Summery: I love him! I realized with a start. He's kind and decent, and he listens to me, he understands me better than anyone else, so what if he's in a book we will get past that somehow. I held a trembling hand over the paper I had to tell him Tom-

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Chapter 3 Howlers Harlots Hagrid and Herbology


I opened my eyes; I had had the strangest dream. There was vanilla ice cream everywhere! At least that's what it smelled like; the dream was fuzzy so I couldn't tell. I yawned and sat up everyone else was still sleeping. What time was it?

I fell out of bed (Again) and crawled over to my trunk. I opened it and started to rummage around; I know I packed my alarm clock somewhere… I think. I threw one of my old robes back into the trunk and slammed it shut. I had forgotten my alarm clock; either that or I did remember it and it was in the mess I called a trunk that I really didn't want to deal with right now. I sighed and wandered to where the other girl's beds were.

One of them must have brought a clock; I took a quick peek at their tables and gave a dismayed sigh when I saw that not one of them had a clock. This was ridiculous! How was anyone supposed to know what time it was! Everyone must be late all the time!

I kicked my trunk in frustration.

"Ginny? Why you kicking that trunk?" someone slurred sleepily, I turned around to see Sara leaning out of her drapes watching me with half-aware eyes.

"I don't know what time it is."

"Oh, that doesn't answer my question though." I sighed.

"I am kicking my trunk because I'm angry because I don't know what time it is."

Sara yawned and stretched, "Why don't you try a spell, there must be some kind of time spell out there." at that moment I felt extremely stupid, because I did know a spell that would tell you what time it was. I saw mum use it more than once.

I went back over to my bedside table and picked up my battered old wand, now how did that spell go? Time-Temp-Tempo-Temper no those weren't right, hmm.

"Tempus!" I shouted excitedly, Sara gave me a confused look.

"Just watch," I grinned, flicked my wrist and said "Tempus." a small wisp of red smoke escaped from my wand.

"Well I now know how to make red smoke." She looked unimpressed.

"It's my first spell!" I protested.

"Really? I thought you purebloods got to use magic early?" I shrugged.

"Some might, but its illegal unless your eleven, and you can only use your magic at school unless you live in a family with other magic users then they can't tell who cast what spell." My brother Bill told me that when I was five. Bill said I could do as much magic as I wanted to at home as soon as I got my wand, he even said he would teach me a few tricks when he had the time.

That was before he moved out though I miss him. He was the nice brother.

"I didn't know that," Sara muttered looking very depressed, "I wanted to show mum and dad what I can do this summer." great she was depressed! Good going Ginny! I yelled at myself. I smiled at her.

"Hey cheer up! You can tell them how good you are and they will believe you!" she shrugged, "Why don't you try the spell? You can't tell your parents how good you are at magic without actually doing the stuff you said you did!" She looked confused.

"What?" I sighed.

"Just try the spell."

"Fine…bossy." she muttered, she went into her trunk and pulled out her wand, it was all shiny and new, not a fingerprint or smudge on it. I glanced down and my wand and felt embarrassed about the state it was in.

Sara flicked her wrist in an unsure way and said "Tempus!" hazy red smoke came from her wand and tried to contort its self into something before floating to the ceiling. She looked at her wand in awe, as if she had preformed some great magical feat.

"It almost worked," she said, her eyes wide, "I almost preformed magic."

"You shouldn't be so surprised," I muttered and flicked my wrist and said "Tempus." again. The red smoke was darker this time and made an effort to form what I thought might have been numbers for a split second.

"I know I shouldn't, but I cant help it, I didn't think anything would actually happen for me," She tried the spell again, a clear letter six formed before floating away, "I thought there must have been some mistake you know?"

"If you didn't have magic you wouldn't have been invited into Hogwarts," I cast, and more numbers appeared. A six and a four. "There has never been a mistake."

