a little trip is all." As he stood, I heard a cracking noise and saw dad wince. "Just fine!" he shouted. He picked up my trunk and walked much more slowly to the Ford Anglia were Harry was looking into the trunk.

It took twenty minutes to get all the trunks packed and another ten to get everyone in the car. Harry, Ron, Fred, George and Percy were all sitting comfortably in the back while mum and I were sitting in the front on a park bench like seat. Mum was clamoring on about the cleverness of muggle cars to dad as we started to pull out.

"Wait! I forgot my Fireworks!" George shouted dad stopped. Five minutes later we were on our way again before-

"I forgot my broom!" Fred yelled, dad stopped again, seven minutes later we were on our way again. Stupid boys they are so forgetful. Except Tom that is.


"I FORGOT MY DIARY!" I screamed everyone in the car winced dad glanced at me.

"Gin, we can send it to you by owl later-" By Errol? No! He would drop Tom I just knew it!


Dad sighed tiredly but turned around.

As soon as we got back to the house I ran all the way to my room, threw open my door, pulled out my desk drawer and grabbed the diary. My hands were trembling as I held the little black book; it took me a full five minutes of stroking the cover to calm myself down.

How could I have forgotten Tom? He was my best friend for Merlin's sake!

I clutched the diary to my chest for a second before putting it in my pocket. I walked back slowly to the car. I jumped in next to mum.

"Did you get your diary?" she asked, I nodded. We started again, and I couldn't help but reach into my pocket and hold on to the diary.


We got to Kings Cross at a quarter to eleven, in other words we were running late. Dad dashed across the road to get trolleys for our trunks and we all hurried into the station.

"Percy first," mum said giving the clock a nervous glance, Percy strode forward with arrogance that would make a Malfoy proud in every step. Dad went after him with Fred and George.

"I'll take Ginny and you two come right after us." She said to Harry and Ron, she grabbed my hand and pulled me after her. What did she think I was five? I didn't need my hand held. But I didn't pull away, I would humor her just this once.

Mum squeezed my hand gently as we approached the train, it was starting up we didn't have much time. Dad came over.

"Here let me put your trunk up for you." He took my trolley and wheeled it over to the train were the twins helped him put it away. I went toward the train but mum pulled me back into a hug, she was crying.

"Mum?" she cried louder.

"A-all, m-m-my babies are l-leaving me," she sobbed.

I pat her back feeling a little silly for doing so, "Mum, I'll write I swear, and you will see me in summer. I'm not leaving forever." She sniffed, pulled out a handkerchief and dabbed at her eyes.

"Yes, yes your right, off you go then you don't want to miss your train." I hugged her tightly once more and ran over to the train. I waived to dad and mum and went into the train.

I walked down the narrow path inbetween the compartments looking into each, hopeing to find an empty spot. But they were almost all full. Except for a compartment with a single girl in it.

"Excuse me? Can I sit here?" The girl looked up from her book and shrugged, I guess that ment yes. I took my seat, leaned back and sighed. I was here; I was fianly going to Hogwarts.

"So, you a first year too?"

The girl glanced up at me again her expression slightly annoyed.

"Yes." She didn't say anything else.

"What house do you want to be in?"

"I really don't care." I felt mild irratation. So she didn't want to talk, fine, I had Tom anyway. I was about to pull out the diary when I relised I didn't have any ink or a quill on me.

"Hey, girl, do you have a quill and some ink I can borrow?"

"Depends." she said not taking her eyes off her book.

"Depends on what?"

"It depends on weither or not you will leave me alone if I give them to you." I frowned; feeling slightly insulted but quickly got over it at the thought of talking to Tom

"Fine." she reached into a pocket and pulled out a crooked quill and a small bottle of ink.

"You carry an ink bottle around in your pocket? Aren't you worried that it'll break?" she rolled her eyes and stuffed the quill and inkbottle into my hands.

"No, there is a charm on the jar, it won't break, just make sure to give it back to me when you're done ok? That bottle was expensive." I nodded and waited until she started reading again before bringing out the diary.

I scooted to the other side of the compartment and made my self as comfortable as I could. I opened the diary, glanced over at the girl to make sure she wasn't watching and started to write.


Ginerva? Well this is a surprise; I didn't expect you to write until later.


Well I thought you had forgotten me.

I would never forget you Tom!

Really? I flinched when I thought about how I left Tom at home.

No, I wouldn't.


He didn't believe me, I could tell. He didn't even have to speak. I felt instant shame.

Ok I did forget you, but It was only for a little while! Everything was crazy, I had hit my head and I had to pack, and I was Hungry! I'm sorry!Please don't be angry!

I'm not angry Princess, just a little disappointed.


You lied to me. I thought we were friends?

We are!

But friends don't lie to each other do they?

No, they don't.

Bur you lied to me. How can I trust you to tell the truth Ginerva, how can I believe you really are my friend? I wanted to cry, I was losing my best friend. My only friend that wasn't related to me. I couldn't! I couldn't let him leave!

Give me another chance Tom please!

I will, Ginerva, but on one condition. Hope sprang in my chest.


Never lie to me again.

Never! I agreed.

Now, tell me what you have been up to Princess. I relaxed and smiled, Tom was my friend again, and right now nothing could make me happier… Except maybe a kiss from Harry Potter.