Sara smiled "Yea I guess your right." she cast the spell again, and the red smoke formed 6:48 am. She had a wide grin on her face; she jumped up and down in an excited way. "I did it! I did it!" She then looked at the floating red numbers and groaned.

"6:48! I could be sleeping now." she glared at me.

I laughed nervously, "Look on the bright side, we will be the first to breakfast." all anger was instantly gone.

"Breakfast! Well why didn't you say so in the first place!" She ran over to her trunk and pulled out a bundle of clothes. She saw I wasn't moving and glared at me again.

"You don't expect me to go alone do you? Get a move on! " I gave a mock salute and went back to the mess I called a trunk and pulled out a wrinkled shirt, skirt, and one of my frayed old robes. I put them on as quickly as I could, before reaching up and dragging my fingers through my hair to see if it needed to be brushed at all, it didn't,

I glanced over at my pillow and debated if I should take Tom with me or not, I thought about spending the day with the diary away from me and was hit by a wave of repulsion, no I had to take Tom, I glanced behind me to see Sara toss on a new robe. She wasn't watching, I grabbed the diary and stuffed it into my pocket.

I turned to see Sara pulling back her long dirty blonde hair into a ponytail checking it in a small mirror and turning back to me.

"Come on lets go!" she grinned, grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room, she was so loud that I was surprised that she hadn't woken anyone up yet. The common room was mostly empty when Sara dragged me through, there was only a few older students hovering over books, I was surprised there were people at all, it was pretty early.

Sara pushed open the Fat Lady's portrait a little too hard as we left causing her to yell at us as we raced down the hallway.

I called back a quick apology but I don't think she heard it. The portrait's along the wall on the staircase gave Sara dirty looks too when she would accidentally slam into them while turning, she was not making a very good impression on them.

"Slow down Sara!" I shouted when I tripped over the trick stair. She ignored me and continued to drag me through a maze of hallways before finally reaching the Great Hall. She burst into the Hall startling a few of the students into dropping something.

"Ha! I knew I could find it!" she said with a hint of smugness.

"You mean you didn't know how to get here?"

"Well… No I just followed my nose," she grinned, "And my nose was right! See food!" she ran over to the Gryffindor table and started to pile food onto her plate.

I sighed and went after her.

"Slow down Sara, the food isn't going anywhere." I mumbled as I took my seat next to her and grabbed the bacon Sara hadn't eaten yet. She ignored me and kept eating as if it were her last meal. I sighed again this was just great; the one friend in my house was half-crazy and always hungry. Fantastic.

"Pass the toast over here will you?" Sara said as soon as her mouth was empty, I grabbed a piece before letting her have the rest, it continued like that for the next half hour, I would grab a bit of food, Sara would devour the rest.

I noticed the hall was starting to fill up, I glanced around for the first time since coming into the Hall, I noticed that Hermonie had taken a seat a little bit further down the table she had a book propped up on a milk jug and was reading it while she ate.

I tilted my head and squinted trying to see the title, I rolled my eyes when I saw it was Voyages with Vampires, why in the world was she studying those stupid books that had almost nothing to do with defense?

I had glanced through them once and saw they were mostly about Lockhart. How would knowing that Lockhart's favorite color was purple help me in class? It didn't make sense; Tom agreed with me and offered to help learn actual defense if I wanted him to. I think I might just take him up on that offer if the class was as bad as the books.

The doors opened again and in walked-

"Harry!" I squealed quietly. Sara looked over at me then over at the direction I was looking at.

"He was the one you were talking about last night wasn't he? The black haired one right?" I nodded.

She gave a grunt, "He's ok I guess, he could afford to use a hairbrush once and a while." I glared at her ready to tell her off but she had already turned back to her food. How dare she! How dare she say anything bad about my Harry! Couldn't she see he was perfect!

Owls flew into the hall, I glanced up looking around for Errol and I saw him, with a big scarlet envelope in his beak.

Howler! Oh please don't be for me please don't be for me please don't be for me-

Errol flew past me and went right for Ron. Whew, ha! Ron's in trouble. Wait Ron's in trouble? What did he do?

As soon as Ron opened the Howler, I didn't have to wonder any more.

A huge roar of a sound echoed through the hall, dust fell from the ceiling and Sara's eyes were wide.

"What in the-"


Mums voice filled the hall; she was so loud that everything that wasn't nailed down on the table seemed to tremble just from the volume. People all around the hall were looking over at Ron, some were laughing others were giving him pitying looks.

Ron was sinking down in his chair and ducking under the table as best as he could, his red forehead was the only thing showing now.


I glanced over at Harry who looked like he was trying very hard to ignore Mums voice; it must have been hard considering he was standing so close to the Howler.


Silence. The letter that was in Ron's hand just a minute ago burst into flames. Both Harry and Ron were standing there looking like they had just survived a typhoon. A few people laughed, but that didn't last long.

The normal talk went on a few minutes later.

The Hermonie girl sighed and shook her head, she pickled up her book and glanced over at Ron,

"Well I don't know what you expected, Ron, but you-"

Ron turned to glare at Hermonie "Don't tell me I deserved it!" he snapped. I glared at Hermonie too, stupid little harlot, I thought to myself. I looked back at Harry who was looking extremely guilty, he pushed is porridge away and slumped over.

Poor Harry, he didn't even do anything wrong.

"Umm Ginny, what was all that screaming?" oh, Sara I had forgotten about her.

"That was a Howler. One of the most unpleasant mailing experiences in the wizarding world."

"Oh… So was that your mum?" I nodded.

"I pity you." she muttered and went back to her fifth plate of food.

I turned back to what was left of breakfast and took a few bites of my cold eggs.

"Miss Weasley and Miss Jones correct?" We both turned and nodded, it was professor McGonagall, "Here are your schedules." She handed over two slips of parchment and went down the table doing the same for the rest of the students.

Sara and I both glanced down at our Schedules.

"Double charms with the Ravenclaws first, then we get a half hour break before we have to get to Transfiguration with the Slytherins, we have Herbology last with the Hufflepuffs. Then Lunch."

Sara frowned and turned the parchment over, "What no map? How do they expect us to get around?" I shrugged.

"We better go get our books and start looking for the Charms classroom now if we don't want to be late, let's go." Sara sighed, took one last glance at her food and nodded.


"I can't believe we are going to be late!" Sara growled as the warning bell chimed, her eyes glittered in an insane way.

"I have never been late in my entire life-"She looked over at some passing third year Hufflepuffs "-and I'm not starting now." She ran over, grabbed the boy in the middle of the group and pulled him down until they were face to face.

"The Charms classroom, where is it!"

"S-second floor. First door." Sara smiled and let him go.

"Thanks for you help." She turned back to me.

"Shall we go Ginny?" I laughed and nodded and we both raced to the Grand Staircase and bolted down the stairs, we had four minutes to get to the second floor from the forth. We almost pushed someone off the stairs we were going so fast, three minutes; we knocked over someone an older Slytherin boy who sent a hex after us, we were at the third floor. Two minutes we were on the second floor the door to the class was in sight.

We burst into the room startling the teacher so badly he fell off his stack of books.

"Oops," Sara muttered. We both went over and helped him up.

"We are so sorry professor!" to my surprise, he grinned.

"No need to worry happens all the time, I'm easily startled is all, you would think that after fifty years of teaching I would be used to students bursting in, eh?" I smiled. I liked this teacher already.

"Do you need our help stacking your books again?" Sara asked, the tiny teacher shook his head and pulled out his wand.

"No no I can do it myself, please take your seats." Sara and I took the only two seats available, right in the front.

"Now," the Professor said flicking his wand, sending his books back to their original places. He flicked his wand again and even more books created stairs, he climbed to the top and looked out to the class, "Now, welcome to charms class, some of you already know me," he said nodding his head toward the Ravenclaws, "and some of you don't, for those that don't I am Professor Flitwick head of Ravenclaw house but that doesn't mean I am not available to anyone with a problem." He smiled at the Gryffindors.

"Now to our lesson," he flicked his wand, a blackboard appeared from behind another pile of books and rolled over until it was next to Professor Flitwick, and he smiled again and taped the board, "What is a charm." He said as it appeared on the board.

Some of the students groaned and started to pull out parchment.

"Now don't worry you won't need parchment that often, we are mostly a practical class," some of the Gryffindors perked up at that, "Now that I think of it you will probably be taking more notes in Defense Against the Dark Arts than in this class."

He glanced over the students, "Now, can anyone guess what a Charm is?" almost all of the Ravenclaws raised their hands while only a few Gryffindor raised theirs Sara surprisingly raised hers.

Flitwick pointed to a girl behind Sara, "Yes Miss-"

"Porter," Flitwick nodded.

"Aren't charms something that will give you good luck?" a few of the Ravenclaws snickered causing the girl to turn red. Flitwick smiled at her.

"You are thinking of good luck charms dear, and while they are a branch of charms that wasn't the answer I was looking for, I am asking for the nature of charms, what a charm by itself is."

He pointed to Sara next.

"It's changing the nature of something,"

"Explain please,"

"Well, lets say you have a cactus," there were a few chuckles, "If you cast a charm on it you could turn its needles soft, so basically you are changing its very nature, a cactus isn't meant to have soft needles."

Flitwick grinned, "An excellent explanation Miss-"

"Jones, Sara Jones sir."

"Well then Miss Jones take ten points for Gryffindor." I glanced over at Sara surprised. Flitwick taped the board and Sara's answer appeared along with her explanation. The classroom filled with the sound of scratching quills.

She saw me looking at her.

"What?" she whispered.

"I didn't know you were smart!" She grinned at me.

"Acting smart all the time is no fun, so I only act smart in classes were it counts." I chuckled, shook my head and started my notes.

About a half-hour later, the bell rang.

"Stay in your seats please, don't forget this is double charms, you still have another forty-five minutes with me," a few of the students sat back down, "Now I think you have all had enough of notes so we will be having a practical lesson, Miss Weta, Miss Weasley could you please come down here for a minute."

I walked down to the front of the class along with the Ravenclaw girl Page Weta. Professor Flitwick flicked his wand and a small box came soaring out of his office, he opened it and leaned down so we could see what was in the box, feathers, big puffy white feathers.

"Now could you both pass these out to the class?" We both nodded and took a handful of feathers each and went to pass them around, when everyone had a feather we both went back to the professor and gave him the extras.

"Thank you girls, now on to the lesson," he taped the board and all the notes disappeared, he taped it again and moving diagrams of a hand holding a wand appeared, under the diagram were the words Wingardium Leviosa- win-GAR-dee-um lev-ee-OH-sa.

"We will be starting with this charm, Wingardium Leviosa, make sure you pronounce it correctly or else you will end up with an, unexpected result, like an explosion, or a bison," I leaned over to Sara.

"Bison?" She grimaced.

"You don't want to know." I didn't ask.

"Now the proper wand movements for this charm is a swish and a flick, try it now," I pulled out my wand and for the next ten minutes we all practiced the swish and flick, my arm was sore by the time he let us rest.

"Very good, now repeat after me Wingardium Leviosa," we all repeated, the tiny professor grinned, "Very good, now I want you to try to put the spell and the wand movements together now."

The class filled with the chanting of Wingardium Leviosa and exaggerated wand movements, Flitwick went around correcting wand movement and pronunciation. I stared at my feather silently daring it not to levitate before I raised my wand.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" the feather twitched, but I didn't think it was my magic that made it move; I sighed and tried again nothing. Maybe Tom could help? I took a quick glance over to see Sara intently casting and not paying any attention to me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the diary. I reached for my quill that was still out from my note taking and opened the diary under the table on my lap.


Ginny? Is something wrong?

No, I just needed a bit of help for charms.

Well I will do my best to help you, what are you working on.

Wingardium Leviosa I can't even get the feather to twitch.

Are you enunciating the GAR and OH sounds?

I'm not sure. No.

Try it and your spell will most likely work if it doesn't we can try something else.

I turned back to the feather.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" I said making sure to enunciate (Weird word that one I thought) the GAR and OH sounds, to my surprise the feather gave a violent shutter and lifted for a second I lifted my wand, the feather followed, I twitched my wand up, it floated up.

"Well look at that! Miss Weasley's done it!" Sara glanced over at my hovering feather.

"Ten points to Gryffindor for being the first to get your feather in the air!" I grinned; a few of the Ravenclaws gave me jealous glares for being able to do the spell faster while the Gryffindors congratulated me. They all went back to their own feathers after a minute.

I picked up my quill again.

I did it Tom! It worked!

Of course it did. I could tell he was smug.

Thanks for your help Tom.

Anytime Princess. I blushed, then glared, stupid boy making me blush in public.

I shut the diary and slipped it back into my pocket. I spent the rest of the class watching Sara try to make her feather float and congratulating her when she did, it didn't get as high as mine, but it still hovered.

The bell rang a few minutes later. We all started to pack up our things.

"Now since we all did so well I will not be giving out any homework today," there were a few cheers, "But I do expect you to practice that spell, have a good day." He jumped off his tower of books and disappeared behind another giant pile of books.

"I'm going back up to the common room to practice that spell, want to come?" Sara asked when we left the classroom I shook my head.

"I want to go for a walk on the grounds, if you don't mind." she shrugged.

"That's fine, meet you in Transfiguration?" I nodded and we parted ways. I reached into my pocket and stroked the diary's spine not stopping until I got to the front doors and had to use both of my arms to open it.

I breathed in the fresh sent of the outside and walked out, it was a cool September day and a crisp breeze was blowing. I smiled and walked down across the grounds until I was by the lake, I found a nice place to sit by a giant willow tree that was pretty far away from the few people that were outside. I put my bag next to me and took the diary out again.

Hello Tom

Hello Ginerva, is class over?

Not for today no, I just finished double charms and have a half-hour break now. I have transfiguration next.

I see tell me who is the transfiguration teacher now?

Professor McGonagall.

Minnie McGonagall! Why I am not surprised! I could almost feel his amusement.


Just an old nickname, she absolutely hated it, she was in my year you know.

She was? It's hard to imagine that she was young once.

She was brilliant at transfiguration not as good as I was mind you- I snorted- but still had an easy time with it, she was the teacher's favorite too.

Who was the teacher?

Professor Dumbledore. There was a slight slant to the words as if he had, had a hard time writing them.

He's Headmaster now.

Really, that's interesting does he have that annoying twinkle in his eye still?


Ha! It's not even real it's a charm!

Is it? I didn't know that.

It's true, and if he offers you candy don't take it, it's probably laced with something. I snickered.

"Ginny Weasley?" I looked up in surprise Hagrid was walking over.

I have to go Hagrid spotted me


That was the last thing I saw before I had to shut the diary, I quickly stuffed it into my pocket and stood up.

"Yes sir?" he grinned.

"Now don't go callin me sir, its Hagrid," I grinned back.

"Is there something you wanted Hagrid?"

"Nothin important I just saw you sitting here all by your lonesome and decided to ask if you wanted a cup 'o tea." I considered turning him down and going somewhere else to talk to Tom some more but I didn't want to hurt Hagrids feelings.

"I would love a cup of tea."

I spent the next twenty minutes in Hagrids hut drinking tea and being slobbered on by his dog Fang who I was surprised to learn was a coward at heart. Hagrid even showed me his pumpkin patch.

"Wow, those are huge!" Hagrid beamed with pride.

"An ther' goin to be getting bigger too, with a little help," I saw him glance at a pink umbrella.

"Brilliant." I grinned. I heard the warning bell chime in the distance.

"Oh no! I'm going to be late I have to get to Transfiguration in five minutes!'

"You better run then, it's on the first floor, third door."

"Thanks!" I shouted and sprinted off hoping I could get to class on time.


I made it to the classroom just as the bell rang, I was barley on time, I looked around with a sigh of relief the teacher was nowhere in sight. There was only a stuffed cat on the desk… No, it wasn't stuffed it just blinked, wow, I have never seen a cat sit so stiffly in my life!

I saw Sara sitting at a desk in the middle of the room she was writing something on a piece of parchment, she waived me over when she saw me. I smiled and walked over to the desk and took my seat next to her. The Slytherins in the room glared at me, except one. Tilly Afina. She just glanced at me before going back to her parchment.

"What are we doing Sara?"

"Copying notes off the board until the teacher gets in, that's what the instructions say." I nodded and pulled out a fresh sheet of parchment and started to write. It was all theory. I sighed; I had a feeling that I would be taking a lot of notes today.

I was right. Transfiguration was a blur of notes, with only a minute of excitement when a couple of boy's ran in late and the stiff cat turned into Professor McGonagall. I asked when we would learn how to do that, she said we would be studying the theory in fifth year, ugg more theory.

I gave a sigh of relief when the class was over. Sara didn't though; she was beaming her jade eyes sparkling in a manner similar to Dumbledore.

"That was so interesting!" she yelled as we walked down the path to the greenhouses.

"I thought it was boring." she glared at me.

"It's important to the Transfiguration process!"

"Whatever, lets just get to Herbology."

When we walked into Greenhouse 1 we were instantly attacked by a hipper Missy, she insisted that we sit at her table right in front. Missy loved plants and loved to work with them too.

Her enthusiasm rubbed off on me and I was eager to learn as much as I could from Professor Sprout, it turned out to be another lesson on theory, but it was much more interesting. Mostly because I knew about most the plants already from helping mum in our own garden.

The lesson passed so quickly I barley heard the bell ring.

"Come on Ginny! Lunch!" Sara squealed and dragged me away from an amused looking Missy.

Once again, I was stuck with grabbing as much food as I could before the human hurricane ate it all. The only time she slowed down was when she spoke to me, but the conversation was pretty much one sided so I looked around the hall for Harry.

He was eating with Ron and the Harlot… I mean Hermonie both Ron and Harry were grumbling something while Harl- Hermonie scolded them.

I looked back over to Sara who had surprisingly stopped eating; she was looking over at the Ravenclaw table, at-

"What are you looking at Bill for?" she jumped.

"Oh! I-I was just wondering why he wasn't in charms today is all really!" Sara was a terrible liar but it did make me wonder, why wasn't Bill in charms today? I shrugged my wonderings away; it wasn't any of my business. It wasn't as if he was my friend or anything. But Sara was.

"I think you like him." she jumped again.

"N-no I don't!" I grinned at her.

"Liar! You like Bill." She glared at me.

"I do not! End of discussion." she said pounding her fist against the table.

Sara didn't eat for the rest of lunch, and didn't speak to me at all for the rest of the day. The only words I got from her was "Good night." Right before bed. I hope she wasn't mad at me.

I pulled out Tom's diary and put it on the bed and changed into my pajamas, they were much too big for me seeing as they were Ron's hand-me-downs, but they were comfortable. I looked through my bag for my ink and quill.

I smiled when I found them and skipped back to bed and flopped back onto my pillows relaxing for a minute before pulling Toms diary over and opening it.

Hey Tom

Ginny? Where have you been?

Classes, sorry I had to stop talking to you I didn't want Hagrid to see the diary.

Yes you mentioned Hagrid, is he still grounds keeper?

Yes, he nice and I like his dog.

Hm, do me a favor and stay away from him. I frowned at the paper.

Why? He seamed perfectly nice!

It would make me feel better if you would stay away from him.

Fine, I will stay away from him, but if he asks me over again I'm going!

That's fine I suppose. Just don't go looking for him.

You still haven't told me why you don't want me around him.

We went to school together, he always kept dangerous animals around him, and I don't want to see you hurt.

I blushed, I'll be fine Tom, he didn't have anything dangerous with him, just his dog and Hagrid says he's a coward.

I trust you Princess.

I beamed with pride, and was about to write something when a wave of exhaustion hit me.

I have to go now Tom; I'm a little, tired.

I understand, sleep well.


I scribbled down before slamming shut the diary and stuffing it back under my pillow, I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


It was like that for the next few days, little Ginny would go to class with that girl Sara and then write about it to me. I don't know why she bothered telling me every detail of her day. I could honestly care less about what happened in Herbology this time or what shampoo Harry Potter used.

I almost felt sorry for the poor boy, having some deranged stalker after him. No not Ginerva but another boy she told me about Colin, he would sneak into Potters room and look around his stuff. He would tell her all about it later, and she would tell me. Sickening.

But it was tolerable; she wasn't that bad over all, it was better then talking to myself constantly. Plus she was the only life source available to me right now and she was in much too deep to get rid of now. It would take even longer to build up another relationship with another person, and I didn't want to delay me getting a body.

Hello Tom Was it the end of the day already? Hmm I must find a way to keep better track of time.

Hello Ginerva how was your day today? I wrote, well I didn't exactly write, I just thought about the words appearing and they did. It was strange not having a face or body or eyes or hands or anything really, it was even stranger when someone wrote to me.

It was as if they were sending a message directly to my mind, carving it onto my brain. I don't like to think of it like that.

It was boring actually; I had Defense against the Dark Arts today. It was a crime to let the man called Lockhart teach, Ginerva copied down one sentence of one of his books and I was instantly disgusted. By only one sentence.

How would it help anyone learning defense that Lockhart's favorite color was lilac? Bumbling buffoon. I doubt he actually did do anything note worthy in his meager existence.

You did what a pity. What did he do this time?

Nothing! That's the problem! He didn't even show up! First he gives us that stupid test about him then he doesn't even show up! What a moron!

If I could have scowled I would have, didn't even show up? What kind of teacher did something like that?

Turns out, he was out side bothering Professor Sprout, telling her the proper way to heal a Whomping Willow.


Tell me about it. I don't think I learned one thing from his class yet.

I took pity on her, Why don't you look up old defense books in the library and study for yourself?

That's a great idea. Thanks Tom It was my idea, of course it was great.

No problem Princess. Princess, Ha! Don't make me laugh; if that girl was a Princess then I was a white knight. I sent out a probe of magic, latched on to her magical core, and started to drain.

I'm a little tired Tom, good night. I stopped briefly to answer.

Goodnight Ginerva. I went back to draining her magic, it made me feel human, having magic rushing through me again, and it felt good, really good.

I stopped taking her magic about an hour later and started to pour some of mine into her. I had been doing this a lot for the last few days, there were things I had to do, and to do them I needed a body so why not use hers until I got a body of my own?

I poured a little more magic into her and stopped. Tonight would be the test to see if I could possess her. I focused my energy and slipped out of the diary. I gave myself a quick once-over; I looked the same as I did last week, translucent.

I sighed, no time to dwell on that now. I looked at the sleeping girl, curled around my diary as if it were some kind of comforting stuffed animal. I smirked and reached down to gently touch her arm, still just a tingle.

I pulled back and let my magic flow over her, I felt a jolt and everything went black. No, I wasn't knocked out it just got dark. I opened my eyes.

Wait, I opened my eyes? I blinked a few times and smirked. My plan had worked. I stood up wobbling slightly, I would have to get used to walking again. I stumbled over to Ginerva's trunk and grimaced as soon as I got it open, did the girl have no organization skills?

I looked over to her bedside table and saw her wand laying there. I grabbed it and with a single flick, everything in the trunk was in neat piles. I reached in and grabbed a robe to wear over the oversized pajamas I was wearing. Then flicked her wand again sending everything back into a jumble.

I couldn't leave behind anything that might have suggested I was here. I took one last regretful look at the mess and shut her trunk. I put on her shoes and snuck out of the girl's room. I glanced into the common room to make sure no one was there before walking out.

I looked around for the exit wincing at the red and gold that surrounded me, why did it have to be so bright. I thought as I left the common room carefully opening and closing the portrait of a sleeping fat woman.

It took me a minute to recognize where I was, the seventh floor. So this was where the Gryffindor's were, I thought to myself as I walked down the grand staircase keeping a sharp eye and ear out for teachers, prefects I could handle, it was the teachers I was worried about.

I ran into no one on my way to the second floor. I walked down the hallway until I came to the girl's bathroom at the end of the hall. I peaked in and glanced around making sure that ghost wasn't here before walking in.

I walked over to the sink with the snake on the corner and was about to tell it to open when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

I winced had the girl ever used hairbrush in her life? I taped my/her head with the wand and gave a pleased smirk that looked strange on this face, when it came out neat and silky. I reached up and ran a hand through it, it was soft… I jerked my hand back as if I had touched something scalding hot.

I didn't have time for this.

"Open." I hissed pleased I could still speak the noble language in this body. The cavern opened.

"Stairs." Stairs appeared and I walked down confidently it took ten minutes for me to reach the bottom; I jumped off the last step onto animal bones. I grimaced as I walked; I hated the sound of bones crunching under my feet.

I walked through the chamber, hissing open when I had to. It took another ten minutes to get to Salazar's statue.

"Speak to me Slytherin, greatest of the Hogwarts four." his mouth opened and as soon as it fully open the Basilisk slipped out, he was truly a marvelous creature his green scales glittered in the dim light with every move, his powerful body moving with confidence towards me, I looked away from the snake before his eyes met mine.

"Who Calls?" He hissed.

"The Heir, I have released you once again,"


"Possessed, its still me in here," The serpent didn't any anything just waited.

"You must be stiff after so many years in here, go eat something and move around a bit, but don't leave the chamber, return here when you are finished and go back to sleep for a while, I will be back later."

"Yessssss." He hissed and slithered off.

"Come… Come to me… let me rip you…let me tear you…let me kill you." he hissed, his voice echoing eerily through the pipes. Everything was set. A wave of exhaustion hit me; I felt my attachment to the body waver for a second before everything went back to normal.

I was running out of energy, could that happen? Another wave of exhaustion hit me, apparently, it could, and I didn't know what would happen if I let myself pass out. I had to get back to the Gryffindor common room.

I turned and sprinted all the way back through the chamber, feeling confident the Basilisk would obey orders without me around. I ran up the stairs to the bathroom hissing a quick close to the entrance.

I bolted through the hallways, steadily feeling like I was losing control of my body. I got to the picture of the Fat Lady.

"Open!" I hissed to the portrait, it swung open. I was lucky that any door in Hogwarts would open to me if I spoke Parseltongue. I jumped in ran up the stairs and jumped into Ginerva's bed. A second later, I was ripped from her body and thrown back into the familiar stillness of the diary. After a few tense minutes, I let myself relax, and started to think.

So I had a time limit in her body, fine it would not affect my plans if I was careful. I grinned, mentally seeing as I didn't have a face oh little Ginny what plans I have for you. I would get started in a few weeks I had used up more energy than I had meant to and needed to recharge. I would probably be able to posses her again by Halloween if I was correct about the date…

I stopped thinking, my equivalent of sleeping.